E3 2012 Coverage (Updated Regularly)

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania will be at E3 2012, giving you a look at Kingdom Hearts 3D. The event begins on June 5th at 12pm PST but before that, I’ll be attending Nintendo’s press conference at 9am PST that same day, with hopes Kingdom Hearts 3D will get some coverage. Keep checking back with us for updates!

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Square Enix has given us a sneak peak at their booth with a few photos!

-Square Enix has added new KH3D images via their E3 press kit:

-Some images I took at Square Enix booth:

-It’s been confirmed that the KH3D demo will be on the E-Shop in the future.

-Added images of Square Enix’s private after party of them celebrating Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary with a cake!

Siliconera interviewed co-director Tai Yasue about the drop system during boss fights and he replied by saying it will be addressed for the North American version. If you didn’t know, when you drop during a boss fight and drop back, the boss will have full health.

-Added a video of Square Enix’s after party celebrating Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary:

G4TV has done their own peek of Kingdom Hearts 3D, watch the video below:

RPGamer has recorded their E3 impressions in the form of a 10 minute demo playthrough!

Nintendo has uploaded an interview with Tai Yasue about Kingdom Hearts 3D from E3 2012:

Kotaku interviewed Tai Yasue at E3 2012 and they asked him about adding Pixar to the series, read his comments below:

“Personally—and this isn’t an announcement—I would really love to do a Pixar world,” Yasue told me. “A lot of us do.”

“Any particular favorite Pixar world?” I asked. His answer: Toy Story.