KH for PC is now announced as Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]


Square Enix has now formally given an official title to the Kingdom Hearts for PC game that was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2012. The official name is now KINGDOM HEARTS χ [chi] (the chi is pronounced as “key”)! An update from the Kingdom Hearts blog “Message From The Kingdom” has provided the official announcement and we will add the description when it’s fully translated but for now enjoy the logo below:

Zephyer of KH Insider has translated the description from the KH Blog:

KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- will be released March 14, 2013.
For the first edition copies, we are pleased to announced the details of the bonus from purchasing at the Square Enix e-STORE!

Bonuses include a serial code for KINGDOM HEARTS χ; which is an online PC browser game.

First edition copies include:
A useful set for KINGDOM HEARTS χ
1. Card: Sora (R+) (Used for battling)
2. 20,000 Munny (Can be used for synthesis, etc.)
3. Card Draw 4,000 Points (Points that can be exchanged in the game)

e-STORE Purchase Bonus:
Support set for KINGDOM HEARTS χ
1. Card: Riku (R+) (Used for battling)
2. Potion x10 (Restore the ability to take action)
3. Ether x10  (Restore your strength needed to fight a boss)

Both benefits are available when you buy through the e-STORE.
※ Limited

※ Images are under development.


Thanks to SQEXGAL, if you pre-order KH HD Remix from Square Enix E-Store, you’ll receive a Sora (R+) and Riku (R+) card for KHX. has added images of the Sora and Riku cards for KHX:

10 Responses to “KH for PC is now announced as Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]”

  1. PrincessEmily Resident Says:


  2. Alex Ladzinski Says:

    i’m not sure how to respond. I mean, it’s great that there are bonuses and all but . . . the game hasn’t even been announced yet. And I’m not counting Jesse McCartney’s instagram photo or whatever. For all we know, that could be an english voice option for a japanese only game.

  3. Cody Cameron Says:

    C’mon guys… this is ridiculous! You guys are really gonna buy this? It’s freakin clear that Square Enix is now milking this franchise for everything its worth before they come out with KH3! We should be outraged!!!

  4. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    this is what u should really say “I should be ignorant!!!” just cuz ur not pleased with them filling the gap with the lack of kh games doesnt mean u should encourage others for ur own discretion

  5. Cody Cameron Says:

    Dude, you’re the one who is ignorant! You think Square Enix cares what we think? No! They say “Oh, still no KH3? Well let’s come out with yet another pointless damn side game that nobody cares about just so we can get more money!” C’mon… do you REALLY want a KH PC game? Do you? Over KH3? We’ve been asking for KH3 for nearly 7 years now and still nothing. But you go ahead and waste your money on another pointless game. I’ll just continue being ignorant.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Are you aware of a game titled “Final Fantasy Versus XIII”? Are you also aware that the development team that will be in charge of KHIII (the one that did KH and KHII) is working on Versus? Are you also aware that the team cannot begin working on KHIII without finishing Versus, and that the development of that game has gone on for longer than expected? It appears you aren’t, but if you are you choose to either not understand or ignore these facts. Be thankful. Square could have been silent about Kingdom Hearts for the past 8 years, but instead they’ve given you games that are fun and, to varying degrees, important to the overall plot of the series. Versus XIII is what Square believes will save the Final Fantasy brand and thus, save Square. That certainly takes priority over Kingdom Hearts III. Your frustration does little to change the course of a company that’s in big trouble and needs to save itself.

  7. Jfizz Says:

    Seroiously?! Can we just get on with kh3 already? I loveeeeeee kh, no doubt, but I’m growing tired of all these “fillers” :(

  8. TheBlitz Says:

    Excuse me? What “fillers”? First: The only KH-game I would consider a “filler” is Re:coded and that might change after it’s getting more important in the future story.
    Second: Why does KHX make you tired. It doesn’t slow out KH3 or anything. It’s just there for the people who are interested. It’s not like it’s forcing you to buy or to play it, is it?
    Third: “KH3″ is only a title. If you want an awesome game that continues and/or defines the story of KH, you already got a bunch of games that are neither fillers nor spin-offs or whatever. BBS for example is as huge and important as one of the “numbered” titles. Or is an expensive game with a big fat number on the cover all you want?

  9. Guest Says:

    I saw the title…And I was actually excited…

    Then I saw “online PC browser game.”


  10. Jfizz Says:

    Uh ohh. Seems as though my honesty angered someone. Stop being so touchy, kid. It’s a game. As I’ve stated , I’m a huge fan of the series, but like half of the kh community, I am growing tired of buying all these games to keep up with the journey to 3. (From COM to bbs to ddd, yes i I have em all)So, youre damn right I want a game with a fat number on it. Sue me.

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