First Image of Kingdom Hearts for PC

The first image has arrived for the newly announced title Kingdom Hearts for PC. If you haven’t heard, Kingdom Hearts for PC is a browser based game that uses the artwork from Kingdom Hearts Mobile which you can create your own Keyblade Wielder and venture into various Disney worlds with a card battle system. Thanks to bKvEBVAvUq we have the first image of what the game looks like!

5 Responses to “First Image of Kingdom Hearts for PC”

  1. Matthew Baucom Says:

    Id play this :3

  2. Chris Steenrod Says:

    what. the. fuck. is. that.

  3. nino Says:

    like dis boom

  4. darkfate1795 Says:

    i want this game and i would play this game till my life ends just like every other kh game that comes out i promise i will destroy anyone and be #1 remember this name darkfate1795….got it memorized

  5. James Sora Greenbaum Says:


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