KH3D Mark of Mastery Edition Unboxing

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

With only 7 days left until Kingdom Hearts 3D is released in North America, I received the Mark of Mastery edition from Square Enix in hopes to show off all the goodies the collector’s edition has!

The collector’s edition has:

- Kingdom Hearts 3D game
- A KH3D Nintendo 3DS case
- 5 AR cards
- A set of artwork from the past Kingdom Hearts games
-All items are in a collector’s edition box

Check out the images below to see what’s inside!

2 Responses to “KH3D Mark of Mastery Edition Unboxing”

  1. Infinitespark1111 Says:

    Im so glad i pre-ordered this.

  2. Zodiacal Says:

    It would have been nicer if the print on the protection case came in white…  having a black 3DS and all that is… but otherwise the box set looks pretty awesome :)

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