Tetsuya Nomura’s Message from Famitsu – Talks KH3 and KH HD 2.5 Remix

8 Responses to “Tetsuya Nomura’s Message from Famitsu – Talks KH3 and KH HD 2.5 Remix

  1. Verathrogna Says:

    The attraction flow definitely sounds interesting. 2 more years hopefully, I am thoroughly enjoying the remixes especially now that birth by sleep is coming to console, it may not be 3 but they are enough to keep my occupied until it releases.

  2. TrekonBT Says:

    Attraction Flow definitely sounds interesting but I hope that doesn’t detriment the original Flowmotion. I am a huge fan of Flowmotion and how you partially feel like you’re kicking off walls like in the cutscenes. Abuseable? Yes, But if Flowmotion-type navigation makes it’s way into KH3, they can tweak it to not be abused. I just hope that Attraction Flow doesn’t replace Flowmotion entirely, but instead builds on flowmotion’s original move-set by adding the attraction-esque moves.

  3. fenix90 Says:

    I so cant wait for this , I hope they leave the multiplayer For BBS in KH 2.5 Remix

  4. Verathrogna Says:

    I agree with you a lot i loved the idea of flow motion, when the teaser for KH3 came out the way they made Sora jump off of the walls was exactly how I thought flow motion’s final design would. Although i liked it i did think it was a little too flashy when it was in Dream Drop Distance, not in the way that Sora/Riku moved more due to fact that an aura would go over them whenever they did it, I dont know for some reason it felt weird to me.

  5. Alex Ladzinski Says:

    Attraction Flow doesn’t sound as cool as Flowmotion

  6. Jeremy Says:


  7. Nin Says:

    Oh god, ‘Attraction flow’? So you mean we can summon random illogical theme park rides for no reason what so ever? Hey look, its an intimidating heartless snarling at me which could possibly kill me and rip my heart out, I think im going to summon a spinning teacup! Way to kill your older fan base…you do realize kingdom hearts is mostly played by teenagers, right? Due to its deep story and all…

    I just hope keyblade transformation turns out cool and it fits into the ideology behind the actual keyblade. With a series that has so much story imbedded in details like costumes and weapons, it would be devastating to the big fans if you just trashed it all in favor of flashier gameplay.

  8. Miguel Garcia Says:

    Illogical? Lol, I love KH but if you can find deep logic in a game where you travel to various Disney movie themed worlds with Donald & Goofy as your companions, and the protagonist fights with a giant key then you’re taking the series to seriously. Part of me wishes the story returns to its simpler roots, maybe after the Xehanort saga wraps up with KH3 they can wipe the slate clean & do something a little less bloated.

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