UPDATE: Utada Hikaru Confirmed to Return for Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III

As most of us know, Utada Hikaru who sings the theme songs for Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, has been on hiatus since 2011. Fans have been wondering if she will ever return to do the theme song for the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III.

Teruzane Utada who is Utada’s father as well as her music producer and manager confirmed with a fan on twitter when asked if she was involved with the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III to which he replied with a simple “Yes.”

Please bear in mind that Kingdom Hearts III is still early in development and we may hear more on this subject in the future.

Update: It seems that Utada’s father misunderstood the question and that the decision for being involved with KH3 is still undecided. Sorry folks :(

Source: aibo_ac7, daodlionheart

17 Responses to “UPDATE: Utada Hikaru Confirmed to Return for Kingdom Hearts 3”

  1. doctorpope181 Says:

    Hell. Yes. :D

  2. Gintora Uknow Says:

    Awesome!!! >.<

  3. KisforKMo Says:

    I’m excited for Utada Hikaru’s return to Kingdom Hearts, but I hope that being involved with the theme song for KH3 doesn’t mean they’re just reusing Sanctuary again.

  4. OrigArti Says:

    I really hope Utada is involved again. She is a core part of the KH series and it would be odd to not have her creating the opening and closing sequence. Generally, I am a massive Urtada fan, so it will be great to hear a brand new song from her since her hiatus in 2011.

  5. doctorpope181 Says:

    That was a straightforward question though >.>

  6. doctorpope181 Says:

    Why would you even think that …

  7. KisforKMo Says:

    Because they’ve reused that song for multiple KH games.

  8. Joseph Perry Says:

    I bet she’s decided and is making the music right now, but she just doesn’t want to get her fans hopes up in case she feels it isn’t good enough.

  9. Toddstone230 Says:

    by your logic then,she never left. her being involved means that she will make a new song for kh3, not reusing previous themes,it wouldnt make sense.

  10. doctorpope181 Says:

    Yes but this is Kingdom Hearts III, a numbered title. I’m sure Nomura knows better than to reuse an old theme song

  11. Nin Says:

    He’s Japanese, google translate probably fucked up the question.

  12. Platitude Says:

    Hopefully its a new song and not just another remix of Simple and Clean

  13. Shamrockχ Says:

    I’d be interested in maybe hearing a new track used in the series, from any artist, but I’ve got to say, I’d love another go from Utada. Even if it’s Simple and Clean or Sanctuary again, I’ll be happy with whatever they decide is most suitable for the game.

  14. Aryan Dastan Says:

    True, both simple and clean and sanctuary were with main games. nd reused in side games, so i strongly believe that its entirly a new great song :D

  15. Matu Says:

    Here here.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    But there are issues with using a new song. Utada said Square-enix doesn’t pay her enough to create melodies and lyrics both in Japanese and English. To add, there are fans who just won’t feel the same about the game unless it’s Utada, and fans who are fine if they replace Utada as long as the song is new. The problem is Utada has been on hiatus from music and may not want to do music anymore. So it will be hard for square to satisfy all fans.

  17. keybalde master sora Says:

    the song that she made for kingdom hearts 3 is called Sakura Nagashi (cherry blossms for the departed) the album art is down there

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