A Few New Kingdom Hearts 3D Images Have Surfaced! *Updated*

Hello again folks!

Thanks to the Nintendo World 2011 that just started a few hours ago, focused on all things Nintendo 3DS, we have a few new images showcasing Kingdom Hearts 3D!  However, these are still just teaser images – the real show has yet to arrive, and will hopefully include detailed in-game screenshots, and maybe even a trailer!  Be sure to stick around!

Source(s): Nintendo World 2011

8 Responses to “A Few New Kingdom Hearts 3D Images Have Surfaced! *Updated*”

  1. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    Was hoping for more but keep em comin! :0)

  2. RESSURECtion Says:

    The graphics looks more detailed and better than what they appear in the first KH game. Especially Sora’s face on the bottom left panel, looks great to me. Keep those images (and possibly a trailer) coming!

  3. Ezio Auditore Says:

    No, same graphics KH Re Chain of Memories, for PS2. The story KH 2 no continue??????

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Theking Tga Says:

    wow alot of sora

  6. Christopher B. Says:

    Can’t wait for the trailer

  7. Ian Manning Says:

    That’s it?

  8. Ezio Auditore Says:

    Fuck yourself!!!

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