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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has once again put up the ESRB rating for Kingdom Hearts 3D in North America. If you remember, the rating was once posted on their official Facebook page but was quickly removed. Now that the game has an official release date, the rating has returned. Kingdom Hearts 3D rating is E10+ for Fantasy Violence.

Kingdom Hearts 3D is set to be released in North America on July 31 2012. With Europe to be making an official announcement soon.

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5 Responses to “KH3D ESRB Rating”

  1. Christopher B. Says:

    Kingdom Hearts games will always get E10+.

  2. Allie Says:

    I hate the E10+ rating. What’s wrong with rating something just E or T? Why do they need something in the middle? They never used to have this rating…

  3. Jessica Young Says:

    Check out Inked Kingdom on facebook, niceness

  4. Sakura1627 Says:

    The day there is 3 smudges of blood and Sora finally stops saying What the heck for what the hell. Then Kingdom hearts will be rated T.

  5. soraroxas Says:

    i think kingdom hearts 3d is mature

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