KH3D “Dream or Drop” Campaign

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix just opened up a new Kingdom Hearts 3D site entitled the “Dream or Drop Campaign” in which there are a set amount of games and if you can collect enough points, you can win prizes! Some of the prizes range from Wondernyan plush, Nintendo 3DS, and 10th Anniversary Box Set! Thanks to SQEXGAL here are some info:

“The first score counts only, all the replays don’t count. 350pts~499pts wondernyan plush, 500-640pts 3ds, 650+ for box set. Getting the score qualifies for a chance to win.”

If you want to try your luck, hit the link below:

KH3D Dream or Drop Campaign

There is even new wallpaper, unlocked by SQEXGAL:

Square Enix has uploaded a new 15 second commercial on the site, check it out below: