Kingdom Hearts 3 to be developed by the Osaka Team!

Kingdom Hearts III

Due to the original Kingdom Hearts team and Tetsuya Nomura being hard at work on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III is not being worked on by them.

Instead, Square Enix revealed at the Q&A this morning that the Osaka studio shall be working on the project! The Osaka team has worked on other past Kingdom Hearts titles, such as Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix.

Square has also confirmed that both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will be making use of Direct X 11.

Source: Siliconera

6 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3 to be developed by the Osaka Team!”

  1. Diomedes Daemonslayer Says:

    Can closer followers of Square Enix elaborate on this?

  2. Pissed Says:

    Oh for crying out loud. The original Kingdom Hearts was iconic! The original team should work on it.

  3. May Says:

    Well, at least we’re getting a KH3.
    BBS and 3D were beautiful!

  4. Tri Says:

    pretty sure the original team is working on FF XV…

  5. jake Says:

    I actually agree. BBS felt a bit hallow and short outside the main story. And 3d felt ironically flat.

  6. Tanoichi Says:

    Will Square enix / Nomura team actually help them out once there done with FF XV?

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