Could Marvel, Pixar & LucasFilm worlds be in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts III

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Naturally, the official announcements of Xbox One and PS4 signaled a new era of console gaming – one that will bring not only breathtaking consoles, but also hundreds of exciting new games. Among these games, of course, will be Kingdom Hearts 3.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to speculate in terms of the worlds that might appear, is the larger arsenal that Disney has acquired, and how that might factor into the scenes and characters we see in Sora’s next adventure.

Most notably, Disney now owns Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, which would seem to put an incredible number of fantasy characters in play. Just for fun, here’s a look at some characters we could see from each new acquisition.

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel is probably the hottest of the three acquisitions in the news, simply because of the recent onslaught of Marvel superhero films. Indeed, it seems as if characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and many others are now in play!


Each Pixar film brings us some absolutely lovable new characters, and in some ways they would seem to fit best in a Kingdom Hearts game. Who wouldn’t love to stumble across Buzz Lightyear or Woody from Toy Story, or anyone from Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles!?


Naturally, the Lucasfilm characters on everybody’s mind are the Star Wars saga characters, and it would certainly be exciting to see them make appearances. But don’t forget about other Lucasfilm franchises like Indiana Jones and The Land Before Time!

Of course, it may well be that we don’t see any of these characters in the next Kingdom Hearts game. But among all of the gaming details concerning plot, graphics, etc., perhaps the most exciting possibility is that Disney’s latest acquisitions of major companies full of characters will play into the game to create an even more dynamic environment.

8 Responses to “Could Marvel, Pixar & LucasFilm worlds be in Kingdom Hearts 3?”

  1. Loz Says:

    God I hope not!

  2. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    Pixar is the only one i could see that’ll fit.Definitely not marvel though,i cant imagine sora fighting enemies on the streets of New York!

  3. guest Says:

    Amen. I wish all the Star Wars and Marvel fans would shut up about those two being in Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts was made to be a mix of Square and Disney stuff.
    There are too many Star Wars references as is in the KH series (Terra’s story makes me think of Phantom Menace and bits of the prequel trilogy; MX = Darth Sidious, Vanitas = Darth Maul, Yen Sid = Yoda, Eraqus = Qui Gon Jinn, Braig = Jango Fett, plus many more).
    As for Marvel, why people think that would work in KH is beyond me.
    Next thing you know, people will be wanting Tom and Jerry the Movie or Quest for Camelot in Kingdom Hearts. Then it will Mario, Sonic, Banjo-Kazooie, SpongeBob, the Powerpuff Girls, seriously SHUT UP and enjoy the series as it’s supposed to be.

  4. guest Says:

    Except the Pixar stuff. A lot of those movies would work pretty well and they were made by Disney (which is half of the KH series anyway). The only one I don’t want to see is Cars (I enjoy the movies, I just think Disney hypes everyone up too much).

  5. Platitude Says:

    Spider-man, John Carter, Star Wars, Brave, all would be cool worlds for KH. I’m gonna say that the Marvel or LucasFilm stuff is the least likely.

  6. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    or at the very least they can do the same thing as the final fantasy characters and just be there for cameo. they dont have to be involved in the plot watsoever. sora could just walk by captain america at twilight town and doesnt even have to make eye contact.or pass by the death star on the gummi ship but still ignore it. world-wise i just dont see how it could fit

  7. Chaos_Knight Says:

    Pixar – Yes
    Lucasfilm – Maybe(?)

  8. Chaos_Knight Says:

    Pixar – Yes
    Lucasfilm – Maybe(?)

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