KH3D Playable Demo at TGS + “HD Test”

It’s been a good while since we’ve had solid Kingdom Hearts news, and with TGS creeping up mighty soon, a steady stream of news is to be expected.

To begin with, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has been confirmed to make a playable debut at this year’s annual Tokyo Game Show.  Better news yet, is that the development process has been quite spirited as of late – Nomura expects the game to arrive on Japan’s store shelves at the start of 2012!

The news doesn’t end just there.  As previously requested by fans, and subtly hinted by Nomura himself on occasions, an HD Collection of previous Kingdom Hearts titles is under strong consideration.  So strong, in fact, that Nomura outright plans to do an “HD Test” sometime before the series’ 10th Anniversary – citing the current canonical mark of the games to be a difficult entry point for newbies (and the plot continues to get more and more complicated…).  The date, system, and which games will be a part of the collection have not been specified – the project itself hasn’t even been green lighted, but there’s no need to hold one’s breath – the project will doubtlessly, eventually come up.

Source(s): andriasang