Poll: What do you hear about KH that ticks you off?

Last time we saw Tarif (feel free to visit him on Deviantart), he submitted his amazing Kingdom Hearts collection for all of us to admire; this week, Tarif returns as a guest blogger to ask everyone a tricky, yet amusing question. After you submit your comments, check out the results (to be posted the following week), where Tarif will be summarizing his two cents. Without further adieu, Tarif explains his poll question and responses:

Tarif: This is a poll about the comments or complaints about your favourite game that you hear the most often, and at the same time, these are comments that annoy you the most. There are probably a whole stack of criticisms that people speak about on a regular basis, whether the person is a Kingdom Hearts fan or not, but I’ve decided to select 5 that I believe are the most common, and hence, can cause the greatest annoyance, either because you hear it one too many times, because you secretly know it to be true, or because you think there’s not a grain of truth to be had with that complaint.

You may select a maximum of two answers, because sometimes, it’s too hard to pick just one!

What do you hear about Kingdom Hearts that tick you off the most?

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48 Responses to “Poll: What do you hear about KH that ticks you off?”

  1. Debenz Says:

    You forgot the option ” OMG!!!!! Where’s KH3? When is it coming out?”

    I picked the first option. If you pay attention while playing, read the reports, and Nomura’s interviews, you will have no problem understanding KH.

  2. Alex Says:

    none of those annoy me.. i actually agree with all of them lol except the sora one. i like sora, just wish he was a bit more, well, meaner haha

  3. Anonymous Says:

    None of those options annoy me, it’s more the “I’m sick of these damn spin-offs, I want KH3!!!”

    I hate the term spin-offs when it comes to games like Chain of Memories and Birth by Sleep in particular.

    A lot of people are very ignorant to the series as well because it hasn’t appeared on a home console since Re:CoM (or in my case KH2) and have to buy a different console for every new game.

  4. Joshua Atkins Says:

    When someone says this is for kids and is gay! Gets on my nerves! It’s an awesome game way better than CoD

  5. Ricebunny94 Says:

    None of these tick me off.
    The only thing that bugs me is that people complain about ‘too many side games’ and ‘where’s KH3′ and ‘They only care about making money because it’s on a bunch of different consoles.’
    These people should just learn to wait and appreciate what we are getting. Also, none of them can be considered side games since they are all relevant to the storyline. At the very least they can be considered a filler.

  6. Drace Says:

    Holy, yes! And what*s ticking me REALLY off, is the flaming against Nomura and Square Enix: “Man, Nomura is a f****** ass for not making that and that better!”, “He just wants our money and never listens to the fans!”, or “stop making these ***** spin-off’s, you ***** son of a *****!!! I WANT KH3! NOOOOOW!!!”

    Why this isn’t in the poll is a mystery to me.

    And while we’re on it: I really hate these Xion-flamers, too. You know, those who call her a “Mary-Sue” (obviously without having a clue what a Mary-Sue really is) or “pointless”. For example: “358/2 Days would have been better without her!”, or the most hilarious one: “She destroyed everything we definetely know about AkuRoku!” *headdesk*

  7. Keybladeviii Says:

    What really annoys me is when people complain about there not being enough Final Fantasy and complaining about there not being any final fantasy worlds

  8. Ashley Says:

    None of those bugs me either…what ticks me off is either they say it looks like a kid’s game or something about the combat system…Like seriously biatch?! Why don’t you try playing it first before complaining… >_>

  9. Brooke Says:

    My number one pet peeve is: “Xion is a mary sue.”  The 2nd is “ALL THE HANDHELD GAMES ARE SPIN-OFFS AND THEY’RE ALL DUMB.” said by people who never bothered to play them…

  10. Fabio Luis23 Says:

    I would put in the poll –> “Wait, disney characters?.Kingdom Hearts is such a kids game.”

  11. Tyler Mann Says:

    “I don’t like Sora.” To me, everybody who’s into the fandom now is only for the Yaoi stuff, primarily the relationship between Axel and Roxas, and as a Sora cosplayer, it upsets me when Organization members get more attention that the MAIN CHARACTER of the game series.

  12. Todd B Backus Says:

    Don’t mean to be rude dude, but Sora is legitimately idiotic most of the time. While playing Re:Coded I realized there was a difference between Sora and Data Sora, that being that Data Sora actually thinks. What was tragic about the intro to KH2 was that Roxas had dreams and goals and ambitions. Sora wants to protect his friends, and as noble as that is, it isn’t very deep.

  13. Kim Says:

    It annoys me when people say that it’s a kid’s game and therefore stupid, I mean sure it’s kid friendly (Disney is apart of it afterall :P ), that was the idea when it was released about 9 years ago when I was still a kid myself.

  14. William Trengove Says:

    I agree with this ^

    and my votes went to “It’s too confusing!” or “I can’t follow what’s going on at
    all!” or “How can anyone expect a player to understand the crazy plot?” and “There’s not enough character depth.”

    The people who say stuff like this are the same people that play games
    with ABSOLUTELY NO CHARACTER DEPTH, non-Linear RPGs, and are just never
    interested in the story in the first place and they’re only in it
    because they heard that Cloud or Squall was in the game and get really
    pissed off because their roles are merely Cameos, or are only in it for
    the gameplay.

    I also hate it when people say that ‘Square Enix released Too many characters in KH2, they don’t get enough spotlight, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah needs KH3 right now’

  15. RikuDiAngelo Says:

    The one that bugs me the most is “Kingdom Hearts is just stupid.” when they’re only saying that because they’ve never played it, or they SUCKED and couldn’t beat the dang Darkside!

  16. Jennifer Lee Says:

    Me too…after playing BBS, I realized that as well.
    But thank you for posting this; most of my friends just say “Oh Sora’s so idiotic!”

  17. Adrina Says:

    Okay, I’m sorry, but I agree with the whole “Xion is a Mary Sue” thing. However, I do NOT agree with people who say that 358/2 Days would have been better without her. Xion was a good character. She was intriguing and made the game’s story interesting. The game wouldn’t have been the same without her. I just think that she had a few traits that seemed, to me, to be kind of, well, cheap and Mary Sue-like. That’s all.

  18. Sea-Salt Says:

    I’m not sure if any of those options in particular are ones that get on my nerves; not the usual complaints I hear.
    It’s moreso idiotic behavior of some fans (the yaoi fangirls), or the ones who say they should stop using Disney worlds, despite the fact that the games are a DISNEY series.

    Then there’s the ones who have to start up rumors. No matter how ridiculous they sound (Miley Cyrus performing KH III theme), they just irk me and make me get riled up for no reason. Really people, don’t mess with my feelings like that. : p

  19. Sander van der Ham Says:

    None of the above. Only the Yaoi fanbase of the series does.

  20. Drace Says:

    A Mary-Sue is not a cheap character, but one which is improbably *perfect*. They have shining crystals, instead of eyes. They have flowing golden manes, attractive well shaped bodys and perfect snow white skin. They have dozens of hobbys and are perfect in everything they do. They are trained unicorn-riders, they are champions in several sports, and still have time to party with their lots and lots of friends. *That* is a Mary-Sue. A perfect character without any weaknesses or emotional development. The name came from a character in one of the first Fan-Fictions (about Star Trek) ever being published in a fan-magazine, which was exactly like that.

    Xion instead, is one of the most tragic characters of the whole franchise. She had a deep character development and was anything but perfect. She was a bit short and shy, she had problems with her fighting and made some mistakes throughout the story, but she decided to do the right thing in the end and offered herself to protect Roxas. She definetely has *nothing* of a Mary-Sue. It’s just that most people don’t really know what a Mary-Sue is. They just know, it’s something bad, and so, it’s the first insult that comes to their mind.

  21. KingdomBlade Says:

    Every part of the fandom that wants less Disney/Disney removed from the game. That just drives me crazy – if there was no Disney, it would just be another Final Fantasy game. The yaoi fanbase can be pretty annoying as well – To be honest, I can see where they are coming from, but it still just…doesn’t work in my view.

  22. Snackless Says:


  23. Jamelukas39 Says:

    The first one its the most comment about this game. Its a rated E game and such a simple plot, the protaganest has to save his friends while at the same time save the world while fighting heartless nobodys and new enemies that we had never encountered yet. And its unfare to not like the game because it doesnt have multiplayer online thats just bull to the crap donkeys. And actualy we didn’t really scrach the story yet thanks to all the mind blowing twist and turns. P.S how do I post friends on my facebook? I just got one last weekend please tell me.

  24. Daydrianlewis Says:

    I agree on the first one and the 4th one. But they did forgot to throw in the “Where is Kingdom Hearts 3?” bullshit.

    As for the first one. The story is really not that hard to follow. It’s more like a mystery suspense, it’s like you have to look it up or research to know what’s going on. I love how the FM gives more clues about the next game. Nomura is brilliant when it comes to suspense and foreshadowing. People just don’t know how to follow the damn storyline. KH1 is simple, KH COM was a inception moment, but it had a lot of mystery to it, and I’m pretty sure everyone had a gamebody advance and then they released it later for PS2, so that’s no excuse for people who own both systems. KH 2 was a little challenging but thats when KH BBS kicked in. It confused me for months but once you read the reports, it gets better. KH 358/2 Days didn’t have impact on me at all. I kinda knew Xion would disappear somehow, not really a filler but we understand how Sora and Roxas can wield two keyblades. KH Coded wasn’t important, sure thats how Mickey sent us the lettter but the rest of it was pointless. KH DDD is a must watch/play.

    That’s the only things that makes me mad about “KH fans”. Talking about how much they hate the “spinoffs” and that they should make “KH3″ already. Last time I check, those “spinoffs” were part of the main series. But seriously, that’s the only thing that annoys me about the so call KH “fans”

  25. Adrina Says:

    I’m truly sorry. I’m really not trying to be a smart ass or piss you off here, but a Mary Sue has a lot more traits than that. And besides, I’m not saying Xion is a bad character, I’m just saying they made her too close to perfect. Here’s a link to a page of Mary Sue qualities. You’ll see that she fits quite a few.


     Once again, I’m not saying I hated Xion, I’m just saying I think they went a bit overboard with the strength and traits of her character, that’s all.

  26. James Young Says:

    Yeah, the whole hand-held spin-off comment. I mean, sure Coded was rubbish and just barely connected to the overall KH story, but Birth By Sleep and Chain of Memories were essential.

    I wish S-E would re-release them both in HD for the PS3, so they could reach a larger audience, but with all those character usage rights, I know that’s not going to happen.

  27. Ixbran Says:

    what about KH ticks me off?:

    the SE Fan boys who obsess over the FF characters appearances in thge game, and belittle the Disney characters.

    Do people still fail to realize the FF Characters have very little, to almost no role in the games what so ever?

    its all about the Disney Characters; The ones originating from the Disney films, and the KH originals.

    that’s what ticks me off.

  28. Drace Says:

    What’s with 358/2 Days?

  29. Drace Says:

    Sorry, read that and really couldn’t find Xion there. It describes Mary-Sues almost like I did.

    “The prototypical Mary Sue is an original female character in a fanfic who obviously serves as an idealized version of the Author mainly for the purpose of Wish Fullfillment. She’s exotically beautiful, often having an unusual hair or eye color, and has a similarly coll and exotic name. She’s exceptionally talented in an implausibly wide variety of areas, and may possess skills that are rare or nonexistent in the canon setting. She also lacks any realistic, or at least story-relevant, character flaws — either that or her “flaws” are obviously meant to be endearing.”

    The only point I could agree with is the “dying in a graceful, beautiful way”, but that’s somehow a comon in the KH-universe. Especially because she was an important main character in 358/2 Days.
    If someone doesn’t like Xion, they just have to find other insults. Xion has definetely nothing of a Mary-Sue.

  30. Adrina Says:

    I disagree with you, but I’m not going to press the subject further since I don’t want to come across as a smart ass. Let’s just agree to disagree. :)

  31. Irfansyahm Says:

    I think every series have a deep connection with each other…And for me, the spin off part may be caused by the usage of another character beside the main characters…Simply, if u follow the timeline..everything connects…

  32. Bloom4815 Says:

    Kairi haters really irk me. I mean, I used to lover her, but am now irritated that she has such a little part, but I still like her. But people call her a slut, and all these awful things. And they do cruel things to her in fanfics… it’s just bad.

    And people saying that the characters are gay, when they’re not, is also infuriating.

    Gosh, I met this guy one time who’d never even played KH (or knew anything about it), and he insulted it in that, “Disney stole from Final Fantasy.” Wow. Just wow. The game’s freaking Square-Enix and Disney. Mostly Square, honestly. How can people not get that they chose to put their own characters into the game? Of course, he liked FF (I do too, but don’t make serious assumptions if you don’t know something, people).

    About Xion… people that say she was evil, and tried to destory Roxas are also annoying. Usually, these people know nothing about Days, Xion, or understand all that she had to go through. She’s the most selfless person in the series.

    Days haters just bother me. A number of them didn’t even play the game, only watched the cutscenes (and think they know everything), or went into the game with the idea they weren’t going to like it or Xion. Haters cause a lot of their own hate, and it’s really unjustifiable.

    I thought Days was a great game if you gave it a chance. I actually prefer it to CoM. And it definitely pwns Coded. And though I like KH1 better, Days had more depth to it. And in certain ways, it seemed better put together than KH2. And that’s saying a lot since KH2 and BbS are my favorites. And I do think the BbS characters’ angst was a little ridiculous compared to Days. Ven, Terra, and Aqua caused their own problems. Roxas, Axel, and Xion couldn’t have done much to avoid their fates, however.

    The “spin-offs” complainers annoy me like everyone here. Especially since they’re going to make KH3 even more epic. It’s well worth the wait. And since KH is a mystery already, it’s nice to learn more. And, you know, not have to go six years without games. People that complain don’t understand they can’t make KH3 until Versus is done. It would have been worse to have no games in this time than the ones we do have.

    Lately, my best friend has been kind of been bothering me, too. She used to totally love KH and the Riku/Kairi pairing, and to some people she says she still does. But then to me, she’ll be like, “I don’t really care about KH anymore.” Well, maybe she would if she’d actually played CoM, finished Days, and played BbS! Ugh.

    I lent her all three (and my game systems to play them), and she didn’t play CoM because of the battle system. Days she didn’t finish, and she had BbS for six months, forgot she had it, and didn’t even start it! It’s no wonder she’s not into KH then! She hasn’t played it recently, or seen how the plot’s coming together! I lover her, but she’s getting on my nerves. She still acts like she knows everything about KH. And she claims to love BbS, and Terra/Aqua when she knows nothing about it. I laugh at that.

    And another friend of mine only played Terra’s story, and he thinks he knows everything about BbS. He bashes Aqua relentlessly, and he hasn’t even given her story a chance. Umm… of course Aqua seemed like the bad guy that way. But when you play all three sides, you feel for them all, and see they were victims. It doesn’t look like he’ll ever finish BbS. He started playing Ven a long time ago, but he still hasn’t finished the game.

    And my sister who only played KH1, KH2, and part of CoM (and just made me tell her what happened in that), hasn’t cared about KH in years. And yet she still complains about “all the Nobodies” when many of them aren’t that (like Xion), says the story’s too confusing, and complains that Terra and Aqua seem more like a couple when all the other couples are “Sora and Kairi”.

    Wow. All my loved ones really seem to annoy me with KH. LOL. Maybe everyone that hasn’t played all the games (except maybe Coded) should just shut up. I think it would make for a happier community that way.

    Rant over.

  33. Clever4231 Says:

    True. I already knew this but when I played Re:Coded I was surprised how much cooler and more mature he was to the real Sora. It’s a little sad.

  34. Jessica Elliott Says:

    The top 3 ones I find annoying:
    2.”Xion is a Mary-Sue :/”
    3.” OMG Roxas and Axel (insert fantasized comment about a sexual relationship between them)!!!” -Yaoi doesn’t really bother me much, but when I see comments like these I’m like, “….just…no…” =__=

  35. Uberleet99 Says:

    bamf…waht an essay

  36. Reganfan1 Says:

    Somebody smells like a pissy fanboy.

  37. cloudy Says:

    I absolutely hated when they put paine, yuna, and rikku in kh2. waste of time. just because they are popular doesnt mean they fit. they were just thrown in.

  38. Bryan Pace Says:

    I’m sorry but I haven’t played Coded yet (can’t afford it) and I never finished CoM (no time). But I have played and beaten all the other games.
    I just beat bbs (all 3) and am replaying all the games I have at the hardest difficulty setting.
    What really gets me mad is when my friend says that he hates KH because it has Disney in it and the story is stupid.
    He didn’t even make it to the 3rd world before he quit kh1 and he hasn’t even touched any of the other games.
    It infuriates me!!!

  39. Brandawg94 Says:

    I HATE it when people call it “Kingdom OF Hearts”

  40. guest Says:

    yeah that ticks me off

  41. Ronldbx6 Says:

    When someone responds in a negative way just because of the Title: Kingdom HEARTS and they don’t even know anything about the game. It’s really awesome. I also hate when supposedly “Fans” say I’m tired of all these spin-offs. None of them are spin-offs. All the games are unique and ultimately contribute to the story. Don’t get mad because you don’t have the consoles to keep up with it. 

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Interestingly enough, there is actually a game called Kingdom of Hearts!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Well put.
    I think you all made many points of merit.

  44. Sorageroxas Says:

    “This is a kids’ game”
    “Where is KH3???”
    Those are the most annoying for me. Plus im actually starting to believe they are somehow true. Both of them

  45. Reanne Says:

    I don’t like how everyone is always bashing Kairi. I actually like her, she’s one of my favorite characters. I don’t think she’s as mean as everyone says…

  46. guest Says:

    Here are the things that piss me off in KH:
    1. The yaoi fangirl pairings! It gets old!
    2. That every fanfic i read of Aqua, they portray her as a whore! That pisses me off. Just becuz she has mature breasts doesn’t mean she’s a whore! That’s stereotypical!
    3. The whole “Xion is a Mary Sue” thing! I mean what the hell?
    4. The whole shipping thing! I can see Sora and Kairi together, Roxas and Xion (ditto), and same goes for Riku and Namine! But the Tequa thing tap dances on my last good nerve!
    Rant done! I feel better.

  47. Veronicaluvv Says:

    IKR !!!! -.- i have a binder with a kingdom hearts pic on it and while a dude in my class was walking to his seat he saw it and was like “kingdom hearts is a freaking kiddy game” it pissed me off SO MUCH

  48. Bla Says:

    FF characters do have roles. And of course it has Disney in there
    The plot is fine.

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