KH3D Featured in Jump

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D is once again being featured in Jump magazine just hours before the KH3D Premiere Event in Japan. In this one page, the article talks about receiving three free AR cards in the next issue as well as more of the Dream Eater link ability! Thanks to Tgirl & FF-R, the image and translations can be found below:

The very top left corner talks about the 3 free AR cards you get in next week’s Jump issue.

– Wondermeow
– Kumada Dai-circus (— This one is tough to re-name in English. “Big Circus Panda”?)
– Nekuppoi ( — “poi” is short for “poison”. This one is even harder to rename.)

As for this particular Jump page (preview), it briefly talks about the Dream Eater Link ability.

Riku linking with the unicorn DE will bring about the ability, “Thunder Storm”. Sora linking with one of my favorite DEs will bring about the ability, “Ghost Vacuum”.

The bottom part talks about the “other worlds”, meaning TWTNW and Yen Sid’s tower.

Source: FF Reunion & Tgirl (Gamefaqs)