Unforgettable, Epic Battles…it’s all Worth it!

By Inaheart

Epic Battle. When you read that phrase, what comes to mind? Length? Excitement? Visuals? Music? The general feel of the battle? How about a sense of glory? You might even term it as a “glorious battle.” Did you have a feeling of being a magnificently capable fighter? A pivotal battle is usually considered epic by many people no matter the length, and it’s endowed with a strong story that grips the characters involved. So what is considered an epic battle may be all of the above or something entirely different. An adventure within a fight to some, an artistic masterpiece to others. What is epic to one is gloriously lame to another. The analysis can become pretty complex.

Kingdom Hearts is a series known for being full of epic battles. Even the regular fights can feel long, intense, and spectacular, so the boss fights are naturally the cream of the crop. This article showcases the “elite of the elite” battles, the most glorious and spectacular battles. The most pivotal, important, powerful and emotionally-charged battles. The ones that matter most. This is my Top Ten list of the Most Epic Battles in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Ten: Final Ansem (Kingdom Hearts)

A monster within a monster controlled by a monster sums up Sora’s fight with Final Ansem. Let’s not forget explosions, Sora flying around bashing everything in his path, and Ansem’s ugly form tethered to another monster. This is clearly one of the most exciting battles in Kingdom Hearts, but there’s no doubt that some readers are going to wonder why he isn’t higher on the list. Quite honestly, I felt that something was missing. Sure, the battle was long and drawn out but it felt like Ansem overstayed his welcome and the prolonged length of battle was unnecessary. Still, experiencing the final strike of a huge ball of fire and Ansem being swallowed by light made it all worth the effort. 

Nine: Vexen (RE: Chain of Memories)

Vexen, despite his perceived age and frailty, shows battle prowess that is emphasized by his elegant movments. The graceful gliding, the beautiful ice attacks, the powerful ice blade attack, and the important nature of the fight land Vexen on this list. Sora fights him in Twilight Town at a time when things are finally starting to come together in the plot of Chain of Memories. Some people consider Vexen “more annoying than difficult,” while others consider him just plain difficult. Either way, there is a reason why Vexen is on my list.

Eight: Jafar (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Sora gets to fight this giant form on a magic carpet! He also gets to dodge large white fiery balls, buildings, lightning and whatever Jafar manages to throw at him. It doesn’t help that Jafar can summon a vortex that swallows Sora up at least twice in the battle. The voice acting in this fight is excellent and contributes to the overall intensity and perceived authenticity of this fight. Sure, Jafar has his moments of sounding silly, but they often lead to large amounts of lightning that can be difficult to dodge while flying.

Seven: Groundshaker (Kingdom Hearts 2)

It’s huge, loud, and surprisingly fast. Every move it makes create tidal shakes, which is why it’s called “Groundshaker.” This battle is fought by hitting its flaming head, all the while trying to avoid getting stomped on, and then riding atop the Groundshaker in an attempt to hit its lightning infested “core”. Like most things in Kingdom Hearts, this is easier said than done as Groundshaker almost never holds still and loves to rear up to stomp your guts out.

Six: Saix (Kingdom Hearts 2)

This penultimate battle is nothing if not insanely intense. How can this battle even be described? From the very first “Moon Junta” to the desperate quoted “ALL SHALL BE LOST TO YOU” end of the fight, Saix screams his attacks, sweeps his huge sword in a bid to hit anything that moves, and tosses damaging light virtually everywhere. The closer Sora is to beating him, the more frantic Saix becomes, making it more and more difficult to get anywhere near him. Overall, Saix isn’t all that hard, but if you are one of the unlucky souls who transformed Sora into his anti-form in this fight, you might have a different opinion.

Five: Demyx (Kingdom Hearts 2)

At least a few people are going to be wondering, “What is he doing here, and why is he so high up on this list?!” Demyx doesn’t have the vehemence other Kingdom Hearts battles have, he’s not a penultimate boss, and certainly not a final one. He is, however, one of the most pivotal and emotionally charged battles in the series. Kingdom Hearts 2 can be thought of in a division of two segments: Before Demyx and After Demyx. Before Demyx, things are generally easy, nothing is revealed except for the existence of the Nobodies, and Organization 13. Thus, when you face off against Demyx in the Underworld, his boss fight was one of the easiest. You can also argue that the second encounter is the easiest of all the Organization. However, after Demyx, things stop being a relative cakewalk and start getting real! The gloves come off during the second fight with Demyx. This time, the water clones have a great potential of killing you (indirectly), and the resident “wimp” shows that he can actually be one of the strongest members in Organization XIII when he puts his mind to it. No wonder Sora practically blew up after winning.

Four: Battle of 1000 Heartless (Kingdom Hearts 2)

This is the first major battle after defeating Demyx and because of that, it’s also one of the most cathartic. There’s no need to explain much here except to say that Sora, Donald, and Goofy go through 1,000 Heartless like a knife through melted butter. Loads of fun and epic due to the sheer amount of enemies alone.

Three: Final Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts 2)

The preceding battles with Xemnas certainly had plenty of grand moments. You commandeered a hover-cycle with your newly-reunited battle comrade, Riku, in a desperate chase to catch up to a gigantic dragon. Then, you fight Xemnas in his full armor sitting on a throne, while skyscrapers get thrown at you like rocks as well as a slew of magic spells. However, it’s this final battle against Xemnas where the stakes and difficulty level go up–where Riku and Sora are alone with the most powerful member of Organization 13. And you also find Xemnas in a brand new coat! Sora is captured, compelling Riku to navigate through Xemnas’ clones, each shooting projectiles in his direction. And then they have to shield themselves against a massive amount of missiles hoping that their defenses don’t fail them. After that? One of the best and most dramatic defeats EVER!

Two: Chernabog (Kingdom Hearts)

For all the Heartless that you’re now practically immune to from mastering your fighting techniques against them in previous worlds, once Sora, Donald and Goofy find themselves in a dark area known as “The End of the World,” it’s clear that increasingly more formidable foes still await them. At this location, they find a volcano with a dreaded monster living inside. Cue classical music used in Disney’s Fantasia, demonic yellow eyes, and a very powerful monster capable of killing Sora with fire and then tearing him to pieces.

One: Final Marluxia (Re: Chain of Memories)

This final battle has it ALL! The dramatic elements that attacked my five senses were the suspended approach, the gorgeous colors, the falling flower petals and the sensational music. To top it off, Marluxia added a distinctive power angle, difficulty, and drama, and the use of his Grim Reaper as weaponry was inspired. His defeat was coloured by melodrama and his exit was completed with a flush of Sakura petals that reached out and then vanished into darkness. Yup. You can’t deny that even his loss was epic.

Thus concludes my Top Ten list of the most epic battles in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, and RE: Chain of Memories. I concede that a couple were actually pretty easy, but drawn out and emotional enough to make the cut while others proved exceedingly difficult. Obviously, the mileage of ‘epicness’ varies and some of those who’ve made this list may raise your eyebrows (with the exception of Marluxia, who I’m sure has a very strong, lasting impression in everyone’s KH-gaming history). One thing is for sure: fighting these bosses gave us moments that last into memory.

What do you think? Inaheart shared with us thoughts on battle epicness and are the same qualities important to you as well? Are there any Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days or Coded battles that felt like nothing else you’ve previously experienced in the realm of KH? It’s time to sound off below!

This article was written by Inaheart. You can read more of Inaheart’s top tens and other Kingdom Hearts musings at this blog.

47 Responses to “Unforgettable, Epic Battles…it’s all Worth it!”

  1. cloudy Says:

    I’m a little annoyed that Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts 2 is not on this list, but I guess its because he is a side boss and not one u must fight. Other then that I can agree with the list. Marluxia deserves the top spot. I think Xaldin should of been on this list because his boss fight is really bad and is one of the few fights that mickey mouse is offered to step in just in case you die (that in itself letting you know your probably going to die). Maybe where Jafar is because although the fight was interesting, I didn’t find it difficult. I also feel Demyx deserves to be on the list because I found him quite difficult. And I don’t remember the boss fight for the number 2 spot at all.

  2. Debenz Says:

    Aqua vs. Terra-Xehanort. Epic battle beyond belief.

  3. Ursula Says:

    I agree with most of the list. But, yeah, nearly all the final battles in Birth by Sleep are amazing. Also, I’d probably have the Riku/Ansem battle at Hollow Bastion from the first game, and *maybe* Anti-Sora. The final battle of Riku’s Story in CoM was strong and dramatic, too. The only Disney battles I might would’ve considered were Maleficent Dragon (KH), Ursula (KH 2nd Time), and Cerberus (KH2).

    Part of me would want to put the Leon, Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie battle from the Hades Paradox cup, but that‘s not story-related. ;p

  4. Kersha T Says:

    I like your list except for 2 spots. Jafar and the 100 heartless. Jafar was not hard at all. It was simply a matter of difficulty flying carpet. That made this fight longer then it would have been. But Jafar had no difficult moves that would make me say he is hard. The 1000 heartless fight was fun. Simple as that. Not hard at all as all those heartless were weaker than usual in the situation and had low health. The fight was also long. But difficult it was not. I would replace the 1000 fight with Xaldin, as he was extremely difficult. And I would replace Jafar with Storm Rider from the Land of Dragons. Other then that I agree with the list. Marluxia, in my opinion, will always be the better the boss then everyone else. So far, in terms of strength and drama, Marluxia trumps them all. He had the whole package. And I always say he was a better boss then Xemnas. Speaking of Xemnas, his boss fight was never that difficult to me. I think the Ansem fight was much tougher. Maybe its because you know more about how to fight, more moves, and stronger help in Kingdom Hearts 2 then you do in Kingdom Hearts 1. I remember dying a few times on Chernabog. It’s a combination of the flying and things coming at you. Demyx is not hard to fight. He’s very weak. But the water you have to fight and his quickness makes him hard. Everyone died on him. Nobody beat him on the first try. Vexen too. But whether we could have beat him with less difficulty had it not been for the cards we will not know. Good list.

  5. Catherine DeKorte Says:

    The fuck is this shit? Why the hell are there NO battles from the handheld games? This is fucking bullshit and I expected better from a major KH fansite. No love for ANY of Vanitas’ battles (INCLUDING Vanitas’ Remnant)? The Iron Imprisoners? Sora’s Heartless? Data Roxas? Leechgrave? Xion? RELIVING MOTHERFUCKING DEEP DIVE?! Come the fuck on. This is pathetic.

  6. Churro Says:

    The list was created by Inaheart and not by us this is his/her own list. Don’t like this list? Then submit your own and tell us what you think should be your top 10.

  7. Gerardo Jerry Correa Says:

    i say that the riku battle in Castle Oblivion before the Behemoth fight should’ve been at least in the top 3…

    Edit : Hollow Bastion not castle oblivion >.>

  8. Dragonmidnight Says:

    I thought that Axel in Kingdom Hearts COM Re the second confrontation was pretty hard especially his chakrams missiles..You can’t really avoid them as they follow and target you in every direction even though you fly to avoid them. He was a really hard boss.I am surprised that  Xaldin wasn’t on the list as well. He was pretty hard himself especially since if he wasn’t Mickey wouldn’t have had to help you if you lose.

    Demyx was hard, but in Kh2 FM he is alot harder. I agree with Vexen being difficult as well. Glad that Marluxia was on the list as well, but I think he should of been higher on it.

    The other disney villains weren’t that hard at all for me. Sepiroth was royally hard as well.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    haha man I remember that battle of 1000 heartless. I thought it was NEVER gonna end!!! LOL. And yah, Saix and Demyx were pains too XP haha

  10. Brooke Says:

    I’m guessing this is written by a person who didn’t play 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep or Coded… You have a few good ones in here, but several of them were just “annoying” like you said. And the Jafar battle just doesn’t even need to be here, at all.

    Most of all, I just can’t believe you left out the battle in 358/2 Days where you basically reenact Deep Dive. THAT is definitely high up on my ‘epic’ list.

  11. Stella Says:

    The Aqua vs. Terra-Xehanort battle should have totally been on the list; that battle was an amazing last stance to what little hope everyone had near the end. 

  12. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    There are some pretty epic bosses in BbS (About every boss in there was good with a lot of epic ones) and Days (That flying thing in wonderland always grasped me (not to mention Xion and Riku), and for a DS game it had a lot of large, good bosses imo), but even the “secret” boss in re:coded wasn’t hard or epic if you ask me. The final boss sure was emotional, but epic? No.

  13. Gallionair Says:

    Really! No riku fight? How was that not epic. You finally find kairi but her heart is gone, and you see riku standing there. Then ensues on of the most intense and emotional battles of the series where you fight your best friend. I’m disappointed I’m this list to be honest, no xaldin, no riku, no terra-xehanort, hell all of the final birth by sleep fights deserve a place here. Especially the reveal of ventus’ face and how xehanort took over terra. I’m starting to wonder if the people who write these played the games properly

  14. Gallionair Says:

    Really! No riku fight? How was that not epic. You finally find kairi but her heart is gone, and you see riku standing there. Then ensues on of the most intense and emotional battles of the series where you fight your best friend. I’m disappointed I’m this list to be honest, no xaldin, no riku, no terra-xehanort, hell all of the final birth by sleep fights deserve a place here. Especially the reveal of ventus’ face and how xehanort took over terra. I’m starting to wonder if the people who write these played the games properly

  15. Alton603 Says:

    1000 Heartless was meh to say the least. I wanted to fight those Wyverns and Behemoths that they took out. Only a thousand Heartless of only 2 different varieties? Not very epic at all.

  16. Debenz Says:

    I didn’t see Ven’s face get revealed? and I own BBS.

  17. Debenz Says:

    Ruler of the Sky. I remember the name because it’s a badass heartless name. lol

  18. Maurice Hoek Says:

    Vanitas’s face is the one he means… Ventus’s face isn’t even covered, you can see it the first time you start up the main menu of the game. Vanitas’s face however is revealed during the 2 final fights with him in Ventus’s story. Definitly check it out!

  19. Matt Mahael Says:

    The final battle against Vanitas, playing as Ventus, when you are D-Linked with Vanitas, and after he basically broke Ventus’ dive to the heart.  That was definitely epic!

  20. John Says:

    no sepheroth fights?

  21. Linda Says:

    Um… Xaldin isn’t on here? lol

  22. cloudy Says:

    COME ON! cut the guy some slack. based on what i see no hand held games’ bosses r on the list because if it were then i would say aqua’s fight against terra/xeharnot would of been number 1 because it just doesn’t get any better then that (sorry marluxia). and no side bosses r included either because u cant exclude SEPHIROTH and who really got through all the olympus coliseum bosses…. I think the list was pretty good with the exception of the 1000 heartless (exciting and interesting but not epic) and Jafar. Xaldin and Riku should of been in those spots and if we had to put a heartless battle i would second the heartless in land of the dragons with mulan because he moved constantly and it took a while for me to hit the thing. :-(

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Second battle with Riku at Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts. When I was little I was stuck on that fight for about a year and a half.

  24. Rebecca Simons Says:

    I can’t believe Xaldin wasn’t on the list. Now that battle is HARD!!! Then again, this isn’t a list of which battles were the most challenging, it’s the list of most epic battles, so i guess in a way I can see why it wouldn’t be on there….but yea, i also wish some battles from birth by sleep and 358/2 days were on here as well.  

  25. Socks Freckles Says:

    omg, i know. but you just gotta keep attacking him and don’t let him power up before he does his all darkness move. because if he does, once he’s done with that darkness move, he never reverts back to his normal stats o.o but it’s easy now xP

  26. Socks Freckles Says:

    don’t forget the one where if you use cure magic, he cures himself too -.- but that was a bonus boss

  27. Socks Freckles Says:

    what about the riku replica fight in both chain of memories? the one after axel after destiny islands. i could never beat him in the GBA version and on the remake, it took me playing on hard mode to beat him (irony, ha) because it made me react quicker with the fights prior to him and after

    yes, i never beat chain of memories until the remake. it made me feel like a newb -.-

  28. Debenz Says:

    OMG!!!! REALLY???? I own and finished BBS last September and I didn’t see Vanitas’ face. Darn it, my game has to be glitched.

  29. Some Guy Says:

    Oogie Boogie’s Hideout was missing. Anyhoot, I think most of these battles were from Re:CoM and KH2. A bit too biased if you ask me.

  30. Raheem Palmer Says:

    im not gonna take the time to read all the comments, but im sure someone already mentioned these fights, but WHAT ABOUT THE FINAL ROXAS VS. AXEL FIGHT and the SORA VS. SEPIROTH FIGHT both being in kh2. i mean those where the most epic fights in the whole series

  31. Raheem Palmer Says:

    you mustve only played Terra’s story, he doesnt get to see Vanitas’ face

  32. Fruitbowl Wednesday Says:

    Pete on Steamboat Willie *trollface.jpg*

  33. FlyingGirl Says:

    I agree with you 100%

  34. inaheart Says:

    I couldn’t include any handhelds because I have yet to start those games. I also chose not to include any optional bosses. Once I’ve played the handhelds, I’m sure the list will change somewhat. Thanks for the comments/retweets!

  35. Debenz Says:

    I did say I finished BBS, as I would know at the beginning of the game there are 3 playable characters. lol

  36. Poop Tickler Says:

    you should. AHMA CAPITALIST

  37. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Yes, and if the Roxas vs Riku fight was somehow in KH2, it would definitely the most epic fight ever!!!

  38. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Hehe, who doesn’t get stuck on that second riku fight?

  39. Lizzie1238 Says:

    I don’t think it can be epic cuz Ventus isn’t an epic person :P
    But Vanitas is pretty awesome.

  40. Ashley Says:

    What about the Sephoroth battle in KH2? Lol

  41. Jessica Says:

    I guess you didn’t play alot of kingdom hearts games but the final xemnas battle 1000 heartless battle demyx battle saix battle were good ones. but you missed these…xion battles in KH: 358/2 days, terra’s armor battle in KH 2: final mix, the data organization battles in KH 2: final mix cause larxene was pretty damn hard, sephiroth battle can’t go wrong with that one, ven & vanitas battle KH: birth by sleep, aqua & terranort battle KH: birth by sleep, riku & roxas battle KH: 358/2 days cause that another side another story building scene is unforgettable, mystery organization member battle KH: birth by sleep final mix & aqua fighting that monster in the realm of darkness battle KH: birth by sleep final mix. those were some epic battles to me  

  42. Jessica Says:

    oh yeah how can i forget sora & roxas battle KH 2: final mix

  43. wodeyd Says:

    i dont know if this list was supposed to not contain the KH2 Final Mix battles but the fight with terra or the “lingering sentiment” after beating the game was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done in a video game ever

  44. Cheqoutwaves211 Says:

    Definitely the Ursula battle in KH1 was epic… I remember being on that boss for so long. Gotta love swimming and fighting a giant sea witch octopus who tosses lightning, sucks you up, blows bubbles, and bites at you!

  45. Justingord Says:

    The most epic battles I have ever seen in kh are : sora vs. Riku (358/2)
    1,000 heartless kh2
    And ven vs. Venitus (bbs)

  46. Justingord Says:

    Oops I meant roxas vs. Riku :0

  47. Maliciouscerberus Says:

    Aqua Vs. Terra Xehanort, Terra’s Armor Vs. Terra Xehanort, Ven Vs. Vanitas, Terra Vs. Eraquis

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