KH3D Nintendo Dream Nomura Interview

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream recently conducted an interview with Tetsuya Nomura about the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3D. While there isn’t any scans of the interview, we do have some information of the interview thanks to ArikaMiz! Thanks to Oishii of KH13, they have been translated, you can check it out below:

+ This time the story’s development doesn’t change the story so much to be numbered. Nomura’s final task this time was remembrance. The story in KHII was spread to unfold little by little, but as for all the foreshadowing retrieved, the sequel is looking to be a fun installment.

+ There is a lot of meaning put into “Distance” and the distance taken in the next KH work. I think the player can feel they are somehow or other getting closer to the meaning as they play. In the end, whether they are successful or have failed will become clear. “Just as with ‘Drop’, there is a pattern of both of them dropping.” (trolololo) (laugh)

+ I think what is a dream and what is reality will be clear in the end, but not everything that unfolds is a dream. (About the guests from TWEWY) Similarly to how I have assembled several of my FF projects, I wanted a surprise in a different form. With the extended Slide Pad Pro, you can control the camera movement with the right stick, but even without it it is comfortable to play.

+ (About using the touch panel for Reality Shift,) It may be better to think of using your finger for the touch panel. The exhilarating feeling the Osaka team made is to the same degree as BBS’s. I think it wouldn’t feel as exhilarating if you couldn’t kick off the walls.

+ Until now the actions in KH couldn’t be performed seamlessly. With the Free Flow Action, I think you can make clever use of the substantial gameplay. I want player to have fun testing out the various actions in the game.

+ Thus far, I think the action RPG hasn’t been as dynamic. The story is also dark, and I hope even a person who has become interested in the series for the first time will want to play. To the TWEWY fans as well, because it’s the same staff, I think they can receive an intimate and touching feeling from the game.

Source: ArikaMiz, KH13