New Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper Celebrating 10th Anniversary

Kingdom Hearts Manga

The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts has tweeted a special announcement for its fans . The tweet states that the Kingdom Hearts manga artist Shiro Amano, has designed a special wallpaper to celebrate the 10 years of Kingdom Hearts!

The wallpaper shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy with Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder in the Atlantica world. The page also says that Shiro will return to work on the Kingdom Hearts II manga which will be released on October 12 in the Monthly Shonen Gangan. You can check out the wallpaper below:

Click on this link here if you want other resolution sizes!

Source: Official JPN Kingdom Hearts Twitter

4 Responses to “New Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper Celebrating 10th Anniversary”

  1. James Burke Says:

    Does this mean that Sora will be returning to Atlantica in the Kingdom Hearts II Manga?

  2. Unamused Says:

    I think it’s sad that times are so tough for you people to get some actual good news that you have force yourselves to sound excited for a wallpaper that’s not all that remarkable or worthy of being part of the anniversary celebration.

  3. Stephanie Wolfie Minamimoto Says:

    That’s awesome, and I’m also happy to hear the work on the manga will resume too

  4. Maurice_hoek Says:

    I think thats obvious considering he did in the first manga AND the game where the KH2 manga is based on.

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