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9 Responses to “Enter our Giveaway by Being a Guest Blogger!”

  1. Crazymonkey123 Says:

    i know what kingdom hearts 3D will be about its when soras sleeping in his pod to get his memories back he is a sleep in his pod the games just one big dream because when you are a sleep you dream thats the only time in the series theres time because he was a sleep in his pod for a year right so he had to do something so i think dont know but this could be true dont know

  2. Rondo Says:

    KH3D is about the Sora and Riku taing the Master qualification exam.

  3. The Voice Actors of the Kingdom Hearts Series - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

    [...] acting is in the Kingdom Hearts franchise? And if you would like to broadcast something about KH, find out how you can become the next [...]

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  5. Rhema Says:

    Kingdom Hearts to me is like, the greatest videogame series ever. I love it and I always will love it. I’m perfecting my game right now on Birth by Sleep and I cannot WAIT for Dream Drop Distance. 

  6. Clever4231 Says:

    I know tha wev’e been traped in the whole “before kh2″ thing, but 3D is after recoded and before kh3 (hopefully)

  7. Irfansyahm Says:

    KH 3D is after recoded, which means after kh2 and it’s story will connect to/As a starting point on KH3…. All i wonder is why the exam of every master is different..Eraqus made aqua & Terra fight, while Yen Sid trains Sora & Riku to release the world covered in sleep..what are the differences in the results of the trainings???

  8. Shellan Dias Says:

    Kingdom hearts was the very first game I’ve ever played.Ever since my mom bought me the first game I’ve been a loyal fan. I have all the games even the final mix versions. I unfortunately don’t have any play arts figures, stickers or guides :(

  9. Shellan Dias Says:

    Xemnas and Ansem (heartless) isn’t the heartless and nobody of Ansem the wise and is not necessarily the heartless or nobody of  Xeahanort .
    They are the by-product of Terranort killing himself. Terranort is Xeahanort possessing Terra’s body, soul and mind.

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