Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Site Now Live!

Kingdom Hearts III

“Official Site” may be a bit pushing it, but regardless the official teaser page has gone live!  In addition to a high quality render of the gorgeous Kingdom Hearts III logo, only previously imagined in fake mock-ups and crappy spam advertisements, there is a HD version of the E3 teaser for your high quality viewing pleasure!  Because you’re VIP, and that’s how winners roll.


Kingdom Hearts III HD Trailer (Japanese)

4 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Site Now Live!”

  1. Yuminko Says:

    Will be Kingdom Heart III on Ps3, too?

  2. FlurryofDancingFlames Says:

    I don’t think so. It’s going to be on PS4 and Xbox 1..

  3. Yuminko Says:

    Yeah.. the PS4 appears at the end of this year…but i think that released on PS3 it’s get more famous or so :)
    I want this game for PS3. That’s unfair :D

  4. j kassil Says:

    by the time it’s released most people will probably have already purchased a ps4 and if they haven’t the price will probably have already been cut drastically

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