KH3D First-Print Bonus

Pre-order, or purchase a first-run copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and you can get yourself a set of three AR Cards that will automatically unlock rare Dream Eaters.  The “Kingda Nya”, a black color-swap Wandanyan with adorned with a crown, and the Kumadadai Circus and Nekkupoi, palette swaps of of the Kuma Panda and Neko Cat.

Click Here to Pre-Order Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance ($79.89)

PLEASE keep in mind if you plan to pre-order a copy from Japan that the Nintendo 3DS is Region-Locked.  You will not be able to play it unless you have a system from Japan.

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Source(s): Siliconera

4 Responses to “KH3D First-Print Bonus”

  1. Jrocy247 Says:

    80 DOLLARS????? WTF

  2. xxskulliexx Says:

    i still love you kh3ds even though u will make me go broke:’3

  3. Darkfalcon3274 Says:

    pretty sure that’s not a recolored nekko cat…

  4. Thomas Tucker Says:

    you know its 39.99 at gamestop in the U.S. they have preorders up

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