Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Summary from D23 Expo

Kingdom Hearts III

As you probably all heard by now that during Japan’s first ever D23 Expo, during the Kingdom Hearts panel, series director Tetsuya Nomura showed a new trailer to all the lucky chosen participants!

Unfortunately there were no photography or recordings during the event itself and while it’s currently unknown if and when Square Enix and/or Disney will upload this video but for now we do have a full trailer summary thanks to aibo_ac7 who attended the event, also big thanks to the lovely and wonderful SQEXGAL for taking the time to translate her summary as well as tweets from other participants as well!

The list was compiled thanks to

- The new KH3 trailer shows something like attractions, a train summon like the electrical parade? Also fighting the Rock titan.

- Movements on screen are really dynamic. Just as beautiful as expected for the PS4.

- I also noticed a scene where it looked like a Keyblade variation where Sora dual shooting 2 guns.

- Sora’s new attack! Disney attractions! In the new trailer, you see the pirate ship from Peter Pan, but it’s lit up like in the Electrical Parade!

- Fighting Heartless and the Rock Titan in Traverse Town. Sora is in front of the electrical parade attraction like boat, attacking. The Rock Titan line gradually appears in front of the electric parade coaster. It seems to attack by spinning around the Titan.

- They already said that KH3 uses an exclusive tool called Kingdom Shader, but seeing it, it’s really amazing! Sora’s hair sways naturally, his expression is soft and realistic, his caricature is portrayed beautifully. I want this trailer to be released immediately!

- On the scene where Sora wields 2 guns, it seems that the guns are related to an attraction with the little green men. リトルグリーンメン is what the little green men in Toy Story are called officially in Japanese, so maybe we have Toy Story confirmed. Maybe.

- It goes without saying that the action is great, but even flames appear really realistic! I can’t wait to see what the magic will look like from here on out!

- The special attraction attack used against Rock Titan is the Electric Parade like roller coaster you can ride! It looks a lot like the Big Thunder Mountain attraction from Disneyland. Donald and Goofy are secured by the safety bar, lol.

- Also, there was a scene where the Keyblade transformed into 2 guns.

- The KH3 trailer we’ve been waiting for centered on a battle scene with Sora Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town. It looked like Sora was using Aqua’s Magic Wish command style. Lastly, the Keyblade separated and was held in both hands, shooting balls of light.

- Then the scene changes and we see Sora operating a boat like in an amusement park. Probably Peter Pan. It looks like the night version of the float that Peter Pan rides in the Disneyland Jubilation parade.

- The next scene looks like Big Thunder Mountain from Disneyland. You attack while riding on top of a shining coaster as the tracks surround Rock Titan, sending him spinning. Finally, Sora and co get off the coaster as it crashes into the Titan.

- This trailer seems to show practical in game footage judging by the movement conditions. The motif this time was the attractions of Disney. The latest KH3 trailer was only battle scenes that confirm the appearance of Sora and Riku. Look forward to Roxas, Ven, and the rest from here on out.

- The compilation trailer shows memorable scenes. Lastly the line “To you, wherever you are in this world”, followed by Keyblade/key confetti.

– The compilation trailer included flashback scenes of hugs, handshakes, arm grabs, Keyblade succession, head pats, etc. Very heartwarming. Xion, Namine, and Vanitas also appeared.

Here is the translation of aibo_ac7′s/FF-Reunion trailer report:

“The KH3 trailer was composed of battle scenes. The first scene is Traverse Town fighting Heartless, where Sora jumps up and unleashes a homing fire attack?! The Keyblade changes into something that shoots a repeated fire barrage! Next the lighted boat attraction (Peter Pan’s boat) is shown swaying back and forth, Sora Goofy and Donald are in the front of the boat. (Donald is strapped in by the safety bar). They attack the enemy while they sway in the boat. In the Rock Titan battle, the Big Thunder Mountain type attraction proceeds forward, the coaster tracks gradually appearing. It seems to attack as it surrounds the Rock Titan. (According to other reports, the Big Thunder Mountain skill logo was shown with a gauge.) According to Nomura, what’s shown in the trailer is already the kind of play that’s possible. “

Source: SQEXGAL, aibo_ac7, FF-Reunion, KH13, usamasuku, MelaXas, Master_goof,

30 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Summary from D23 Expo”

  1. Ruwan Heggelman Says:

    YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!

  2. coukno . Says:

    Soo much win!

  3. Aqua Says:

    I need to see this trailer. >.<

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Rock Titan again? With the new eighth-gen graphical capability, it’d be cool to see the Lava or Wind Titans.

    But yeah, trailer! WHOO!! PLEEEAAASE let there be a Wreck-It Ralph world in the game! I’ll die if there isn’t! …Of course, I’ll also die if there is, as it would cause me to literally explode with joy.

  5. EX+ Says:

    I’ve been digging around the net and I can’t find jack.

  6. Madridista0708 Says:

    Omg this game is gonna be epic! Doesnt Kairi get a keyblade in kh2? I seem to remember that >.< is she gonna come out in number three with sora and riku as keyblade weilders? IF so it would be sooooo cool!!!!

  7. Sora Hermanni Seiwell Says:

    im crying this sounds amazing. before i read the rest it sounded like we were going to go to disney world park and fight (but obv not) wouldve been cool :) Kinda bored with the rock titan though D:

  8. Platitude Says:

    So sounds like there will be a DisneyWorld world?

  9. Drace Says:

    A Wreck-It Ralph world would be so awesome! And of course I’d like to see Pixar worlds in it (mostly Wall-E and Monster’s Inc… and Toy Story, but please not Andy’s room and Sora is an action figure or something. Make it a western style Toy Town kinda like from the Toy Story 3 video game!)
    But I’m more desperate to see some worlds of the remaining classics, like Atlantis, the Treasure Planet and Jungle Book.
    And seriously, why not incorperating other disney medias, like TV-shows. Make it unique Disney universe, without any boarders! Classic ones like the Gummi Bears, for example. But I would also love to see Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls, or Phineas and Ferb as cameos. They could be summons or run shops in Traverse Town, or something.
    And please… bring back Xion!!!

  10. goodridge_chad Says:

    I was with you until you started mentioning tv shows…hell no, KH works better as cinematic experiences with widely revered characters from the disney renaissance.

  11. j kassil Says:


  12. j kassil Says:

    naw dude, i wanna see pizza planet

  13. j kassil Says:

    only one that might work is gravity falls but that show is the exception to many a rule

  14. doctorpope181 Says:

    I’d love to see this trailer at Jump Festa in December :D

  15. khmasterx Says:

    oh my god i wanna see this so bad.

  16. Aqua Says:

    Aww, yeah I didn’t think it’d be easy, But it’s going live in like 3 hours, so there’s that. :D

  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. :) Says:

    for the kiddies who couldnt find the trailer:

    hf :)

  19. Drace Says:

    Nah, border-thinking again! Why not TV-Shows? Some characters of Disneys animated shows are easily as popular and iconic as characters from feature movies, if not more! Phineas and Ferb for example widely known. I’ve read, Disney executives even say they are for today’s generation of children what Mickey, Donald and Goofy were in the last century. Don’t underestimate that!
    Many people just can’t give new ideas a chance and just stick to the things they know. Kingdom Hearts once evolved its own concept with incorperating life-action movies, like Pirates Of The Caribean (many fans couldn’t believe that beforehand) and they do once again with using Disneyland attractions. If the creatives at Square would only stick to the Disney Renaissance, like you want them to, they would only have very limited possibilities.
    (And btw: You know, the Disney Renaissance started with “The Little Mermaid” (1989) and ended with “Dinosaur” (2000)… so that would exclude iconic characters such as Stitch, Wreck-It Ralph, Jack Sparrow, Tron, Snow White, the Dwarves, Cinderella, Maleficant, Pinocchio, Alice, Yen Sid… You really want that?)
    Thinking only in not’s is THE creativity killer, pal.

  20. Drace Says:

    Let me guess! You make Gravity Falls an exception, because it’s the only show you like, am I right? ;)

  21. Drace Says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the final battle would take place at Disney World? I mean, what do you think where our worlds keyhole is hidden? ;)

  22. j kassil Says:

    actually not so much. i don’t mind phineas and ferb and when it first came out i really liked it. I’ve just grown weary of how repetitive its structure has become. I think Gravity Falls shares a degree of spirit with KH, and that is that every episode is new and full of discovery. A running thing is also friendship. Gravity Falls is also more accessible to older teens and college students, and that’s the demographic of the original KH fans so GF is a pretty good fit since they said they want to move and mature with the original fan base. I’m not saying I want to see gravity falls in KH3, just saying i wouldn’t be upset by it

  23. goodridge_chad Says:

    Actually no, the disney renaissance was re-ignited in 2009 with a little movie called “The Princess and The Frog” ever since then, movies like Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, Wreck-it-Ralph,etc. are breathing new life into the Disney animation. I don’t want these half-ass tv shows mixed into the KH universe just for the sake of their popularity.

    The only tv shows that would make sense in the KH universe is shows like Duck Tales, Gargoyles, Talespin, Darkwing Duck etc. More importantly tv shows that expand on the already established universe like Tron: Uprising,The Legend Of Tarzan, Hercules, Aladdin makes more sense. Not everything Disney oriented is good for the game, especially from a story driven series like KH.

    The reason why worlds like “Pirates of the Carribbean” work is because it has a rich mythology that can co-exist with the KH world, same thing with Tron. I’m not saying that these shows are bad, I’m saying their bad for KH. What we really need is some Final Fantasy worlds and elements, is that not what sold people in the first place? I love Disney as much as the next guy but lets show the Final Fantasy franchise some love too.

  24. Drace Says:

    Re-ignited? Seriously? Then you know more the rest of the internet does (including the official disney wiki). Sorry, to dissappoint you, but the Renaissance was the dawn after a long dark period caused by Walt’s death and the almost bankruptcy of his entire company. It ended after the company stabilized and since then it just went high and higher (hence why it’s called a renaissance).
    You can’t just say that it’s another renaissance, only because the movies suddenly became better after a few years. That would be only your personal opinion. “The Princess and the frog” was an experiment that failed, by the way. Currently, there are no hand-drawn animated movies in the works. (Stated by Bob Iger.)
    Okay, I figure now you don’t want the shows in the game, because you don’t like them and not because they are really impossible to work. (Because that’s really short-sighted.) It’s interesting how you are totally against the incorperation of TV-shows in one moment, and then, of course, there are some of your favourites that are total exceptions. So, please don’t tell me Phineas and Ferb would be bad for Kingdom Hearts. How could they be bad? Just as summons with their baseball guns or their robot dog stomping down heartless. Or as shop keepers, selling items to the player. Yeah, so much could go wrong. XD
    Deep mythology, that can co-exist with Kingdom Hearts… so, like Chicken Little? XD
    I think, the last thing we need in Kingdom Hearts is even more Final Fantasy. I mean, a few cameos and optional battles, like before are okay, but more characters and even worlds? Why even bothering calling it Kingdom Hearts then? What sold me to these games is this huge Disney Universe and I want it to expand, instead of locking it in a box.

  25. goodridge_chad Says:

    I can see you comepletely miss interpreted everything I said to fit your liking, eh? When we’re talking about Disney Renaissance, you know I’m talking about Walt Disney Animation right? The one behind movies like Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph. We are in a post renaissance because everything after 2009 have been critically acclaimed animated movies. Princess and the Frog did decent far from a fail.

    “It’s interesting how you are totally against the incorperation of TV-shows in one moment, and then, of course, there are some of your favourites that are total exceptions”.

    Once again you fail to see the point I was making, Scrooge McDuck and donalds trio of nephews where in KH, inspired mostly by the tv show known as “DuckTales” (fact!). The characters portrayed in the game were taken directly from a recent iteration (which was the tv show). They could do that because it fit well within the game and made sense. I didn’t choose “favorites” I chose shows that made sense given the context. I didn’t contradict anything, I DONT want tv shows in KH period!

    Why the hell are you talking about chicken little? You totally misconstrued what I said when I mentioned Pirates of the Carribbean. I’m here talking about worlds, and you go to the far left talking about summons? lol WTF? Seeing as how PotC has been around for decades and inspired by the theme park ride (just like these theme park attractions in KH3) it was fitting to have a hallmark franchise like that in the KH universe.

    If it was left to me, I’d have Treasure planet, Atlantis, Rescuers Down Under, Emperors New Groove, and Jungle Book as additional worlds. And have Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph), Sully (Monsters Inc), and Woody & Buzz as summons. The vision I have for this game is different then yours, but hopefully we can both enjoy it once KH3 releases :)

  26. Drace Says:

    AAAH! Here we have the point were we’re at cross purposes:

    “I’m here talking about worlds, and you go to the far left talking about summons? lol WTF?”
    And now read my first comment again:

    “But I would also love to see Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls, or Phineas and Ferb as cameos. They could be summons or run shops in Traverse Town, or something.”
    See? I talked about minor character appearance, no definite worlds. No, Danville as a world couldn’t work. I give you that. But neither could the world of 101 Dalmatians (which is just London), but yet, they still found a way to incorperate them in the games. They even put Chicken Little in it (who originated from the worst animated movie I’ve ever seen!) So, why not Phineas and Ferb?

  27. Drace Says:

    I agree with you that Phineas and Ferb has a repetitive structure, but actually, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing the way they do it. They like playing around with it. The show is full of running gags. That’s why I love it! XD
    And yes, GF is far more story-based. P&F never wanted to do that. That’s just comedy, but still the boys (and Perry) have that hero feel. Just watch Across the 2nd dimension.
    What’s not true, is that GF is more accessible to older teens. I mean, it is. But Phineas and Ferb has a huge teen and adult-fanbase too and I guess it’s even bigger. (I’m 23 for example and my friends and I like watching it together.) Just go on youtube and watch some PnF-related videos and read the comments.^^

  28. j kassil Says:

    I never meant that PnF wasn’t widely accessible to adults, i still catch up on it occasionally myself so of course i think it has accessibility. I mean to say that GF is practically no less than directed at an older audience. I also think the cast size is more similar to that of the previous KH worlds, only maybe two to three central characters while PnF has Perry, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Baljeet, and the list goes on. I can see what you mean with PnF as a summon but i dunno, i just couldn’t take it seriously while playing, I realize that’s a personal thing but what I like about previous KH games is that the worlds and summons (with perhaps the exception of Chicken Little) were time tested classics. the more recent ones being stitch and pirates but PotC came out in 03 and has a rich history as a disneyland/world ride to back it up and LnS came out the same year as KH1 and they didn’t end up making it a world until 2010. So i’m pretty hesitant about anything recent. But i think my biggest concern is the tone/mood of the game. My two favorites in the series so far are KH1 and BBS and i really want that feel to it. I think the problem is once hallow bastion was reverted to radiant garden, you can’t get that old ruined motif back, similar to the empire in Star Wars, that’s why the prequels felt so different visually

    as a side note, i also think PnF as a tv show already has this sense of worldliness, there have been oodles of cross overs in the series already and i think when it gets so frequent it harms the validity. I enjoy cross overs because they should be a treat/surprise and I feel engorged on them when watching PnF (or reading modern comic books oof)

  29. goodridge_chad Says:

    Okay, why not? Summons could work.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Well, it has been heavily implied that that will be the case, especially given the secret ending of Dream Drop Distance.

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