KH3D – North American Launch Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

With only 11 days away until the release of Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance in North America, Square Enix had prepared a launch trailer for the game. It recaps all the new features introduced in this game in one whole video, check it out below:

4 Responses to “KH3D – North American Launch Trailer”

  1. Brady O'Neill Says:

    WHOA! What was Aqua doing with them at the end, there?! :)

  2. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    not only aqua. if u looked closely u can see terra and ven there. or that could’ve been roxas

  3. Jenalak821 Says:

    Love the song that they are playing in this trailer!!! Just love it!

  4. RKHF Says:

    It was both Ven and Roxas. You can notice the difference in their clothes but have to pause whenever either of them jump up.

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