Poll: What do you hear about KH that ticks you off?

Last time we saw Tarif (feel free to visit him on Deviantart), he submitted his amazing Kingdom Hearts collection for all of us to admire; this week, Tarif returns as a guest blogger to ask everyone a tricky, yet amusing question. After you submit your comments, check out the results (to be posted the following week), where Tarif will be summarizing his two cents. Without further adieu, Tarif explains his poll question and responses:

Tarif: This is a poll about the comments or complaints about your favourite game that you hear the most often, and at the same time, these are comments that annoy you the most. There are probably a whole stack of criticisms that people speak about on a regular basis, whether the person is a Kingdom Hearts fan or not, but I’ve decided to select 5 that I believe are the most common, and hence, can cause the greatest annoyance, either because you hear it one too many times, because you secretly know it to be true, or because you think there’s not a grain of truth to be had with that complaint.

You may select a maximum of two answers, because sometimes, it’s too hard to pick just one!

What do you hear about Kingdom Hearts that tick you off the most?

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