KH3D Jump Festa 2012 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

The moment we’ve been waiting for is here! The trailer that was shown at the Jump Festa event has now been uploaded for all your viewing pleasure! And without further ado here is the trailer:

KH3D Jump Festa Trailer 2012 Long Version by kidchurro

Short version:

KH3D Jump Festa Trailer 720p HD Short Version by kidchurro

Subbed version courtesy of

54 Responses to “KH3D Jump Festa 2012 Trailer”

  1. Xemnas Says:


  2. Keyblade_96 Says:

    Cool trailer!!

  3. R4wrbexty Says:

    Trailer is blocked :c

  4. Arturo Molina Says:

    I’m uploading them somewhere else, bear with us.

  5. R4wrbexty Says:

    If the trailer is blocked for you, use that link c:

  6. Arturo Molina Says:

    I put back the embed code for SE’s own channel, for some reason they made their short version trailer private but I’m uploading them both.

  7. R4wrbexty Says:

    Good to know x3 I couldn’t find the short one, so I can’t wait for it to be uploaded; o ;

  8. Arturo Molina Says:

    It’s uploaded! Working on the long version! :D

  9. Loz Says:

    OMFG this game is gunna be sooooo f**King good!!!


  10. Eric Says:

    Does anyone know when/if an English subbed version will be released?

  11. Arturo Molina Says:

    Just added it!

  12. Eric Says:

    Thanks! My Japanese isn’t great these days. =p

  13. Drace Says:

    Okay, okay… I recognized several weird things:
    1. The dots under Axels eyes are gone. Looks like he really is a somebody (again).
    2. Is that really a younger Xemnas? Because this boy looks jhust like a much younger version of the young Xehanort.
    3. The… uhm… other Riku in the black coat has his old hair style from the KH1-time. That can’t be Jiminys Journal, right?

  14. Drace Says:

    Oh, and by the way: FIRST TIME WE SAW XION IN CGI! XD

  15. Robbor Says:

    KH3D trailer on my birthday? I knew it was going to happen.


  16. Quatre Winner Says:

    With Tron in the mix, it might be possible for the dream world to connect to the datascape through the interconnected hearts of Sora and his Data counterpart. However, that would only apply if Tron is a part of the dream world. And even so, if the two Soras connected, then why would Journal!Riku appear before Riku and not Sora?

    Then again, who knows.

  17. axarbro Says:

    not only lea but the other organization member are back to there original form which means there is something Idk what it is going to be but I bet its really good

  18. Mahael Says:

    This is awesome.  I am so fricken psyched right now!  But, I’m rather confused, because they mentioned Terra-Xehanort being in the trailer, but who I really saw was young Master Xehanort.  Anyone else notice this, or am I just crazy?

  19. Ian Manning Says:

    Now THIS is an award winning game! I can’t wait for more characters and worlds to appear! KICK HIS A$$ SORA!!!

  20. Guest Says:


  21. Josh Isaac Says:

    It IS young Xehanort because his eyes were yellow, not brown like terranort. Also I am so excited I cannot even process all of this information, the organization is back? Why is there a young Xehanort? How many other worlds are there? This game is supposed to be connected to all the spin offs/ side games so I am FREAKING EXCITED

  22. Titojuanruiz Says:

    I came.

  23. Fluttershibby Says:

    waaaaaaay better than Birth by sleep.. srry psp fanboys.:(

  24. Fire bazar Says:

    There would be no worlds that have come out in a other kingdom hearts game because Master Sid said that worlds that have been drowned worlds in to darkness and the other worlds that came out in a other kingdom hearts game were already safe by sora

  25. MIchael Says:


  26. steve Says:

  27. PbragaV Says:

    I hope that what you’re saying is right and Lea is realy back as a somebody, because maybe it can be only a Flashback, maybe not…

  28. Belle Says:


  29. Mahael Says:

    In terms of the Pre-rendered cut scenes, they looked amazing.  Xion and Axel looked fantastic, Axel look almost real!  The normal cutscenes also had amazing graphics, for a handheld, and for KH in general.  See all you folks that hate spinoffs, this is why we love them!

  30. Debenz Says:

    This is why you don’t make everything you read set in stone.

  31. Rawrgodzilla Says:

    I think terranort looks young due to the same with sora and riku looking young

  32. Cooldude96 Says:

    They may as well call this kh3 for how epic this looked

  33. Daydrianlewis Says:

    It’s obviously a flashback. Xehanort’s labworkers are still in their original somebody forms. I may be wrong, but it could be a flashback. Remember in the other trailer where Apprentice Xehanort attacked Braig with his keyblade?

  34. emixxxxx Says:

    OMFG, its like a reunion axels back yeah (thought he dead but hey) Xion(trying to kill roxas,:/ nice) the group from the world ends with you (yeah X2) and ansem (how many times has he come back its like a harry potter fiasco) and disney characters its like xmas came early (even though it dosn’t come out till after xmas but who cares) aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh to bad its on 3ds hmmm…….. enjoy

  35. Mahael Says:

    Who knows, perhaps time travel?  I doubt that, but they are in a dream, their minds/souls may be talking through whatever void separates them, and Xehanort’s mind maybe manifest itself as a younger version of himself.  I think the scene with Braig and Xehanort was a flashback, but the young MASTER Xehanort, I’m inclined to believe, is not a flashback.

  36. Daydrianlewis Says:

    I was actually referring to the Lea scene being a flashback. But the Xehanort part still bugs me. It’s weird. How can Sora have a dream/mind connection with that man. Hmm, so many questions. Can’t wait! Only like 3 1/2 months away too.

  37. Tuthipratuma Says:

    What the hell just happened? The plot line for KH is just too much now.

  38. Irfansyahm Says:

    I agree… He looks younger than terranort… What’s weird is Vanitas is with him???

  39. ScootALOOOO Says:


  40. Guest Says:

    Sigh first of its not Axel its Lea…… Axel is the one with the marks on his face…. second of all thats not Xemnas its Master Xehanort in his younger years…. and lastly Riku cut his hair because he wanted to cut it….

  41. Guest Says:

    Its a dream world…. just like how our dreams confuse us

  42. Guest Says:

    Its not Terranort its Master Xehanort when he was in the young days and Sora and Riku have to use the bodies they had when they first used the keyblade

  43. Guest Says:

    It is young Master Xehanort the reason its so confusing cuz Sora and Riku are in a dream world so nothin is makin sense to us nor them

  44. Drace Says:

    Read more carefully before you act as the bugged KH-expert, please! All of your “informations” are already in my comment. First: Axel just said his name is Lea (maybe you are a special KH-Fan who already saw a grown-up Lea, but noone else should have till now) and I stated that these dots are gone, so he could really be a someone (Lea) again. Second: Didn’t I questioned exactly the same thing? Read again. And at last: Uhm, yes, I know… What does that have to do with my statement. But anyway… very…usefull comment. ;)

  45. Guest Says:

    I have a question why isn’t fuckin Aqua Terra and Ventus haven’t shown up yet Dx

  46. Guest Says:

    Should they spoil everything? Terra, Aqua and Ven not showing up might have been done on purpose, y’know.

  47. Aperture98 Says:

    well if you’ve seen the secret un-lockable movie in re:coded and how yen sid said that when a heartless and a nobody of a person is  destroyed then that person comes back sense their heart and body is free. maybe the same thing happened to the other founding nobodys of organization XIII? like for all we know maybe while sora was off adventuring, the heartless bosses were the nobodys’ heartless. so when sora and riku destroyed all of the organization XIII members and also the heartless, they came back. but idk, i bet im getting way into this than i should.

  48. Whiteclad57 Says:

    Names Thorn, Dark Thorn; got it memorized?

  49. Niki Says:


  50. Ale Zeta Says:


  51. Brandonthablessedboi92 Says:

    i think they should add toy story and cars and percy jackson that would be tight 

  52. zian mckinney Says:

     First Of All Axel IS Lea 
    Master Xehanort Is In His Younger Years And Riku Wanted To Cut His Hair Or It Got Cut Fighting Xemnas ( Or Xehanort`

  53. Ashe Says:

    OMFG This is AMAZING!!!

  54. Aperture98 Says:

    Yep :{O

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