Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX TGS ’12 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

With Tokyo Game Show 2012 winding down, Square Enix sends us a surprise on the way home in the form of the trailer that was shown during the event! It features a look at the high definition graphics from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Re: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. You can also notice a bit of gameplay change with Kingdom Hearts Final Mix having a Reaction Command. As always you can view the trailer below:

17 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX TGS ’12 Trailer”

  1. Jordy Says:

    That’s a pretty cool trailer, I don’t speak Japanese so I said all of the lines out loud in English I can’t wait for it to come out

  2. Tsim Says:

    I will probably get it since I haven’t play 352/2 and I want to the all the opening and closing FMV in HD. Unfortunately those are the only two reasons…

  3. Darrin Tyler Says:

    And the Magicbox site never lies about release dates. I’ve trusted them for years.

  4. Darrin Tyler Says:

    according to the release date says Japan, Europe AND North America. Confirmed. So Final Mix 1 is FINALLY gonna be translated.

  5. Samantha D-N Says:

    I wonder what the 2 is referencing to? Are there going to be 4 games in the collection? Or only the 3 that we have seen? The have confirmed that there will be PS3 trophies which will be interesting to seethe names of. Can’t wait to get this game hope its release for Christmas but I know that will be asking too much:-)

  6. Drace Says:

    Is this the same graphic level as Dream Drop Distance? Because at 1:01 Ansem really looks a bit cartoonish, not very scary. Or is it just me?

  7. Infinity Says:

    The 2 is referencing this text – “A new edition of the early second title of the series”. I highly doubt that means “new” as in they’re doing something completely new with CoM, but rather referencing the Re:CoM remake. Why they would showcase this I’m not sure – so maybe there is something new coming with it.

    Also there’s no way it’ll be released for Christmas. It’s due out in 2013.

  8. Platitude Says:

    Yeah thats what I thought. Looks like the just up-converted the PS2 graphics to HD. No real graphical changes. I’m sure it was cheap to make and they know they can make boatloads off all us fans who will buy it regardless.

  9. Tiago Says:

    Damn, thats lame.. they’re rippin us off!

  10. Drace Says:

    No, that’s definetely not it. -.- The graphic is alright und MUCH better than in KH1. It’s just that the design of Ansem SoD looked very cartoonish to me.
    And btw: I can’t hear these stupid “they just want our money!”-sayings. -.- That’s easy said and simply EVERYONE who really DARES to expect payment for the work they give to us is a money-grubbing devil nowadays. *eyeroll* Yes, sure. As if you would work for free. -.-

  11. TheRaven90 Says:

    Man! Seriously, stop whining, guys! There’s a trailer! Watch it! Does it look good to you? No? Just don’t buy the game! There is no fraud whatsoever involved. I mean, everyone can exactly decide if the game is worth the money or not.
    So stop reproaching Square with crimes and complaining about how harsh the world is to you. That’s pathetic. -.-

  12. Kayy Says:

    How about you keep your comments for yourself instead of insulting ppl?
    It’s their choice indeed wether to buy it or not. I’m goin to buy the game (obviously) but i honestly think they could’ve put more effort into this. So to me, this release isnt THAT exciting.. just sayin

  13. TheRaven90 Says:

    Uuh, yes… that’s what I said. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. I didn’t say anything about the game and I don’t see how I insulted someone. I am trying to animate people to THINK before reproaching someone like Square, Hollywood or whoever with crimes such as frauds. Such shortsighted reproaches are everywhere and very annoying. As if it would be new that someone would like to get money in trade for the product of his honest work. The baker across the street does the same, but strangely, nobody calls him greedy and money-grubbing.
    I believe Square Enix just wants to celebrate the anniversary of one of their greatest franchises with that Remix. And of course they want money for it – after all they worked for it, just like a baker does for his sandwiches – but they also made a trailer, so that everyone can see a glimpse of what’s inside the box. That’s fair business. They might want convince you to buy it, but in the end you can decide yourself if it’s worth the money. So stop saying they are ripping us off and are so greedy and evil evil Nomura just wants to count our money and whatsoever, people, the world won’t go any better with that mindset.

  14. uninterested Says:

    i hoped that 3 would come out after BBS, but then DDD was announced and i bought it. i’m definitely not buying any more KH games unless it’s 3.

  15. Xendawr Says:

    I don’t understand why its such a bad thing to point out that something is clearly a quick cash grab? Square isn’t the first company to jump on the HD upconvert PS2 game collection band-wagon, and I’m sure its not the last. NO ONE is saying this makes Square evil, just pointing out that they aren’t making some monumental product here.

    Everyone is allowed to their opinions, lets chill out a bit and hope that KH3 is announced soon :)

  16. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    i was agreeing with u there for a second, but then u lost me at the kh3 part. dont get me wrong its just rite now we’re focusing on the HD collection. kh3 can wait a little while longer

  17. João Alegria Says:

    Are this the all games (except BBS and DDD) in one? =O if it is its HUGE MAN!!!!

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