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Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] TGS 2013 Trailer

Since being revealed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Kingdom Hearts X was described as a free to play browser game that allowed you to customize your own Keyblade wielder. When the game was opened to the public in July, it was opened to a warm reception to not only Japanese fans but fans around the world.

Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] Launches Today!

In Japan at least. Hit Read More to read more.

Kingdom Hearts χ Gameplay Video

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Square Enix Events Schedule

(UPDATED) Hit Read More to see four major upcoming events this year!

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Official Site Opens

Square Enix has officially launched the website for Kingdom Hearts X[chi] including specs to run the browser game and new screeshots. Japanese site 4Gamer has posted an article about it’s release, Message to the Kingdom blog has posted about the closed beta for the game via Yahoo Games!