KH3D Famitsu Scans & Images/Pre-Orders/KH2 Formation Arts

KH2 Formation Arts

Several pieces of Kingdom Hearts news occurred within the last couple of days  and here is a recap of them all:

First up, we have high quality pics of Kingdom Hearts 3D from Famitsu’s site:

Second we have high quality scans of the Famitsu issue courtesy of

Third, thanks to a post on Final Fantasy Merchandise and M_Alloc’s Twitter , we have pictures of new Kingdom Hearts 2 Formation arts:

And finally, Amazon and Gamestop are taking pre-order’s for Kingdom Hearts 3D (please remember that the date and prices are placeholders may be subject to change):

Amazon KH3D Pre-order

Gamestop KH3D Pre-order

Source: KH13, M_Alloc, Famitsu, Final Fantasy Merchandise

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  1. Daydrianlewis Says:

    We need a Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku playarts. Oh, and playarts for the main characters of Birth By Sleep as well.

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