Famitsu Weekly KH3D 10th Anniversary Special

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Famitsu Weekly has released their special Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary special magazine that takes a look at the entire series at glance, messages from the voice actors in Japan including famous fans. Series director Tetsuya Nomura also comments on the various fanart that the magazine has. The magazine also takes an in depth look at Kingdom Hearts 3D which was released yesterday. Thanks to SQEXGAL and Sal from GEMATSU for the news and images!


7 Responses to “Famitsu Weekly KH3D 10th Anniversary Special”

  1. Irfan Says:

    KH3D – an unexpected plot twist…

    The Result of Mark of Mastery Exam is that Riku passed,while Sora failed
    yet Sora is super happy for his BFF…

    Then he leaves alone, he wanders to the traverse town dream world, where he is greeted by all spirits dream eaters…

    Then there’s a scene where Ventus is involved

  2. Vasquez7636 Says:

    That makes scene because Riku was chosen to become a
    Keyblade wielder by Terra…..  All of Sora’s
    powers a simply barrowed from Ventus , In the End he’ll have to give them back
    and he’ll become just another kid.

    Sad but True.

  3. Irfan Says:


    But then, how will he battle Master Xehanort & The 13 Darknesses??

  4. Vasquez7636 Says:

    Have a like faith, I never said he would be powerless, With
    Ventus free from his heart, Sora will most likely become a Keyblade Master on
    his own, after all he is the “Key” to everything.  

  5. Irfan Says:

    Well.. Kairi too prepares 4 the upcoming war…
    Axel / Lea has a keyblade…
    7 Lights will Battle 13 Darknesses to protect the 7 princesses

  6. Caiman Says:

    I am very unimpressed with this sites coverage of KH Dream Drop Distance. I have followed this site all year with the hope they would give me the insider insight that they have promised on so many an occasion. I will be seeking my answers elsewhere. 

  7. latinalover Says:

    no. he will become a keyblade master and defeat MX

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