KH3D Famitsu Weekly High Quality Scans

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

As we reported a few days ago, Japanese magazine, Famitsu Weekly had covered Kingdom Hearts 3D and had cell phone images of the article. Thanks to the lovely SQEXGAL she has uploaded high quality scans as well as translated the article! You can find the images and translation summary below:

The latest issue of Famitsu Weekly did a special nine page feature on Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance, introducing the world from the Tron Legacy. It also introduces Radiant Gardens once more, revealing details about Axel’s reawakening as Lea as well as some of the other Nobodies of Organization XIII.

It appears that along with Axel (Lea), Xaldin (Dilan), Lexaeus (Aeleus), Even (Vexen), and Ienzo (Zexion) return to their human form at Radiant Garden. Axel is shown wondering about the others who haven’t reappeared like Xigbar(Braig) and Saix (Isa).

Other screenshots show Sora and Riku as Yen Sid informs them about the journey they about to set out on for their Mark of Mastery exam. Restoring “those who are asleep within their sadness” is the key to passing. On the same page, Young Master Xehanort is shown taunting Riku about the darkness in his heart and in one screenshot saying, “You were the one I chose from the beginning.”

Sora and Riku meet Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Kevin Flynn on The Grid, where they connive against Clu who has taken an interest in the Keyblade. Sora searches for the whereabouts of Tron and faces Rinzler in a battle. Riku is also shown fighting a boss resembling a mantis which uses a quick spinning attack as well as an attack that depletes the Drop Gauge. Meanwhile, Young Xehanort and Ansem appear, apparently taunting Sora. Riku also mentions that anyone has the capability of bringing Ansem into being.

Two new Reality Shift commands are introduced. The “Code Breaker” command takes place in The Grid. To invoke this attack, you must touch on the correct red words in the right order on the bottom screen to break the code that releases an attack. The other is called “Fantasmic” that takes place in the Fantasia world of Symphony of Sorcery. This attack is invoked by touching music notes on the bottom screen similar to the mini games in the previous Little Mermaid worlds.

Evil Eye Owl (ガンミ・ワクロウ)

It’s weak point is it’s wings.

Snail Cargot (デンデン・カルゴ)

It’s protective shell is very defensive; when it is utilized it is impenetrable no matter how many times you hit it.

Swift Giraffe (イダテン・キリン)

This Spirit Dream Eater grants Riku lightning fast attacks with it’s Link Action ability Thunder Storm.

Opake Pierrot (オパケ・ピエロ)

This Spirit Dream Eater resembles a clownish figure reminiscent of Quina from Final Fantasy IX. It’s Link Attack is called Ghost Vacuum which helps in prize/drop collection.

Scissor Beetle (ハサミ・クワガタ)

This Spirit Dream Eater resembles a stag beetle. The Link Action attack that it utilizes with Sora is called Drop Shot. With it, you can aim and trap your enemies to deal log range damage.

Bat Bat (コウモリ・バット)

This familiar Spirit Dream Eater’s Link Action attack is called Dark Fierce and when it combines it’s powers with Riku, it has a confusing and HP draining effect.

The article goes on to explain the breeding of Dream Eaters. By collecting ingredients and recipes, you’ll be able to create and name your Spirit Dream Eaters. Also depending on the ingredients you use, the special abilities associated with the Dream Eater can be customized. In the article example, they create a Wondernyan with the Slide Dash command. Other details related in the article explain how to edit your command deck as well as the different abilities associated with the Dream Eaters. For instance, the Dream Eaters gain status abilities like HP Up as they level up which can be equipped to instantly effect the character you play as.