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There was so much good news to digest that it was hard for me to pick one question. When we last did a Speak Up on Neku, we invariably evolved to discussing Shiki’s impending appearance. To our delight, Nomura wasn’t satisfied with a just one representative of the game he designed and helmed. But of course, how could we not round up the whole gang? Sure enough, Rhyme, Beat, and Joshua was introduced in the same week to perhaps some surprise or to the knowing smirks of KH fans.

For those of you who hasn’t yet played World Ends With You, how do you think these characters are related to Neku and what speculations can you make on Beat’s quote that “this time, I’ll protect Rhyme”? Do you think their names are a bit weird?

And for those of you who have played the game, with Nomura’s uniquely wonderful character creation, what do you think these 3 new introductions will carry for the story? Who do you think Sora will have the most dialogue with? Who do you think Riku will have the most dialogue with?

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  1. Lemonadejohnson Says:

    I think that with the same worlds being used over and over again we really needed a fresh new take on them. With the TWEWY characters appearing in Traverse Town, I think this is exactly what we need. 

    I’m not sure if what happens in the Dream World is real or not, but I’m guessing that it really isn’t, so having Beat saying he’s going to protect Rhyme makes sense. Rhyme can still be “alive” so he’s got the chance to make sure she’s protected, even if it’s only while Sora and Riku are asleep.

  2. Bloom4815 Says:

    I think this add can bring a new perspecive and outlook for everyone. From the beginning, Nomura’s said that past walls would be torn down. And I think he means the characters. Something new will be brought to the table by everyone.

    Will Sora give into Darkness? Speculation about this has been going on for awhile, and though we remain unsure, one thing seems clear. At one point in the trailer, Sora seems to be trapped in the Realm of Sleep. Could that mean he failed the exam? Would someone such as Joshua have to help him find a way out?

    As for Riku, he seemed more full of hope, and confidence in the most recent trailer than he did in the second one. Could it be that his interaction with Shiki or another one of TWEWY characters has given him strength? It seems possible. Especially with the quote “Darkness will become Light, and Light falls into Darkness.” All I can say is that I can’t wait to see Riku interract with the Disney and TWEWY characters. To see him not alone for once.

    Now, as for TWEWY characters, the one I’m most interested about is Joshua. From the most recent trailer, they seem to be showing a more human side to him. He’s not the sarcastic, purposefully annoying, manipulative know-it-all that we’ve seen previously. His time in the Realm of Sleep seems the most suspect with what we know about him from TWEWY. And I think he might be the key to many things happening there. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing him act like a guiding light for everyone this time around. That and the smile he wears around Sora. An actual smile, rather than a smirk for once.

    Now, for Neku, he hasn’t always been a ball of sunshine. We all remember this scene:

    “Don’t kill me.”

    “I have to.”

    Anyway, it seems like Neku’s gone back to his old ways again. Especially since he seems to have betrayed Sora. Maybe Nomura is just trying to develop Sora and Neku by having them interract with someone opposite of them (though at the end of TWEWY Neku was more Sora-esque). But I’ll definitely be watching Neku’s actions closely this time around.

    As for Shiki, it’s odd to me that she doesn’t look like RG Shiki. There’s probably a reason for that, but in the brief time we saw Shiki… she seemed different to me. She didn’t seem too concerned about finding Neku whilst she flirted with Riku, but I have to wonder why. What happened to our, “Let me in. Tell me what you’re thinking!” girl? What happened to Neku’s stalker? And why does Shiki seem to be fearful of someone? (Someone in an Organization cloak, I think) There’s definitely something different between these two, and I’m looking forward to seeing what.

    From what we’ve seen of Beat in the trailer, he doesn’t seem too diffferent from his TWEWY counter part yet. His desire to protect Rhyme is understandable in KH and TWEWY context. My question is, why’s he hanging out with “Prissy”, as he so affectionately calls Joshua? And later on, he’s seen with Shiki in the background of another scene. Both are very odd. Despite the fact that Beat and Shiki were friends, it’s strange that he wouldn’t be with his two Partners Rhyme or Neku.

    Heck, that no one seems to be! It should be Neku/Shiki, Beat/Rhyme, and Sora/Riku. My only guess is that they’re all on different planes. And since Josh is the only one who can switch planes, and he has central knowledge anyway, Joshua will be very important to the plot.

    Now, for Rhyme, we didn’t see much of her in TWEWY. So this will be a great time to see her evolve. Especially since she’s the only one from the original installment that wasn’t really changed by the Reaper’s Game. It does seem important that she doesn’t have her memories, the same way Shiki had to pay her first Entry Fee again (and yes, I know the memory thing was Beat’s Entry Fee). Could it be they’ve all played that first price again? Whatever the case, I think whatever happens with Rhyme will be a great way to develop her and others. Especially since she’s a very open person. I’d love to see some Joshua/Rhyme interaction!

    And, once again, I think that’s what the point is. Whatever the plot for this game, the characters seem to be the driving point. And why they’re all in Traverse Town, and how things are changing will be very important, it seems. I can’t wait to see what Nomura has up his sleeve this time, and TWEWY characters are a wonderful addition.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So like I might get a bit of a backlash here but…. am I the only person who isn’t overly excited about TWEWY characters appearing? Now I know how much of a great game TWEWY is and I know how lovable the characters are but I’ve felt this way ever since a lot of people got a lil over excited about Neku appearing and how fans of the game were using the excuse “OMG Neku is in this game I must buy it!” to have any interest in the game (I know this isn’t the case with some KH fans, heck there’s a lot of people out there that love both series’). Now I don’t mind the characters appearing but it’s when they are overshadowing some of elements of the game I kind of get annoyed, ok I’m going to love this game to bits when it’s gets released and it’s a day one purchase for me, but maybe because I’m a super obsessive fan of KH and I’m not obsessed with TWEWY.
    I’m just a little worried that with these additions to the game we might see other Disney/SE related projects creep their way into the game. I do know it’s all up to Nomura and he had a big part in the development of TWEWY and that’s why they are even in the game (or that’s the only reason I can find) plus they do kinda fit in with the style of the game. I can’t help but wonder if there are fans of TWEWY wanting a second game and rather then their favourite characters appearing in KH3D.
    Oh well either way, KH3D is just looking absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait for it to be in my hands :P

  4. Reganfan1 Says:

    Enough bullshit.

    “Nomura’s unique creation.”  Nomura DID NOT create WEWY.  PERIOD.  All he did was act as producer (aka, publisher budgeting) and cover art.

    The game was created by Tatsuya Kando, and I’m getting really tired of correcting people on that every godamn time they bring up Nomura this and Nomura that.  He’s getting credit for something HE DID NOT DO, and that’s clearly evident by the fact that this is taking precedence in the game over Final Fantasy cameos.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He did design all the characters though, that’s why he he has such a big part in the games and why he can use the characters in the KH games, while I do know he never created the game he did bring the characters to life so in a way he has as much of a part in the development as the director of the game.  It’s the same with the Final Fantasy games (except for Versus XIII) he has nothing to do with writing the story he just brings the characters to life…
    This is the first place I’ve seen where they give Nomura credit for practically all of TWEWY, when it isn’t his idea o.O 

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, at least it’s obvious that he DIDN’T make any Final Fantasy games. And of course this is taking precendence over FF cameos, as most of the cameos were undeniably superficial versions of their counterparts in the previous games, and for once, we get to hope that at least the WEWY characters won’t be so blantantly trimmed.

    Anyways, the correction has been noted. Try not to blow a gasket and spill your frustration out of proportions.

  7. Reganfan1 Says:

     Gen Kobayashi created the characters.  Nomura just designed the cover art.

  8. Reganfan1 Says:

     That’s just wishful thinking – them taking precedence of FF cameos.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Well it was both of them that handled the character designs, but sure whatever you seem pretty determined to point out that Nomura had very little to do with TWEWY so I’ll quit while I’m ahead. Even though you aren’t right.

  10. Reganfan1 Says:

    A hopeless fanboy will always have his wishful thinking take precedence over fact.

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