Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] TGS 2013 Trailer


Since being revealed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Kingdom Hearts X was described as a free to play browser game that allowed you to customize your own Keyblade wielder. When the game was opened to the public in July, it was opened to a warm reception to not only Japanese fans but fans around the world.

Kingdom Hearts X is still the only official Kingdom Hearts game to be publicly listed as part of Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show line up. During the first day of the event, Square Enix has showed the official TGS trailer during their SQEX TV segment on Nico Nico. The trailer is narrated by Sora’s Japanese voice actor Miyu Irino, showing off all the updates the game received on August 15th. Thanks to KHInsider, the trailer was obtained and now is uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Source: KHinsider