Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key Announced for Smartphones in 2015


About a month ago Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned in an interview with Famitsu that a smartphone expansion of the Kingdom Hearts series will be announced soon.

According to Esuteru and Gamestalk, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key has been announced for iOS and Android systems for Japan that will be released later on in 2015, which is Kingdom Hearts X[chi] revamped for smartphones with new plot elements.

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htmk73 and aibo have tweeted out some information and thanks to Goldpanner, have translated the tweet:

‘Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key’ for iOS/Android, scheduled to release 2015, free to play (with in-app purchasable items), the gameplay of ‘Kingdom Hearts Key’ remade for smartphones, setup for the plot has also been prepared for this newest title in the series. (@htmk73)

It’s currently unknown for a release outside of Japan but we’ll keep you updated when any information comes out!

Source: Esuteru, Gamestalk, htmk73, aibo_ac7

6 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key Announced for Smartphones in 2015”

  1. Hyaru12 Says:

    …So much for the series being refocused on one console. How long do we have to wait before this receives a New 3DS remake before being included in a remix with DDD?

  2. guest Says:

    Amen to that. And let’s be honest, who really cares about Chi or Unchained Chi? All we want is Kingdom Hearts 3, not Kingdom Hearts Shopping Days (with Kairi as the main protagonist set during the time between 1 and 2; you’ll learn how she bought the outfit she wore in KH2! Yay…) or any of the other entries that are just there because the plot and Nomura say so. As much as I should put on my flame shield now, I know I’m not the only one thinking this.

  3. DSXZ Says:

    Some of us care. Yes we’d like it to be concise into KH3 but there’s not much we can do. Besides it’s not like Chi isn’t important, heck all of them are. Just becuause you’re only interested in KH3 doesn’t mean all of us are. So stop being a douche and just wait.

  4. guest Says:

    “stop being a douche”? Funny, I don’t recall being one. I was only stating my opinion (politely as well)and like I said, I’m certain others agree with me; it does not make us automatically right, but sloppy writing and plot holes can’t just be overlooked. Square’s main problem for about a decade now is they focus too much on stuff that has mixed reception at best (Final Fantasy XIII) and it’s bitten them financially, when they could’ve focused on KH3 years ago and maybe we’d be waiting for Kingdom Hearts 4, 5, maybe even 6 by now. If other major gaming companies like Nintendo, Ubisoft, or Sony imitated Square Enix, their franchises would’ve been stuck in shark-jump territory forever. And you tell me to “just wait”? What do you think fans have been doing for 9 years? The only decent title since KH2 has been Birth By Sleep (3D was OK, but the over-complicated Xehanort clone stuff is unnecessary, clichéd, and weak). Other than BBS (and a couple of worlds in 3D), I sometimes I wish Kingdom Hearts had ended at 2. This is all just my opinion and I know that others disagree and that’s fine; all I ask is that you respect me for it and not insult me.

  5. DOB Says:

    He/She shouldn’t have insulted you, but all of the Kingdom Hearts games, good and bad, are important to the series and for understanding Kingdom Hearts 3. Believe me though, I can understand your opinion. It was good that you kept your cool when you replied.

  6. Nocturne Says:

    SQUARE ENIX can port KH Birth By Sleep to Android and Ios but instead of that, it’s making this stupid spin-off for mobile devices…
    Ughh, unbelievable…

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