April Fools: Square Enix Announces Project <3 aka Kingdom Hearts 3

Project <3 = Kingdom Hearts 3

This is the news we’ve been waiting for! During the Game Developers Conference this past weekend, Square Enix held it’s own private conference. There Shinji Hashimoto announced the name of a new project they had been working on and from the looks of it, the game was confirmed to be none other than Kingdom Hearts 3!

  • It’s release will be sometime after Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
  • The game has been in production for some time.
  • The code name of the project is “Project <3”
  • Several rumored worlds to appear are Agrabah (Princes of Thieves maybe?) and Andy’s Room (Toy Story). They are currently looking into adding a couple more Pixar worlds.
  • The title will feature Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy as playable characters. Kairi is also rumored to be playable but the current aspect is unknown.
  • “Newer” Final Fantasy characters will make an appearance as cameos. (Final Fantasy XII & XIII)

Square Enix has seen tough times for years and with Yoichi Wada resigning as CEO just days before due to heavy financial losses, Square Enix has suddenly green lighted this project in attempts to turn around the business and give fans what they have been waiting for since 2006.

It is currently unknown if the game will be on PS3 or PS4 or maybe both! Though I must ask you all, which console would you prefer?

UPDATE: I hope you guys enjoyed our April Fools joke. Day in and day out we work hard in bringing you guys the latest news about the Kingdom Hearts series so we all decided to have some fun and play a prank on you guys.

We were contacted by EyesonFF about wanting to do a joint prank with other KH, FF, and general Square Enix fansites. As Kingdom Hearts 3 is something that every fan has been waiting for (us included because we are fans ourselves) and that topic seems to hit every April 1st so we couldn’t help ourselves. The full list of fansites that were contacted were KHInsider, KH World, EyesonFF, Nova Crystallis, TheFinalFantasy, KH Vids and ourselves. It was amazing experience for all of us and hopefully we can work together again in the future.

In my eyes, I see this prank as a success mainly because we seemed to wake up the Kingdom Hearts community after our hopes have fallen for any type of news on Kingdom Hearts 3. This prank was successful enough that it reached Square Enix offices, hopefully it’s a wake up call to them to hurry it up with Versus so that they can start development on the game.

So thank you to all of you who were fooled, cursed at us, said we were cruel, etc. Thanks for making this a success 😀 And maybe we’ll see you same time, next year!



Source: EyesonFF & KHVids & KHInsider