Win a Ticket to Attend Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Pre-Launch Event in London!

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

Kingdom Hearts fans! Have you ever dreamed of attending a pre-launch event for a Kingdom Hearts game? Now’s your chance! We are giving away four tickets to four lucky winners to attend this special event!

All you have to do to be entered is to post your favorite memory from the first Kingdom Hearts game in the comments below. Please include your name and email address so we can contact you if were selected. We will be selecting the winners at random.

Why should you enter?

You will be able to get some hands on time with Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix a week before release and meet other Kingdom Hearts fans and Square Enix staff! There is also a photo booth where you can get your photo taken on different Kingdom Hearts worlds of your choosing like Destiny Islands, 100 Acre Wood and Olympus Coliseum.

That’s not enough?

To sweeten the deal, Kingdom Hearts composer Yoko Shimomura and executive producer Shinji Hashimoto will be on hand to sign autographs! Also remember to bring a little extra spending money as official Kingdom Hearts merchandise will be for sale!

The event will take place on Friday, September 6th from 6pm to 9m BST at The Soho Hotel in London.

Please keep in mind that we are ONLY giving away tickets to the event. You must provide your own transportation and lodging expenses! If you are selected as a winner but are unable to attend, let us know ASAP (send me an email: so we can give the ticket to someone who is able to attend.

If you need more information, please visit the official Eventbrite page for hotel address, the full event details, times, etc.

Good luck to everyone and we will select the winners on Monday, September 2nd, 2013! Please have your entries submitted by 12:01am PST on September 2nd!

Contest is closed! Thank you for your entries as we are going to go through them and select the winners. You will be notified via email!

72 Responses to “Win a Ticket to Attend Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Pre-Launch Event in London!”

  1. Eric Greer Says:

    Eric Greer

    My favorite memory of Kingdom Hearts would have to be when Roxas and Axel fight in the digital lab in Kingdom Hearts 2.

  2. Jamie Howatson Says:

    My favourite memory with Kingdom Hearts is in Kingdom Hearts 2. I was progressing through the game until I met Demyx in Hollow Bastion. I simply could not beat Demyx, the whole time thing was ridiculously challenging for me. I was getting angrier but I persevered, and eventually succeeded after a month of frustration. I ran through the game smoothly after that, then cried as the credits rolled after seeing Sora finally reunite with Kairi and hearing Sanctuary again. It felt really rewarding, as it was the first game that I completed by myself with no help from my brother who bailed me out in the Maleficent fight in the first game. That is my favourite memory I’ve had with Kingdom Hearts.
    Jamie Howatson

  3. Ben L Says:

    I can remeber spending countless hours trying to beat the Clyton boss battle in Deep Jungle as a kid. When i finally beat him I literally opened up my bedroom window and screamed “I BEAT HIM!!” I also did the same for the Mysterious Figure in Birth By Sleep. I also will never forget the first time I walked into The World That Never Was. I thought it was an amazing place and the story line in that world is just so powerful like when Sora meets Roxas and when Sora is reunited with Kiari and Riku. Email:

  4. Sammy Says:

    Samantha Dixon – Newton

    My favorite memory of Kingdom Hearts is wehn Roxas was introduce in the secret scene, he was all mysterious and off course the fight scene between him and Riku

  5. Ashley Says:

    Ashley Xiong
    My favorite memory in KH was when Sora, Kairi and Riku reunites during their battles in The World That Never Was. When Kairi ran and hugged Sora and when Sora discovered that fake Ansem was Riku all along and cried. :(

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Matthew Evans

    When I first played kingdom hearts 2 and I reached the section where you find out Ansem wasn’t really Ansem and that Xemnas is the nobody of Xehanort. Blew my mind.

  7. Chris Jones Says:

    Chris Jones

    The ending of Kingdom Hearts when Riku and King Mickey sacrifice themselves to fight off the Heartless and close the Door to Darkness. When Riku whispers to Sora “Take care of Kairi.” I may…. have cried…

  8. Sorayahya Says:

    Yahya Danboos

    Fighting Chernabog in the End of the World was really intense and I just loved the classic Night on Bald Mountain playing in the background, that has got to be my favorite moments in the game. :D

  9. Dan Says:

    Dan Webb

    Picking a favourite memory is impossible XD I think Roxas has some of the most moving moments, like the conclusion of 358/2 when he finally gets angry, defects and goes off searching for some identity or meaning, before eventually being overcome by Riku for Sora’s sake, or when he finally comes face-to-face with him at the beginning of KH2 – ‘guess my summer vacation’s… over’. Or when he smashes up the computer console or attacks DiZ’s hologram or duel-wields against Axel as he recovers his memories and realises who he is, or when he attacks Sora in TWTNW before finally conceding to him that he makes a good other. If not a Roxas moment, then the moment when Riku emerges in his own form in TWTNW in KH2, keyblade and all, or else the moment when they think Goofy died and they all charge off in a rage. Or when Xion crystalises and disappears off back into Sora. Or when Sora says goodbye to Hayner, Pence and Olette and cries but doesn’t know why. Or when Terra fights back from within Terra-Xehanort, or when Aqua condemns herself to wandering the Realm of Darkness in order to save Terra. Or when Mickey and Lea turn up at the end of DDD to save Riku and Sora.

    Ok so there are too many. I thought I could do this but nope.

  10. Dean Koash Says:

    Dean Koash
    The battle of 1000 heartless in Kingdom Hearts 2. Seeing the Final Fantasy characters team up to fight and having those really intense battles!

  11. Dean Koash Says:

    Dean Koash

    Just realized it has to be the first game, oops. Well then I guess it would be fighting Ansem at the end.

  12. Ellise Collins Says:

    Ellise Collins

    My favourite memory from Kingdom Hearts would have to be when Sora became a heartless, as a child that was both devastating and amazing, getting to actually play as the heartless was wonderful touch.

  13. Nick Tran Says:

    Nick Tran

    My favourite memory of Kingdom hearts is the scene where Kairi picks up a heartless who was Sora and turned him back into his normal form. Saying “This time I’ll protect you!” to him. This is like how a queen protects the king.

  14. Fatima Abdul Says:

    Fatima Abdul


    My favorite moment would have to be when Sora tells Riku that he doesn’t need a keyblade. The moment he said “My friends are my power!” and when he got the keyblade back… It was so very inspirational, demonstrating how while you may hold the weapon, it won’t have any value unless you give it value. And Sora’s way to give it value was to fight for his friends.

  15. Lemonlaidy Says:

    Harley O’connor

    The memory that strikes me most when playing Kingdom Hearts was when Sora seals the Door To Darkness knowing his best friend was still behind it. This is the part where Riku asks Sora to look after Kairi which I think is the most sweetest thing.

  16. Jovian Fells Says:

    Jovian Fells

    The first time I played the first Kingdom Hearts I was about 10/11 yrs old I believe. My favorite part was when Sora fights Riku. to get him back. It was one of the hardest battles but also fun. I was so hooked because the story line was so interesting. I knew this was going to be the game that I was going to love for years and I was right.

  17. Robyn Gardner Says:

    Robyn Gardner

    This is a hard one to answer! I’d have to say that just watching the opening cinematic sequence, for the first time at the tender age of 10, is a good memory for me. It was like watching a completely unknown world open up in front of me, back then I would never have known that KH would influence my career choice as much as it has! ^__^

  18. Stephen Rosser Says:

    Lets just say Kingdom Hearts has made such an impact on me, it has turned me Heartless..

  19. Elias Says:

    Ilias Bekiaris
    My favourite memory from the Kingdom Hearts 1?So many choises.i would rather say that the scene where sora uses the keyblade to free kairis heart is the most adorable and unique scene i ever scene..i cried for their love…:-)

  20. Jakob Norlund Sivermark Says: I started playing Kingdom Hearts before I truly knew english (I am swedish), and was a little clueless about how to progress at some points in the game. However after clearing the game a few times and defeating extra bosses, completing more of jiminy’s journal etc, my best memory of playing kingdom hearts was when me and my brother once again defeated ansem for fun, watched the beautiful ending, and just felt awesome. Then suddenly, the ending continued and we were like: “what’s this?”. It was the secret ending, the first hint for kingdom hearts II, and we filpped out. We were so happy to know that the series would continue and has since, been trusty followers of the greatest game series ever

  21. Connor Mock Says:

    The shadow sora battle on hooks ship this battle is hard for all the wrong reasons.

  22. Sei Says:

    Sarah Elhoushi

    It’s been a long long time since I played KH1 for the first time, so trying to pick a favorite moment with all these years of playing it is no easy task. I’ve had way too many great memories with this game over the years, but nothing beats the feeling of being a young child and getting to the ending for the first time. From defeating the last boss in the final rush to the end of the credits was full of too many emotions for my 12 year old heart to take: Riku sacrificing himself and Sora telling Kairi he’d come back to her combined with simple and clean makes me cry for an eternity.

  23. Lena Says:

    Lena Garcia

    In KH1. The scene in Hallow Bastion, the fight vs Riku. Sora is down on his knees, holding his chest, astonished by all the things Riku/Ansem is saying. Then, just when Riku/Ansem is about to Sora with his own keyblade, Kairi yells out to Sora and he blocks Riku/Ansems attack. And of course the after battle scene that Sora stabs himself to free Kairi’s heart. <3 best moment ever!!

  24. Dylan Says:

    Dylan Shwan

    Favorite memory? Oh this is a tough one. I’d have to say my favorite memory of that game was Ansem’s speech at The End of the World. The entire speech was powerful and shook my core. Combined with that fantastic voice, epic boss fight, and boss theme, he was easily one of my favorite video game villain.

  25. Bradley collins Says:

    My fave moments were landing in a new disney world. Meeting new charectors and a new world to explore. Every game has new worlds and cant wait to replay it again in HD

    bradley collins

  26. Liam Morgan Says:

    Liam Morgan

    Best memory has to be finally, FINALLY, beating Riku/Ansem in Hollow Bastion. One of the hardest boss fights I’ve ever done. Seriously took me a month to beat. The sheer satisfaction of knowing I wouldn’t need to rewatch that one cutscene again and again (back before you could skip them!) and I could finally progress on to experience the end game!

  27. Olivia Hersey Says:

    Olivia Hersey

    My favourite memory from KH1 is when me and my friend accidentally managed to somehow bypass the final Monstro fight. We later we trying to finish the game but couldn’t get any further – it took us a while to realise what we’d done wrong and then we were very over level and beat the boss in little to no time at all!

  28. Harry Says:

    Harry Matthewson

    My favourite moment was where Sora confronts Riku in Hollow Bastion for the first time. It showed Donald and Goofy defending Sora in spite of the King’s actions, Sora got the keyblade back to him even though he was never supposed to wield it in the first place, and, of course, the origin of the best line of the series “My friends are my power.” That was the moment I realised that Sora was exactly the protagonist I could love, one that would always be upbeat despite the situation at hand.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Michelle Rolfe

    My favorite memory from the first KH was that moment when I started up the game for the first time and saw that gorgeous opening animation. It really set the atmosphere for the game and it’s still my favorite part, every time I play it.

  30. Emma Bagherian Says:

    Emma Bagherian

    As unspecial as it is I has to be when I eventually beat Sephiroth just because I trained for HOURS and HOURS just to have some stats so I wouldn’t easily die in one hit!

    But when I did win – it didnt even make my day. Pretty much made my whole month.

  31. Ryan Winchester Says:

    Ryan Winchester

    Weirdly my favourite memory was the Alice and Wonderland world. this was because I was about 7 or 8 when I first played it and struggled with the game, so when I first got into a proper world with my brothers help- it was amazing! Plus Wonderland is just a cool unique place with memorable characters anyway. And just so you know when I was older I did complete this game liek 5 or 6 times because it is one of the ebst games ever made. just for the love of God let KH3 be amazing! :D And yeah that’s basically all, and I just really hope I get into this I would remember it all my life and I can’t even begin to speculate how phenomenal it would be! :)

  32. tristan williams Says:

    tristan williams

    in traverse town, when sora meets donald and goofy for the first time, and the massive heap they end up it, it just makes me smile everytime

  33. RobDeeJay Says:

    Robert O’Mahony

    Favourite Memory must be the first time you meet Goofy and Donald in Traverse Town. It was just so surreal to see a Final Fantasy style character fight alongside Disney characters. It felt so weird, but so right, and I knew i was hooked from that point onwards.

  34. Ray Chino Moreno Says:

    Ray Bujari

    My favorite memory is the last scene where Kairi draws her hand giving the Paopu fruit to sora on the rock in the secret place. It was such a great scene and it made me think about the whole story. Kingdom Hearts is an awesome video game and the story will always remain in my heart.

  35. Qasim Khan Says:

    Qasim Khan

    My favourite character has to be Marluxia. His presence and his mysterious elements are fantastic and the fact that there is a mix of flower names and quite cynical aspects such as his title, Graceful Assassin. I just think he’s extremely clever and a mastermind!

  36. Paul Shulver Says:

    Paul Shulver

    Previously working at GAME, Square sent every store a promo copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 which I genuinely didn’t realise was the full version. Set it up on the monitors when it arrived and was playing it for a while in store thinking, “This is a bloody long demo” when I got a phone from a colleague who was literally going ballistic about it down the phone. I replied “I’m only playing the demo that came in the delivery”. Upon realising that this was the full game I called someone else in to cover my shift and skipped home to play it. It came in on a Thursday which happened to be the same Thursday following our final week as college students. Turned up late to our leavers drinks because of KH2, Playstation 2 in a bag, tried to set it up in the pub to be told I wasn’t allowed so instead set it up at my girlfriends house when I got in, interrupting a lads pro evo tournament mid flow and refused to be moved until it was finished.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Oisin Murphy

    My favorite memory is probably beating Sephiroth in KH2. I had to fight in a variety of worlds for hours to get up to lv.99. Then finally, FINALLY I defeated Sephiroth! After that I went ahead and finished the game, with much ease. I felt fully accomplished when I did it. And that memory has taught me, that if you really are determined to reach something, you can get to it if you work hard for it.

  38. purplesurges Says:

    Shane Campayne

    My first memory of Kingdom Hearts I was trying to beat Riku in the race to the Star Tree and back. As a kid I spent hour upon hour, day upon day trying to beat him. I didn’t like his suggested ‘Highwind’ and I wanted to see what would happen if I could actually beat him on my first try. So, in the spirit of perseverance I would go back to the start menu and resume the game from the shack just before the race. There was nothing more exhilarating than pulling ahead of him in the beginning of the race and nothing more frustrating than watching as he pulled ahead at the very last second, or seeing how high and far he could jump compared to me. As a kid I never could beat him but I still tried every opportunity that I could in the hopes that Sora would get the chance to share the paopu with Kairi.

    Funny enough, it was only many years later, when I was a teenager, that I’d finally beat Riku on my first try. And by then I was a little disappointed at the result I’d sought so hard to achieve as a kid. (But I was also feeling pretty great for finally being able to win.)

  39. Mohammed Nur Says:

    Mohammed Nur

    My favourite memory would be when I was playing kingdom hearts 2 and I first came across sephiroth. At the time I didn’t know much final fantasy so i had know idea who this guy was and as soon as the cutscene ended it was game over before i knew it. So from then on I grinded for hours untill I could finally beat him. To this day i think sephiroth is the hardest boss i’ve faced in a video game.

  40. Paul Shulver Says:

    Paul Shulver

    First KH only?! I remember finishing the game when my parents were out and I was home alone. Sat there crying as Kairi and Sora were parted and Utada sang Simple & Clean. Gaming wise I think the finest moment for anyone let alone myself was finding the last set of Dalmations. If anyone says otherwise they’re lying

  41. joseph Miller Says:

    joseph miller

    My favorite memory of the first kingdom hearts game has to be when i fought sephiroth and won, the reason for it was i took me a long time to get to a level in which i could beat him and i was aged 6 at the time, when i saw that i beat him i literally jumped up off my seat and screamed to the heaven I WON !! and to this day it still has to be my best achievement ever in gaming :D

  42. florosco Says:

    Florencia Mariana Orosco Bonelli
    My favorite Kingdom Hearts Memory was when i re-encountred Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 1. I was so happy!

  43. Kin Fok Says:

    my moment have to be after sooo many times getting killed. I finally beaten sephiroth. then I went online and realised I was under the recommended level. all the better. I achieves something that is hard enough already when you are on level, but I did it with a handicap. YEAAAH ?! Sephiroth IS DEAD. now give me my phat loot XD

  44. Jenzel Tom Says:

    jenzel fantolgo

    The best memory I had was when i got the ultimate weapon in kingdom hearts because it took atleast a 5 years just to complete the bloody weapon and call myself a true keyblademaster

  45. Manuel Di Gregorio Says:
    Manuel DI Gregorio
    Well, best moment of all was going to Atlantica in KH2. I love The Little Mermaid movie, and being able to feel the movie by playing it inside the game and with the cut-scene in CG was awesome!

  46. Rossshikari Says:

    Ross Peters

    My favourite memory of kingdom hearts has to be the whole Tarzan level. I spent ages trying to beat the Chameleon heartless at the end of the level and he would always beat me till one day i decided i would play for about 3 hours non stop till i beat it and got it first time.

  47. Eternitykeyblade Says:

    Rivajh Singh
    Wow, my favourite KH1 memory… I have to say, it was before the first game was even released, I was sitting with my cousin and sister and we put in the special DVD disc that came with FFX and watched the trailer for a game called “Kingdom Hearts”… I fell in love instantly. the music was emotional and moving, but the imagery got us excited, as we screamed the names of out favourite characters that appeared- “SQUALL! YUFFIE! ARIEL! AERITH! GENIE!” …and my personal favourite, when the scene of Riku reaching out from the opening: “IT’S A YOUNG SEYMOUR!!!”… yeah we kinda misjudged that one… nevertheless, it’s a memory that I always look back on with fondness, the perfect first impression.

  48. Cristina Says:

    Cristina Mansour

    The best memory that I have is when I defeated Marluxia in KH chain of memory because it took me a year.

  49. Sophia うずまき Trent Says:

    Sophia Ingar

    Damn this is hard.. I guess my favorite part of Kingdom Hearts 1 is when Riku has been granted the power of becoming the Keyblade wielder and Donald and Goofy have no other option but to follow Riku even though they know his intentions and heart are not as pure as Sora’s, they must follow King Mickey’s orders; however when Riku feels the time has come to ‘prove his strength’ to Sora by using his newly given powers to try hurt Sora, Donald and Goofy step in to save him. “Well I’m not gonna betray Sora either! All for one and one for all!” (They really are the greatest Disney trio ever!) Sora once again regaining the power as the Keyblade wielder he stands strong with his head held high and he bravely stands beside his friends in battle again “My friends are my power!” that one line made my eyes well up! It was such a brilliant moment! The loyalty they had for each other is just so great! Friendship like are definitely something to fight for!

    Either that moment or the ending, where Sora and Kairi and being pulled apart in the world of darkness and even though Sora has the choice to go back to The Islands again he knows what he must do and he refuses to let Riku fall into darkess, that beautiful simple good bye to Kairi.. “Kairi, remember what you said before? I’m always with you too! I’ll come back for you… I promise!” and just before Kairi lets go of his hand she replies “I know you will!!” as Simple and Clean begins to play! Oh! Such a beautiful moment!!! ^w^~ ♪

  50. Guest Says:

    David Declunder

  51. William Thomas Says:

    William Thomas

    It has to be at the end of the game when you beat Ansem: The Seeker of Darkness, and you finally see King Mickey, and help him to close Kingdom Hearts, with Riku’s help of course. Absolutely amazing moment.

  52. David Declunder Says:

    David Declunder

    My best memory, just the moment where Riku and Mickey close the darkness door and riku said ” Take care of her” and Sora look him and nods his head. And the door was cloosed
    I love this game like every body here,
    If i win i will not go on classe and I spent one day in London for most important thing will be happened soon !

  53. Marcelo Says:

    Marcelo Magalhaes

    My favorite memory is when in Kingdom Hearts 2 Goofy protects the King from being hit by a rock, then you go on ahead and find out that Goofy is still alive. Which of course he would be. And then the best bit: The 1000 heartless battle! The song also made it a very epic moment!

  54. Massi889 Says:

    Massimo Monaco

    That emotional moment in Kingdom Hearts 2 when Goofy saved Mickey from getting hit by that boulder by pushing him out the way and sacrificing himself then everyone just turned badass and went crazy at the heartless.
    Another plus side was that Goofy was alright in the end :)

  55. SkullySaunders Says:

    Chris Saunders

    My best memory playing kingdom hearts is getting the Japanese import of KH2 final mix purely for the fight against Roxas and Sora in the world that never was, it was very emotional for me to see them fight!

  56. Rob Aimes Says:

    Rob Aimes

    Favourite memory must be from KH1 where Sora is in the ‘cave’ area on the island, with flashbacks of childhood with Kairi. Reminds me of my childhood, and really touched a nerve!

  57. Vic Says:

    Luz Victoria Contreras

    I remember being stuck for weeks at the part where you have to fight Riku in Hollow Bastion and I was getting so desperate because I couldn’t belive how hard it was for me

  58. Shamrez Khalid Says:

    Shamrez Khalid
    Kingdom hearts 2 Final Mix the lingering spirit secret boss took me 40 minutes to kill him still such a fun boss

  59. Katie Mobley Says:

    Katie Mobley

    I was stuck at the battle with Riku at Hollow Bastion and had to watch that seven minute cutscene like thirty times, and by the time I was done actually BEATING Riku, I had the whole thing memorized word for word.

    My friends still make me say it for them.

  60. Kevin Rast Says:

    Kevin Rast

    My favorite part is when Kairi gives Sora her lucky charm and tells him the famous quote “Don’t ever forget, where ever you go, I’m always with you!” I always remember this scene every time I see an old friend of mine, because I always know that we will never forget each other!

  61. Arcane Says:

    Sean Kyle Irvin William Steele

    For about two years the only way I could play Kingdom Hearts was when my family went on a trip to our old home, and I went to game store that would let you rent and play games there. For so long I tried to blaze through the game in a desperate attempt to actually finish it, to no avail. Finally, I got smart and bought a memory card,for no other reason than to save my progress so I could finish, and shortly after one of my brothers moved in with a PS2, so I was able to finally finish it short order.

    That moment, when Simple and Clean started as Sora and Kairi’s hands slipped through one another’s hands, after so long of trying and failing to see the end, to see the stars fly across the sky and the lights fall to reform the islands…I cried, for the beauty of the moment and the joy of having finally accomplished my goal.

  62. Toankun Says:

    Jamie Simon

    spending the whole day trying to find a copy of the game as it was sold out everywhere, at the moment when i was about to give up, i gave myself a final push and that very last store i visited had copies of it.

    listening to dearly beloved and fighting enemies in hallow bastion and listing to scherzo di notte makes me so thankful that i stay ambitious in my search for the game

  63. Chaos91 Says:

    Kartal Sevimli

    I liked the part at the beginning where Sora, Riku, and Kairi, they all worked together to make a raft to leave the island.

  64. Logan Vorster Says:

    Logan Vorster

    My favorite moment is a tie between Sora blocking the strike from possessed Riku’s keyblade to defend Kairi’s heart scene, Riku’s sacrifice to be locked behind The Door, Kairi’s protecting Sora’s heartless, and the scene where Sora tells Kairi he is also with her too and will come back to her.

  65. Rocco Lawrence Says: Rocco Lawrence

  66. Rocco Lawrence Says:

    My favourite game ever made it had a epic story with amazing characters I played every single game cant wait for the epic conclusion to the xenohart saga soon enough and finally we have got the first kingdom hearts final mix over in the uk

  67. Rocco Lawrence Says:

    My favourite moment has to be when Sora fights Roxas and Roxas thinks he has won and then Sora uses his keyblade wielder powers and gets his keyblade back and slices Roxas and Roxas says so your Sora simple yet awesome

  68. Katia Says:

    My most memorable moment from the whole series must be the beginning of KH2 in Twilight Town. From suddenly having a whole adventure with Sora in KH1 and CoM and then starting KH2 with Roxas was both a surprising and refreshing change (I did no spoiling before I played!). Everything in Twilight Town seemed perfect: the music, town, the characters; just like a normal group of friends. I really grew to love Roxas’s character though, so much so that I spent most of KH2 eagerly trying to learn more about him.

    Aimee Savage

  69. Lsakurifaisu Says:

    Jonathan Jones
    theowner96 {at} yahoo {dot} co {dot} uk (trying to avoid spam bots)

    My favourite memory is when Kairi realises the heartless that was following her, Donald and Goofy after Sora releases her heart is in fact Sora. She then tries to protect them from the heartless and in doing so brings Sora back from his brief stint as a heartless. One of my fondest memories of the game.

  70. Borja Clemente Says:

    Borja Clemente

    The moment Sora, Donald and Goofy fall into the darkness at the final boss but then suddenly manage to come back flying.

  71. Lara ryan Says:

    Lara ryan
    My favourite memory has got to be when you get the keyblade back after Sora says ‘my friends are my power’. I think that quote is very inspirational because to be honest it’s rather true!

  72. Lsakurifaisu Says:

    To whomever one I hope you have a great time :)

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