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Kingdom Hearts III

As previously reported, Tetsuya Nomura was scheduled to appear in Conversation with Creators interview to discuss Kingdom Hearts III. The interview is in Japanese but soon we will provide translations on what Nomura discusses in the interview. You can watch it below:

The lovely SQEXGAL has taken the time to do a translated detailed summary of what Nomura was discussing about Kingdom Hearts III:

-KH3 will be the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga.

-Since it’s a return to consoles, which have a less limiting field of view, Nomura wants you to feel the depth capabilities in the new trailer

-KH is a game with developing action, every game takes it a step further, different challenges and bold new systems.

-He wants to keep all the different systems in mind when developing a system that stays in line with KH1 and KH2

-Sora’s movements have been upgraded, he’s much more fluid. They’re at an early stage of development so ideas of what kind of elements are up in the air. But he wants to balance RPG elements with action too.

-Since PS4 has the capabilities, he wants to make use of all the field space and take on large numbers of enemies.

-He’s considering an interactive field space, like rocks crumbling as you scale a mountainside, and enemies being able to climb too

-He wants to power up the AI, instead of having them all repeat the same programmed actions like in KH, enemies and partner AI alike

-Like in a FF title, you direct Donald and Goofy and they do what you say, but Nomura wants their personalities to reflect in their actions

-Since this is the first numbered title to cross into next gen, you can really feel the evolution of the series.

-Concerning graphics, he’s aiming for a photo realistic representation combined with a tone of each Disney world

-Can’t say what worlds will be coming to KH3 yet.

-There are many that haven’t been used yet, and those that repeat will take place in different locations

-When asked if KH3 will make use of Dual Shock 4, Nomura responds that KH3′s development isn’t as far as FF15′s, still deciding things

-When asked about corresponding features with tablet and PS Vita, Nomura says of course he’s considering external device correspondance, But he’s still considering ideas at the moment

-While the PS4 offers a lot of possibilities, there are a lot of things to worry about too. But he wants to put in as many elements as he can

-When asked what he thought of the PS4, Nomura jokingly said he thought it was overkill.

-When asked if the FF15 and KH3 teams effect one another, he says that seeing what each other is doing inspires them to work harder

-When asked if something will happen after the conclusion of the Dark Seeker Saga, Nomura said: It’s a Disney title too, so he can only speak for himself, but he does ideas for characters and developments that take place afterward. Maybe sometime there will be a chance to talk about that, but for now the focus is on developing KH3 to completion.

-He wants to put out KH3 quickly.

-Lastly, as a message to fans, he says that the power of expression has surpassed the past titles and that the play depth is greater. Everyone is working their hardest so that fans can get their hands on it quickly, so please look forward to future developments.

13 Responses to “Conversation With Creators – Tetsuya Nomura Interview on KH3”

  1. Sora Hermanni Seiwell Says:

    Beautiful. Im glad to know he wants to continue to make improvements! :)

  2. Cody Stinton Says:

    Please have some Sora x Kairi scenes at least a kiss

  3. matsschau Says:

    no. that would ruin what the game based upon. This game is about friendship between three good friends! not love between two of them. This is my opinion anyways.

  4. matsschau Says:

    Omg! I am fanboying to the limit right now! :D

  5. Zelvi Says:

    Actually, its obvious that there was some romance elements between Sora and Kairi. I think it would just make the game even better if they focused more on it.

  6. Ian Manning Says:

    When I activated the Translation setting on the video, it came up with random bits of food and unfinished sentences. WTF JAPAN?!!

  7. Rawr Says:

    truthfully it’s a yaoi between Sora and Riku.

  8. Matt Says:

    WHAT! That wouldn’t ruin it. It is true that the game is centered around friendship, but that doesn’t mean they can’t branch out, because they already have.

    Topics like betrayal and redemption, case and point Riku, have already come up in Kingdom Hearts, and that doesn’t ruin the game? No! of course not it only makes it better, and more relatable.

    Adding love to the game will only add to the game, and not harm but rather help the overall theme of friendship.

    Not to mention it already exists in the game series. Not just with Disney characters, but also with Sora and Kairi specifically.

    There is no reason to restrict the characters from being more human without infringing on the main theme of the series.

    That said I don’t think they will be kissing in the next game, if the series continues afterwards with the same characters. If not they might.

  9. Matt Says:

    I have several expectations for this game. In some ways that they have failed in the past.

    1.) Develop Kairi’s character! She plays a fairly major role in the series, but has so little screen time most of her personality is up in the air. If you really think about it you don’t know much about her. Other than that she is friends of Sora and Riku.

    Which is why it was a relief to me to see at the end of Dream Drop Distance that she was going to be trained to use the keyblade.

    It would be awesome if Sora, Riku, and Kairi were all playable characters, but not to be confused with my expectations with the game. Considering that a couple games have already done this in the series I don’t think it is unlikely. Those games being Chain of memories, birth by sleep, and dream drop distance.

    Of course they haven’t done it on a main console system, at least for a game that originally appeared on it, so it excludes chain of memories.

    2.) Better AI

    Nomura stated he wanted to fix this so I am not concerned that it won’t be done like my first expectation. It is really easy to beat an enemy who repeats their moves over and over again. It would be much more interesting to see an AI capable of switching up their pattern.

    3.) Better teammates
    Face it Donald and Goofy are woefully inadequate in battle. This may be grouped in with the battle AI, but this issue goes much deeper. Donald and Goofy are fairly static in the battle skills. They don’t improve much through the games, and to put it bluntly their battle styles are awful.

    I hope in KH3 that you can look at your teammate and say this potion I am giving you will be worth it.

    4.) The use of the PS4′s hardware. Obviously the PS4 is a HUGE upgrade compared to any system they have made a game before in the past. The 3DS, PSP, PS2, don’t even come close to the power of the PS4 system. I am hoping that they manage to use these resources to make a great game.

    This meaning HD graphics, realistic facial expressions, and body movements. I don’t mean the graphics need to be super realistic I am a fan of the current art style, but improving on these things would be a great addition to the game.

    Do you think I am asking for too much? I really don’t.

  10. matsschau Says:

    When you say that all should be a playable character, do you mean three different stories like in BBS or that you can switch in-game?

  11. Matt Says:

    That is really up to them it is dependent on how their adventures are set up. Switching in game would only make sense if they are travelling together. It is just that games like DDD and BBS we are no longer playing as just one character. I think it would be better if that continued. I don’t think I am a huge fan of the drop system so that certain mechanic I don’t think should continue.

  12. Chris Collins Says:

    I think its good to see in KH3 a romance scene like Yuna and Tidus in FFX but with Sora and Kairi only a kiss pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! All the fans need the kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! (okay not all the fans but a lot of them)
    PD: Sorry for my english im spanish

  13. Isaac Says:

    Sick and tired of Riki and Sora friendship crap!

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