KH3D Opening Images

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D has already been released in Japan but good news for the rest of the world! Square Enix America has sent us very high quality images that is featured in the opening movie of the game. You can marvel at their beauty below:

5 Responses to “KH3D Opening Images”

  1. Christopher B. Says:

    CGI has gotten better

  2. Ian Manning Says:


  3. Tanzorz Says:

    I didn’t think it could…but here we are =D

  4. Mahael Says:

    The two pictures with Xion in them are fantastic.  Sora and the gang look mostly normal, but Twilight town looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Nou Chee Her Says:

    If Square-Enix offers to sell their CGI opening/movies on iTunes, I would probably buy it. HD preferred =P

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