KH3D HQ Famitsu Images (3/08/12)

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Following the heels of the Famitsu Weekly article that was uploaded a couple days ago, Famitsu has uploaded high quality images to their website! The images show off Dive Mode, which will be the mode of transportation for Sora and Riku as they travel to new worlds. Second, there’s Link Portals scattered across worlds and there are two types Battle Mode and Friend Mode. Battle mode you fight a specific Dream Eater and defeating it you receive parts to create it. Friend mode, you gain another Dream Eater for a short period of time, and with Link Portals, you can receive Dream Eaters from other people via Street Pass. Third, there are training toys for your Dream Eaters which your Dream eaters can gain experience and abilities.

Check out the images below:

Source: Famitsu, Andriasang