Feast Your Eyes On a New Mini-Trailer

At today’s Nintendo 3DS demo presentation, the company showed off some 3DS titles running in real-time, alongside some new, mini-trailers (no more than a minute) for some of their upcoming games.  Included was, of course, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance!

The trailer isn’t terribly long, and it includes stuff we’ve mostly seen, but in it are some good unspoiled gameplay snippets, and a song many might recognize…

Source(s): TheSoridduke22

21 Responses to “Feast Your Eyes On a New Mini-Trailer”

  1. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    The Song is Twister from TWEWY

  2. Max98x Says:

    what is the name of the last song?

  3. Joeladrian96 Says:

    Dearly Beloved, although I’m not sure what version??

  4. Joeladrian96 Says:

    The song at the end is the reprise to “Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts one

  5. Yzzi09 Says:

    Omg if Twister is the theme song!! Ahh that would be awesome!

  6. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    Maybe this version of Dearly Beloved is for KH 3D

  7. Kevin_Keyblade Says:

    It makes me laugh the wonder cat like a ball XD

  8. Drace Says:

    Yay! Well if that wasn’t the title theme from The World Ends With You you can put a white vokuhealer-wig on me and call me Xehanort. :D

  9. Sea-Salt Says:

    It sounds like one of the ending versions; the ones showing a piece of artwork as “The End” shows.

  10. Zshelt0251 Says:

    Its the dearly beloved melody from the first kingdom hearts game: If you want it try bluelaguna.net .

  11. Ashley Says:

    I want to play this now :’( i miss KH sooo much! Dx

  12. Roberto Emanuel Says:

    I like kingdom hearts but why they make buy different videogames, but it is worth

  13. Christopher B. Says:

    I hear the instrumental version of the the main theme of WEWY.

  14. Irfansyahm Says:

    Will there be a PSP version of Dream Drop Distance???

  15. Ryan Says:

    I mean, in all honesty: probably not. They never release a title on more than one system, The only times they have were with remakes, first with chain of memories (4 years later, and that was onto a console system), and then with coded (to bring it to America).

  16. Glexan15 Says:

    wow. i remember when i met kh, i was 17 and  it was like fate, i didnt know to much about videogames but in 2002 when i changed the channel i watched in some program of videogames, that they were showing the game  and when i saw it, inmediately my hearts got connected, maybe its ridiculous, but im such a fan at my 26 years old, so if someone wants to know me more and chat about kh with a mexican boy, just repost it, jaja,

  17. Medium4thebest Says:

    does anyone go on the playstation net work if so my name is venetus13 but only if you got blue tooth because I enjoy conversation. thanks

  18. Cryxok Says:

    26, mexican and KH fan? Sir, you’re a Man among boys, in a country where everything without guns and blood is “childish”, I salute you! :)

  19. Cryxok Says:

    I…kinda doubt it, that version of Dearly Beloved is the reprise that played once you finished the first one…but don’t worry, all the versions are good so this one will be no exception :)

  20. Roxas4thewin Says:

    No psp or psp vita version of KH:DDD has been anounced

  21. Tofer22 Says:

    I think Twister, the main theme from TWEWY, will probably be Neku’s theme…kinda like Sora with his own them you know what I mean?

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