April Fools: Square Enix Announces Project <3 aka Kingdom Hearts 3

Project <3 = Kingdom Hearts 3

This is the news we’ve been waiting for! During the Game Developers Conference this past weekend, Square Enix held it’s own private conference. There Shinji Hashimoto announced the name of a new project they had been working on and from the looks of it, the game was confirmed to be none other than Kingdom Hearts 3!

  • It’s release will be sometime after Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
  • The game has been in production for some time.
  • The code name of the project is “Project <3″
  • Several rumored worlds to appear are Agrabah (Princes of Thieves maybe?) and Andy’s Room (Toy Story). They are currently looking into adding a couple more Pixar worlds.
  • The title will feature Sora, Riku, Donald, and Goofy as playable characters. Kairi is also rumored to be playable but the current aspect is unknown.
  • “Newer” Final Fantasy characters will make an appearance as cameos. (Final Fantasy XII & XIII)

Square Enix has seen tough times for years and with Yoichi Wada resigning as CEO just days before due to heavy financial losses, Square Enix has suddenly green lighted this project in attempts to turn around the business and give fans what they have been waiting for since 2006.

It is currently unknown if the game will be on PS3 or PS4 or maybe both! Though I must ask you all, which console would you prefer?

UPDATE: I hope you guys enjoyed our April Fools joke. Day in and day out we work hard in bringing you guys the latest news about the Kingdom Hearts series so we all decided to have some fun and play a prank on you guys.

We were contacted by EyesonFF about wanting to do a joint prank with other KH, FF, and general Square Enix fansites. As Kingdom Hearts 3 is something that every fan has been waiting for (us included because we are fans ourselves) and that topic seems to hit every April 1st so we couldn’t help ourselves. The full list of fansites that were contacted were KHInsider, KH World, EyesonFF, Nova Crystallis, TheFinalFantasy, KH Vids and ourselves. It was amazing experience for all of us and hopefully we can work together again in the future.

In my eyes, I see this prank as a success mainly because we seemed to wake up the Kingdom Hearts community after our hopes have fallen for any type of news on Kingdom Hearts 3. This prank was successful enough that it reached Square Enix offices, hopefully it’s a wake up call to them to hurry it up with Versus so that they can start development on the game.

So thank you to all of you who were fooled, cursed at us, said we were cruel, etc. Thanks for making this a success :D And maybe we’ll see you same time, next year!



Source: EyesonFF & KHVids & KHInsider

112 Responses to “April Fools: Square Enix Announces Project <3 aka Kingdom Hearts 3”

  1. Brooke Says:

    This is cruel if it’s an April Fools day joke guys lol. But either way I would prefer it on the PS4; quicker development as it’s easier to use and because the PS3 is outdated now.

  2. r3cebarnett Says:

    I need it on a PS2 :,( PS3 is too much money…. ugh….

  3. Tyrone Says:

    I actually fell for this but then I remembered that it is actually April fools day today. :(

  4. Jordan Hodge Says:

    This is very, very cruel if it is indeed an April Fool’s joke. Because I’m literally hyperventilating hardcore right now. XD

  5. Eraqus Says:

    :( hate april!

  6. lalalalala Says:

    i think it has to be available on both consoles, ps3 still has so much to give… and i don’t want to buy a ps4 just for one game.

  7. Alejandro Machado R. Says:

    You can’t joke with this. So much pain.

  8. Ryusuke Says:

    ಠ_ಠ *points to the door*

  9. Zeruda Says:

    The only reason I’m not doubting it too much
    Is because April Fools Day is tomorrow

  10. Mouse Says:

    I’d rather it be available for a console that I actually have… PSP, PS2, Computer, X-box 360. Some of us can’t afford to WASTE $500+ to buy a new console just to play this game because we actually have bills and rent we have to pay because we’re not living in our parent’s basement.

  11. Jade Says:

    ps3. not a lot of people will go out and buy a whole new console for one game nor will they be able to afford to do that. Don’t get me wrong having KH3 on the ps4 would be cool, but the inability to play the game because of not having the ps4 will make a lot of people/fans upset. Using different consoles/brands of consoles has been a big issue in the KH game series since they are diversely made with nintendo, the PSP, the PS2 and now either the PS3 or 4. I think it would be confusing and aggravating to make this Long awaited game on a new system. BUT I’m seriously excited for it either way <3!!!!

  12. april fools day sucks cock Says:

    fuck you

  13. Bobby Mikolajczak Says:

    PLEASE for the love of god let this be real and not an April Fool’s joke.

  14. Winton Says:

    are you in Japan or something? Cause it’s still March 31st in 99% of the world

  15. KairiKeybladeMaster Says:

    I agree that it should be on an existing console. Better yet, why not all consoles?

  16. Aria Moore Says:

    April fool isn’t until tomorrow! You guys know that! But yeah that would really suck if this was a joke considering Square Enix is in no position to joke around.

  17. RikkuRikku Says:

    Guys look at the date. No really look at the date of the post. It’s April 1rst for the person who posted it. God you guys are suckers.

  18. surakian Says:

    Actually it is more like 30% of the world is it March 31st. All of Europe and Eastern countries are April 1st right now.

  19. April Fools is for Assdicks Says:

    Why would you do such a cruel prank you assholes

  20. Demarrio Says:

    PS3, PS3,PS3,PS3!!! Having only be on PS4 would be nonsensical. I know the HD Collections coming, and don’t get me wrong, but we need a REAL title for the PS3! Why does it have to be one or the other, and not just both? Anyone that’s claiming it’s only coming to PS4 clearly buying PS4 day 1! I don’t care how downgraded it is in comparison if it comes on both, I just want the same experience.

  21. You Are A Fat Doodoo Head Says:

    U think this is a motherfucking game?

  22. Anime LovesMusic Says:

    I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 3!!^_^’ So excited!!! Make it for both PS3 AND PS4! It would be cool! :)

  23. TakeshiKun Says:

    Unfortunately Square isn’t EA.

  24. TakeshiKun Says:

    Unfortunately Square isn’t EA.

  25. Shadow Says:

    I’m pretty sure this is an April Fools joke, other websites would be exploding with the news by now, lol.

  26. Kenji Salinas Says:

    I thought they said it would be for ps3 because they said it had potential to be on there, or something like that.

  27. Christopher B. Says:

    The PS2 genre died after 2009.

  28. Christopher B. Says:

    The PS2 genre died after 2009.

  29. Bobby Mikolajczak Says:

    April 1st is not only April Fool’s Day, but the day that Square and Enix merged, so what better way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary then FINALLY announce KH3. So guys, this news HAS to be real

  30. Leon Says:

    That’s brutal if it’s April Fools.

  31. Phantom R Says:


  32. Meh Says:

    You could at least work a lil bit harder on polishing the joke. But it got people fooled anyway so I guess it’s whatever. Hope you have a better one next year.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    It should be PS3 in my option.

  34. spiderfreak1011 Says:


  35. spiderfreak1011 Says:




  36. Michael Williams Says:

    good thing its not april fools yet
    btw the Ps3 is still huge and is not going anywhere for a long time even when the ps4 is out so i prefer if its on ps3 or both cuz i dont wanna buy a 600$ system for 1 game (KH3 would be worth it tho)

  37. Michael Williams Says:

    its still MARCH!!

  38. Phantom R Says:

    http://25.media.tumblr.com/a3a6b6fecb2389931bf46952b2c79e59/tumblr_mijsydob461s395rto1_500.png It’s fake. That image is edited.

  39. You guys are idiots Says:

    “Posted in Kingdom Hearts 3 on April 1st, 2013 by Churr”

  40. Christopher B. Says:

    LOL Square Enix hasn’t even finish Final Fantasy XIII Versus and they won’t start on KH3 after that’s finished, and they’re still working on FinalFantasy XIII Lightning Returns aka Final Fantasy XIII-3. Nice Aprils Fooks joke though.

  41. WildArms Says:

    Posted in Kingdom Hearts 3 on April 1st, 2013 by Churro

  42. Riku Says:

    PS4 is where this title needs to be, im sorry some of you are too poor to even afford a PS3 but the world of technology doesnt stop just because a few people cant afford something.

  43. Sora Says:

    PS3 has already given everything it possibly could and more as 7 year old console. It’s time to retire, its sad square enix cannot make games on time these days but with the help of the PS4 they will no longer run into development challenges like they did on PS3 which means we will get Kingdom Hearts faster then ever on PS4.

  44. I hate this day Says:

    Dear god, people actually believe this. People here in America think that because its still technically March 31st that this is to be believed. No. It is April 1st in other parts of the world. Namely Europe. And that’s where this thing spawned. If it’s April 1st somewhere, it might as well be April 1st on the whole Internet. You can’t believe anything on this day, even if it comes from the horse’s mouth most of the time. And it’s easy to prey on people who have waited for something for years. Already been proven the image above was photoshopped, so stop spreading this story through the Internet like it’s true, because it’s not.

  45. Dimitri Theodosakis Says:

    This Is Evil April Fool Joke by Square Enix Don’t Belive This Till April 2 12am

  46. Christopher B. Says:

    Sorry, I meant April Fools, typing on an IPhone with only thumbs can be a little tricky.

  47. ColorfulHoudini Says:

    Well, you got me there.

  48. Okay yeah. Says:

    KH really was a joke anyways, to me. It kind of sucked in the fact that it could have been fun if it wasn’t for Donald’s gibberish and Goofy h’yuck’ing in your ear the whole damn game. That’s just my opinion, though. You guys are entitled to your own.

  49. Matheus Ribeiro Says:

    Succumb :)

  50. M Says:

    I’ve never even had the money to buy a PS3 yet. I’m tired of needing like 5 different consoles for one series of games. I love the KH world and I’d love to be able to follow it, but I don’t have that kind of money.

  51. セフィロス Says:

    I would only want it on PS4 if Versus is also on PS4.

  52. Gulliable idiots Says:

    If anyone believes this is real you’re morons. IT’S SHOPPED CAN’T YOU GUYS TELL?? I mean really, with as much research I do with KH games you can’t fool me. Especially with images I’ve already seen and searched for before.
    Try again.

  53. Anon Says:

    It’s fake. That’s fucked up, too. Shame on you, website, for giving us false hope

  54. Amber Workman Says:

    Its not a Genre? its a generation.

  55. Jemarni Farrell Says:

    both would be awesome

  56. dorkgeniuz21 Says:

    Vita ps3 & ps4

  57. dorkgeniuz21 Says:

    this could be the clip right before he presses the button to reveal the game…lol

  58. dorkgeniuz21 Says:

    wow you never got a ps3…you musta missed out on so many great games with way better graphics….

  59. Kenay Metcalfe Says:

    April fools joke….not even a good one. This literally took no effort.

  60. Dlbn Says:

    all the one-console-only games thing is really getting annoying. people can’t afford a new system every time a new game comes out.
    But I’d say PS3 or even the PSP would be better.

  61. alex Says:

    if this is legit id prefer ps3 and 360 versions

  62. Anonymous Says:

    You don’t understand how time works do you?

  63. Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns Says:


  64. Ryuhza Murphy Timmuns Says:

    The funny thing is, I’ve only ever played the first a bit at a friends place (I plan to pick up the HD rereleases though), and I’m STILL tired of waiting. I mean, they missed an ENTIRE generation! Who DOES that?

  65. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    They haven’t even started on KH Birth By Sleep Vol. 2.

  66. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    Dude it’s fake. Aprils Fools Bro.

  67. Donté Says:

    I understand your feeling bro…
    Here on Brazil it’s worse, a PS3 cost over $ 1.400
    Just imagine how will cost a PS4!

  68. DigiFox0 Says:

    Why does the internet have to be extra cruel in April? :(
    I sincerely hope that this isn’t faked but my skepticism prevents me from believing that 100%
    (For all of yous saying that it’s not April yet, look at the post date -_-)

  69. SoniCalvin Says:

    Oh, c’mon, guys. After so many spinoff games, I haven’t been holding my breath for a Kingdom Hearts III in a while. Try to come up with something less, y’know, obvious. XP

  70. Yousef Mehdi Uchiha Says:

    xbox 360 and ps3 and then re released for ps4 and next xbox

  71. Ethan Says:

    Quick question I do believe that there are 7 keybladers, information you know from KH3D and know that Donald nor Goofy will be playable.

  72. Ethan Says:

    The Keybladers will be Kairi,Sora,Kairi,Mickey,Roxas,Aqua and Ventus. Most saved by Sora by powers gained in KH3D

  73. Dave Says:

    The development of the PS4 is said not to effect the PS3 just to create a gaming experience and that it is not closing the PS3 network but adding it to the PS4 and all games will come out normally as well

  74. Ian Says:

    This site has lost any and all credibility it ever had or will ever hope to have. Congratulations!

  75. James Ian MacDonald Says:

    Oh, Churro. Shame on you.

  76. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    It’s not March everywhere… Wherever Churro’s time zone is had his post set at April 1st.

  77. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    If this post is true, we’d have to wait until Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX. So it’d probably another 3-4 years or so until the game is released, anyway. Also, plenty of people, including myself, have gone out of their way to buy a PSP, a Nintendo DS, and a Nintendo 3DS, just to keep up with the series. There is also the subject of special box sets, as well.

  78. Shadow 2007 Says:

    This better be real or else I’ll come back to the forum…..SHADOW HAS RETURNED!

  79. Cymia Noel Chantice Moss Says:

    good old AF jokes they never get old besides they like their kh symbols just the way they are so a sideways heart come on lol

  80. -__- Says:

    Couldn’t have picked another topic, huh? Had to be a KH3. Not cool guys… not cool.

  81. Vanitas Says:

    Everyone saying they’re cruel for doing this needs to just calm down. It’s really your own fault for taking any news released around April Fool’s Day seriously. Sorry if that sounds rude, but seriously, after all this time, don’t you think KH3 being officially announced on April 1st is just a tiny bit fishy?

  82. deliman11 Says:

    Wake up your fans that left? You just probably made more enemies than fans you stupid losers. How about you develop another game before you have more people from Square Enix leave you hapless clowns

  83. Strainger Says:

    There’s things you shouldn’t joke about

  84. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    makes me glad im still 15

  85. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    u said “kairi” twice…

  86. TheNina Says:

    This was too cruel a joke

  87. RAGER Says:


  88. Blazing Says:

    XBOX 360

  89. mad person Says:

    fuck u

  90. KHU Achievment: False Hope Says:

    T-T i hate you guys! Out of any game, KH3 was chosen?!?! This game was delayed for over 5 years and a LOT of ppl were having hopes of the “Project”…..no. Just no

  91. #KH3IsSerious Says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 disaproves this message as well

  92. KH3 For PS3 Says:

    I prefer kh3 on the ps3 than ps4. I’d rather not spend over $400 for only one game.

  93. Cyberman65 Says:

    Haha nice one guys. You really fooled a lot of us. XD

  94. Not Me Says:

    They didnt fool me though. Development for KH3 would’nt start during Versus 13′s development. Once that game, FFX1 and 2 HD, and KH 2.5 Remix is realeased, then KH3 will become possible :D

  95. Deathberry Says:

    No the Ps3 Was honestly never used to its real potetial.
    The only reason why they made a coming out was because its been nearly 6 years n who makes ps always done it that way. Even in alot of articles about the ps4 people put in there that the ps3 was hardly even scratched it true potential.

  96. Andre Ibrahim Says:

    fuck you lol

  97. Shane Willbanks Says:

    You fucking mother fucking fucks. How dare you.

  98. Blessyourface3 Says:

    I hate this so much! I hope whoever posted this stuff turns into a heartless! GOT IT BLOODY MEMORIZED!

  99. Your a waste Says:

    You guys are dilweeds! I’m gonna remember this website. And never touch it and discourage others from using it.

  100. xPlay Says:

    lol I’ve taken shits with better graphics than that pile of garbage you call a console.

    Unless you’re gay and like how pretty things must be for you, I’d suggest checking out the gameplay and difficulty first before you let cutscenes and detailed grass turn you on.

  101. Louie Ramos Says:


  102. Phillychirs Says:

    Im still upset

  103. Go fuck yourself Says:

    Fuck off. Seriously that’s bullshit. I don’t care if it was a prank, that’s just low to mess with people like that. Get a life.

  104. The Duke Says:

    how rude of them, they make us wait for however many years only to make this cruel joke, sorry SE but you need to do better than this, nearly tens years since KH2, it is time to make the third game no more excuses just make it, we really don’t want to see anymore fails from the FF series

  105. Leon Says:

    go fuck yourself you deuschebag, it ain’t funny

  106. The dude Says:

    I laughed Really…

  107. Zub Says:


  108. Kleavage Says:

    Project < 3 for KH3, that’s pretty clever. It being a heart and have a 3 in it. Genius, I wish I had thought of it.

  109. Strifecore Says:

    Well actually we had games using lots of the ps3 potential (Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4)

  110. kaustin Says:

    it would be really cool if they added the 2nd & 3rd pirate of the caribbean movies, the new tron again to this one and maybe even star wars (since disney owns them now).

  111. kaustin Says:

    Oh & Narnia

  112. ihateyou Says:

    what he said

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