KH3D AR Cards Now Available on Club Nintendo UK

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Available now are a 3 pack set of AR cards that did not come with the European release of Kingdom Hearts 3D. If you didn’t know, the European version only came with the random Dream Eater card and the stand. This pack will give them the remaining cards that the North American and Japanese release got. If you’re registered through Club Nintendo, it’ll only cost you 200 stars to receive them!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK, KH13, KHInsider

2 Responses to “KH3D AR Cards Now Available on Club Nintendo UK”

  1. Tracy Webster Says:

    Thanks for this! I actually scanned mine off the internet (oops? XD But I couldn’t wait/didn’t know if they were ever going to be available to us) but at least now I can own physical copies. IF ONLY THEY’D INCLUDED THEM WITH THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Luckily, they cost less than what you get if you register your game – you get 250 Club Nintendo points for registering KH:DDD, so you’re not using more points than what come with the game.

  2. Maurice Hoek Says:

    Your right, nothing better then physical copies, true fact for a collector!

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