Nomura to Discuss Kingdom Hearts III in Playstation 4 Conversations with Creators Video

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura will be featured in Sony’s Playstation 4 Conversations with Creator’s video to discuss Kingdom Hearts III.

During Tokyo Game Show 2013, Nomura was featured in a similar video but there he discussed a tiny bit on Final Fantasy XV. What Nomura will way about Kingdom Hearts III is anyone’s guess but hopefully it’ll contain some new information.

The video is to be released in October 2013. We will keep you updated on when the video will be released.

Source: aibo_ac7

13 Responses to “Nomura to Discuss Kingdom Hearts III in Playstation 4 Conversations with Creators Video”

  1. Megabuster Says:

    Would rather want info on KH 2.5

  2. Toddstone230 Says:

    Im excited for kh3 and all but i agree with u. i want new info but not too much. he already told us the story arc of it and i want all lot of things to surprise me in hopefully he mainy talks bout 2.5 and not alot on kh3.

  3. Rashaad Shakir Says:

    this is gonna be an awesome game :P

  4. Merilly Says:

    KH 2.5 is more of a priority for me as well, at least as of now, because it’s pretty conceivable that it well be released before KH 3. Not only would it make more sense, I would absolutely love to play KH 2 Final Mix + and the Final Mix version of Birth by Sleep before KH 3.
    But if you don’t want to be spoiled, you don’t have to read any news concerning KH 3 or watch any videos related to it. Otherwise I don’t know how you will be able to receive some new information but not too much. It’s hard to measure when information is just about right for each individual person.
    Apart from that, it’s not very likely that there will be a large quantity of new information. The game is in its early stages of development. If they would reveal too much now, they wouldn’t have anything for later.

  5. Darrin Tyler Says:

    I’m basically boycotting SquareEnix now for taking this away from us. It was SUPPOSE to be on ps3 instead originally YEARS AGO. But when they announced it for ps4 ONLY I snapped…you wouldn’t believe the rage that I had….same with VS XIII, also TAKEN away from me by CANCELING the ps3 version which it was already being developed on to begin with.

  6. Merilly Says:

    Sorry, but I cannot understand your rage at all. Okay, Versus, now XV, has been in development since 2006 or something, but Kingdom Hearts 3? Nomura already said that they couldn’t begin with development until they reached a certain point with Versus, which they now have apparently. And now that the PS 4 is coming, it is only natural that they would start developing it for the PS 4. Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be released until 2015 or 2016, if not later. When this point in time arrives, the PS 4 will be on the market for two or three years or even longer. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to be up to date then and move onto the next generation to play new games.
    Unless you’re a game developer yourself, which I’m not by the way, you should be wondering if it is realistic to demand Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PS 3, mainly because the PS 3 may not support it because of all the technical details.
    We’re not talking about an upcoming game here that could be developed for both consoles. Instead, I would be happy that they finally revealed something about KH 3. We’ve been waiting years for this announcement to be made, so instead of whining about how it won’t be for PS 3 when we don’t even have a release date in the near future, you should be happy that we got something on our hands, even if it’s just a tiny teaser.
    As for Versus, we don’t know what happened during development that caused this change of heart. But I know all too well that things don’t always go as planned. Who knows what happened? And just to remind you, as far as I know, we don’t have a release date for FF XV either.
    People should just stop complaining about every little thing. Seriously. A little bit of understanding instead of only demanding game after game. There are people working on those games, not robots. Where did the excitement from the E3 go? I don’t ask you to support everything Square Enix does. That’s not the best solution either, but please be reasonable. People are working hard to make these games and sometimes it does take way longer than expected. If you think that the console change is that drastic, then don’t buy it. But boycotting Square Enix just because you’re not getting what you want is childish.
    –Rant end.

  7. Drace Says:

    Seriously? You are mad, that Square Enix took that long to go into production of KH3, that you intend to NEVER get it, even when it’s finally finsihed? Yep, that’s totally making sense. I’m sure that will make you very happy and show Square Enix who’s the boss here. XD

  8. Toddstone230 Says:

    well i suppose even if i avoid the websites, i cant avoid the internet with all the fans spilling everything bout it.oh well.

  9. Drace Says:

    The big problems in life. XD

  10. Platitude Says:

    This is a ridiculous comment. Its certainly annoying, I will agree with anyone on that, but saying that Square was TAKING it away from you? You’ve mistaken a company for a friend. They’re a business. They don’t owe you anything.

  11. Mario Says:

    Kingdom hearts 3 is already finished and is coming out in December.

  12. keybladeweilder Says:

    one man versus the entire gaming industry… just to try and demand them in getting kh3 compatible for the PS3. I’m sorry, this doesn’t make any sense =. why waste time boycotting them? Yes it’s been long and it got us fans mad and yes that it should’ve been for the PS3, but game developers have been working really hard on making the game. You should appreciate their hardwork and effort in making the KH series awesome for us fans. They been planned to make the game from the start but it all depends on how FFXV progresses first with it’s action, gameplay, battle sequences, graphics and stuff. Aside from XV, They couldn’t even be able to hurry on up confirming disney-based worlds yet for KHIII because according to one of the articles about the interview, Nomura said that he has to get Disney’s permission first for what he can be allowed to use for the game as Disney recently own Marvel studios and LucasArts (sadly they got rid of the company name LucasArts…sad face) Anyway, just keep supporting them and wait than complaining. if the game comes out later 2013, 2014 or any year further, at least that gives you lots of time to buy yourself a PS4. Enjoy 1.5 remix in the meantime during the wait, because that’s at least what they can give us for now (hopefully for 2.5hd remix to come out for PS3 as well). If you have pre-ordered KH3 online long time ago, then don’t worry about it (as long as the company you pre-ordered the game from, updated their information about the game being released for only the PS4 and XBOne) =P. May I also state the fact that you’re not the president, founder or whatever of SE? Can’t have everything your way. This is not Burger King =. You may have snapped about it’s change of supporting current game systems to next gen, but that anger of yours won’t last forever nor will it make SE change their minds. There’ll always be some minor issues from every gaming industry that’ll cause delays, cancellations and changes in life. don’t ever say “taken away from me” when there’s mainly thousands/millions of KH fans. the game’s not made for just you. From my opinion, it is slightly disappointing that it be out on the next gen, but I can imagine it’s style on the next gen than the PS3, which feels more awesome, also I thought about getting myself both a PS4 and XBOne along the way. I still have my PS3, but not complaining too much at all about one game nor more, so a lesson that’s best for you to learn: Accept it and get over it (Sorry, really not wanting to make an argument. I’m just being honest and telling you what I know)

  13. idonttrololol Says:

    It was never “supposed” to come out on PS3. It was EXPECTED to come out on PS3. They never made an announcement for KH3 until just recently. It would make no sense for them to release it on PS3 at this point in development. I’d rather it be a next-gen game anyway because they can make it that much more epic.

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