New Tetsuya Nomura Interview from Famitsu, Talks Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III

Tetsuya Nomura was set to be interviewed in the newest issue of Famitsu magazine to discuss Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. What we didn’t know, Nomura had something to say about Kingdom Hearts 3 as well!

The summary of the Kingdom Hearts 3 info was made available by the hokanko-alt blog and it was translated by Zephyr of KH Insider:

-It was reported that Co-Director Tai Yasue’s remarks about Frozen being in KINGDOM HEARTS III was miscommunicated and in some cases especially the overseas audience.

-In the new worlds for KINGDOM HEARTS III, the intensity in battles have been increased to be more difficult.

-The conversation between the two mysterious figures is at least 2 minutes long or more.

-Between KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX and KINGDOM HEARTS III, we would like expand more on KINGDOM HEARTS chi during that time.

-The storyline for KINGDOM HEARTS III and KINGDOM HEARTS chi are being written simultaneously and closely associated with each other.

-About KINGDOM HEARTS 3D, concerning the HD version, there are no plans for it to make the transition.

-KINGDOM HEARTS III is progressing steadily on schedule.

-We are experiencing difficulties regarding the engine, so instead will be proceeding with scenario writing and world selections. We have also created new costumes for Sora and Riku.

-Concerning Osaka’s development with Sora, if his stats are very high, he seems to be invincible or unrivaled. (Ultimate stats)

-The Keyblade has transformation variations that are approached like the Keyblades in Birth by Sleep.

-Although there are various other things planned other than KINGDOM HEARTS III, there is currently a lot to offer and so forth.

We will post the full interview once it’s made available but for now enjoy some new Kingdom Hearts 3 information!

Source: Hokanko Blog, KH Insider

4 Responses to “New Tetsuya Nomura Interview from Famitsu, Talks Kingdom Hearts 3”

  1. Aphelion Says:


  2. steve Says:

    Two mysterious figures? Is he referring to that lousy trailer they showed not too long ago?

  3. Drace Says:

    No, he’s referring to the regular teaser they showed not too long ago.

  4. toddstone230 Says:

    If they still don’t have any plans for dream drop, then wat was the point of that trailer showing a snippet of sora, young xehanort with vanitas, and master xehanort? And does this mean that keyblade gliders from bbs are a possibility in kh3? And kudos for sora and riku getting new outfits

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