Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer (HD) & Announcement

Kingdom Hearts 3 Announced!

Kingdom Hearts III is Announced!!

That’s right! You’ve heard that right folks! Tetsuya Nomura had a special taped messaged for the E3 2013 Sony Press Conference and in there he showed us a short teaser trailer look at Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s currently in development for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One (no release date announced).

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

Official Poster & Pre-Order Box Art

Here is an image of a KH3 poster shown at the event.


Thanks to Nova Crystallis for the image!

UPDATE 3: Plus, high quality images of the KH3 logo and concept box art for the PS4 and Xbox One!





51 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer (HD) & Announcement”

  1. Ashley Sonya Xiong Says:


  2. Ashley Sonya Xiong Says:


  3. Imakehitzchris Chemist Cobb Says:

    what did you see!!!!?

  4. TeamCypher Says:


  5. TeamCypher Says:

    Not that much really. Like Sora riding a wave of heartless in Twilight Town

  6. Shawn Says:

    ps4 WTF. WHAT happened to ps3? still pumped though!

  7. Jed Says:

    My heart skipped a beat and I literally started crying once I saw the title card

  8. Lawstudent Says:

    When I read this I was sitting in my university’s law library, “studying” for an upcoming law exam. Needless to say, my fellow law peers where not to enthused when they heard screams of joy echoing throughout the library!! This has made a dishevelled uni student’s day! Thank you Tetsuya Nomura! Finally… Kingdom Hearts 3!

  9. Alex Says:

  10. Danielle Stahl Says:

    WHY?!?! Why for PS 4!!!!?!!! T-T

  11. EmperorDragon Says:

    And Sony just won, hands down ^_^

  12. Alejandro Machado R. Says:


  13. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    And that’s why it’s called a tech demo.

  14. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    Looks like this game won’t come out until 2015.

  15. Thea Larson Says:

    Console Wars: decided. PS4 is go!

  16. Webber Says:

    Very very likely not. From the gameplay bit, it’s REALLY rough around the edges.

  17. Christine Kappel Says:

    Hearing that music and seeing the new footage not only got me crying hysterically and my arms flailing, but it sorta restored my faith in square enix. Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite game series and though I’ve played every single game, I vowed never to give square any more of my money until kh3 because the whole 1.5 deal just seems like a slap in the face. Still not buyin 1.5, but this trailer really made my day and I have full faith in Nomura and the team to make kh3 the best game on the ps4, and to end the Xehanort saga in a great way. *fangirl* <3

  18. readmynick Says:

    The king is back baby!!!!!

  19. django Says:

    Kingdom hearts holds a special place in all our hearts it’s going to be magic just like the first

  20. sol Says:

    because.. it all started on the playstation and will stay that way forever? xbox isn’t even close to being worthy of this beautiful game series anyways.

  21. Adam Says:

    Which means I don’t have to worry about buying a PS4 until then.

  22. Demarrio Jevaul Johnson Says:

    Calling 1.5 a slap in the face is pushing it. Plus where getting Final Mix outside of Japan, which is a big deal, and a huge treat for KH fans. But if you don’t care for HD Collections in general, that’s fine.

  23. Adam Says:

    Except the awesome 3DS game… No surprise that there will never be a Vita game, as only 2.2 million Vita’s have been sold, as opposed to 35.5 million 3DS’s, even though it came out a year later.

  24. Raixaz Says:

    O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the gameplay graphics looks so freaking beautiful!!! ( * ______ * ) They’ve really improved them!!
    I HAVE to get a PS4 now!! Along with FFXV!! ( * O * )

  25. Dresden Says:

    I began to weep when I saw (DISNEY) after Tetsuya said “here’s another sneak peak, enjoy” (I’m paraphrasing). But I had my hand to my mouth and tears started streaming. I’m a 26 year old man.

  26. kathleen Says:

    Going t have to bye PS4.

  27. Josh Says:

    And that wa the day that Microsoft lost the console war.

  28. OrigArti Says:

    It is clear from the teaser that there is a lot of work ahead for Square Enix on this title, but already to see even a small glimmer of what we’re going to expect is very, very exciting! All the months and years of waiting have paid off in every way in a matter of just 1 minute!!

  29. Derrick Floyd Says:

    the struggle is over my friends!

  30. Trev Mook Says:

    Looks amazing

  31. guest Says:

    I thought E3 might suck this year. And you can guess why I admit I can be wrong.

  32. Eric Says:

    Did you not read the post? KH3 will also be on the Xbox One.

  33. arifever Says:

    if its coming out on the xbox one, then itll surely be on pc aswell right?! i really sure hope so

  34. Tld828 Says:

    I Really Hope this Comes to the PS3

  35. Rolf Says:

    Why is it not coming to PC? That is all that matters.

  36. niko bellic Says:

    why does it have to be on ps4! why cant it be on ps3! why cant it be on the odd playstation! not the even ones!

  37. KisforKMo Says:

    Today has been such an exciting day for me! Two of my favorite game franchises are back in action (Kingdom Hearts and Super Smash Bros… I like inter-company crossovers, so sue me.)

    I might just have to be the voice of dissent on this one (I smell a guest blog coming) but it’s a GOOD thing this is going to be on the next generation consoles. We haven’t had a KH game made for a current generation system since KH2 and that was near the end of the console’s lifespan. Sure, we’ve had current generation handheld games, but those are always more limited in both graphics and scope.

    This SMALL preview of what KH3 can accomplish on the next generation is AMAZING. The graphics look like a huge step forward and the gameplay looks even richer. And imagine how much content they can bring to this one that hasn’t been possible in a long time. We could have several more worlds/characters/features than we’re used to this time around. All in dazzling HD graphics.

    This is WORTH buying a next generation console for Plus it’s a few years away anyway, which means by the time it comes out there won’t be much of a PS3 system left for it anyway. It pretty much HAS to be a next generation game at this point. It IS kind of silly that they skipped the PS3/X360 generation, but it’s also silly to go backwards when this series desperately needs to move forward.

  38. Zale1521 Says:

    Kinda hope it ends up on WiiU as well…mainly because I dont wanna shell out another 500 bucks for a PS4 or XB1 :/ oh well, just wait a few years for the price to drop haha!

  39. gearsfan2254 Says:

    best minute twenty eight of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ahmad farid Says:

    Its so beautiful T.T must save money for ps4

  41. No1554ify Says:

    Its so beautiful T.T MUST SAVE MONEY FOR PS4 N KH3

  42. No1554ify Says:


  43. loco_loco Says:

    For PC, seems like users will only get Kingdom Hearts chi. But, I don’t know whether it will be released for international or Japan only.

  44. loco_loco Says:

    My only question is: What if Kingdom Hearts III featuring characters from Marvel and Lucas?

  45. Fred Says:

    It’s not even exclusive to ps4 it seems …

  46. Lex Says:

    *MULTIPLE REPETITIVE FANGASIMS* There is nothing my girlfriend could do to me that could ever compare to the happiness I am feeling from this video.

  47. TLoZKHTWEWY759 Says:

    New Zelda AND New Kingdom Hearts? TAKE MY RUPPES AND MUNNY!!!

  48. Alon Says:

    I bought PS3 two months ago and for what? I

  49. Matt Kugelman Says:

    I can not wait for this game I just hope they’ll put in the toy story world this time or put themin my kingdom hearts game.

  50. Gira Says:

    or having a batlle with Darth Vader…

  51. loco_loco Says:

    That’s interesting one. Sora with lightsaber-like Keyblade and has the power of Jedi.

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