KH3D Playable Demo at TGS + “HD Test”

It’s been a good while since we’ve had solid Kingdom Hearts news, and with TGS creeping up mighty soon, a steady stream of news is to be expected.

To begin with, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has been confirmed to make a playable debut at this year’s annual Tokyo Game Show.  Better news yet, is that the development process has been quite spirited as of late – Nomura expects the game to arrive on Japan’s store shelves at the start of 2012!

The news doesn’t end just there.  As previously requested by fans, and subtly hinted by Nomura himself on occasions, an HD Collection of previous Kingdom Hearts titles is under strong consideration.  So strong, in fact, that Nomura outright plans to do an “HD Test” sometime before the series’ 10th Anniversary – citing the current canonical mark of the games to be a difficult entry point for newbies (and the plot continues to get more and more complicated…).  The date, system, and which games will be a part of the collection have not been specified – the project itself hasn’t even been green lighted, but there’s no need to hold one’s breath – the project will doubtlessly, eventually come up.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I can’t wait!! :D I’d love a HD remaster of the games!

  2. Theking Tga Says:

    plz say yes i want to play it on my ps3 or psp or 3ds or anything i need to play old game cus bbs not same as kh1 and 2 (but i liked recoded)

  3. Adrián Baños Says:

    I can’t decide what games want in HD, Of course I want KH 1 and 2, in final mix versions if its possible.. but for the oders… I really want to see Aqua in HD because she’s my favourite character after Sora.. so I want BBS in HD … but I also want CoM, 358, and Coded in HD!! I really love all the games as one game! I would like to play all of them in chronological order in HD all remastered! and all with a lot of scenes! *____* It would be amazing.. but I think they’ll only release KH 1 and 2, and Re:CoM or BBS so far.. Kingdom Hearts… in HD *___*

  4. Adrián Baños Says:

    I can’t decide what games want in HD, Of course I want KH 1 and 2, in final mix versions if its possible.. but for the oders… I really want to see Aqua in HD because she’s my favourite character after Sora.. so I want BBS in HD … but I also want CoM, 358, and Coded in HD!! I really love all the games as one game! I would like to play all of them in chronological order in HD all remastered! and all with a lot of scenes! *____* It would be amazing.. but I think they’ll only release KH 1 and 2, and Re:CoM or BBS so far.. Kingdom Hearts… in HD *___*

  5. Thea Larson Says:

    Xbox is the only system without KH so far. Let the KH remakes be available for that system too :D Plus, Xbox Live achievements! “Achievement Unlocked: You’re a Heartless. Achievement Description: You gave up your heart for your dearest friend.”

    Just musing~

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t like the idea of KH on the xbox at all, though that’s just me I think because I adore my PS3… But if achievements are important then the PS3 has trophies to gather, then again achievements aren’t all that important..

  7. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Most likely, the KH collection will include KH 1 & 2 final mixes (which includes Re:CoM) and it will be on PS3.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sooo. Will Re:CoM even be on it? Kinda pointless if not.

  9. dk93 Says:

    wait so would these “HD ” games be re-released on current gen consoles? (ps3)

  10. Enigma-99 Says:

    Honestly, i’m all down for the “HD recreations”, but seriously, I hope this consideration isn’t held for a release BEFORE KH3. HD is not nearly as important as story line progress, not to mention that this game is the final arc for the Xehanort saga, so the excitement for the closing is pumped up.

    I like HD remakes(always wanted that FFVII remake), but top priority is a must, which is KH3 in my opinion. If it doesn’t take any effort to convert the games in some HD setting, then fine, but still, i’ve been waiting since 2006 for the next step in Sora’s timeline, bring on the KH3 lol 

  11. Lizzie1238 Says:

    Why would it be pointless. It would be good to have Re:CoM as well, but simply KH 1 & 2 would be fine. Well in FM hopefully.

  12. Debenz Says:

    I laughed at this. Does the PS2 have HD? Also, working on a future next gen would take even longer than the current next gen(PS3).

  13. Debenz Says:

    I would love a Final Mix collection(though that would include Re:COM then). That’s all.

  14. Debenz Says:

    Last I checked, the PS3 can do that, and KH is exclusive to Playstation and Nintendo handhelds. I assume from your comment that you own a 360, which is your fault when you should know KH will come out on Playstation. I’m sure you knew this yet you still bought a 360. lol

  15. Catherine DeKorte Says:

    Only, Nomura said he was looking into this because the current place in the storyline is going to be a pain for new players to come into and understand everything (in case you didn’t read the damn article). An HD remake would actually be ideal to release before KH3 so that new players aren’t completely lost when KH3 is released. 

    And KH3D is the next step in the storyline if you’ve been ignoring basically everything because it’s not your precious KH3. It’s going to be just as important as BBS and will also work as a bridge between KH2 and KH3 much like CoM was for KH and KH2. Don’t be knocking the handhelds.

  16. Debenzisaqueer Says:


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, let’s play two games with one fucking huge gap in between. It would be pointless without Re:CoM The ps2-set would not be complete. So again, it’s stoopid.

  18. Debenz Says:

    Please explain how I trolled? I’d love to hear it with that “troll of a name” you have.

  19. Enigma-99 Says:

    You don’t to make a remake just for the purpose of understanding a new game when the timeline gap isn’t considerably large for the “new players” who started KH, and yes that means that the gap between 2006 and now isn’t that large of a time, ESPECIALLY because of the side games. If you weren’t actually a condescending moron, you’d realize that no one isn’t insulting your “precious handhelds” but a main console game is an actual ark. KH3D isn’t the actual step, but it’s an important lead in into KH3. Just like BBS, if you’re going to try and play KH3, the best thing to do is play BBS first. :/ It’s just a lead in, but it isn’t a main console game. :D  

    Point is, the time span of waiting for HD games isn’t necessary because of the new people that don’t have the systems to play the other games on. If they wanted to actually consider the fans, Square wouldn’t be making us buy every god dang system for your “precious handhelds”. PS2,Gameboy advanced, DS, PSP, and now 3DS? And I assume KH3 will obviously be on the PS3, unless he suddenly has a revelation of putting it on the Xbox 360. >_> 

    Reason i’m ranting is because you made yourself look retarded by pointing out things that I did not include into my post. I wouldn’t mention the next step game that’s already in progress, so of course I’ll put my point of view of the next release being KH3 because you know, I’m sure you figured that out yourself. Most series don’t make a HD release unless the new game is already out as well(for example, God of War did the same). Be smart in what you post. You know what point I came from, so now i’m in the mood to disprove your intentional flame towards me.

  20. Fireblazer Says:

    The main thing that I would want to come out of the HD Remakes of KH1 and 2 is for there to be a “Theater Mode” like the rest of the KH series in the rest of the games. I don’t want to check YouTube because it will also be somebody else’s play time going on too. I may as well play my scratched up games again.

  21. Blizzard Says:

    i would really like the hd remakes to have a boss mode, where you can re-do boss battles. Some of my favorite parts of kh2 was the boss battles

  22. Thisguy_ben Says:

    Your post was condescending/moronic. dk93′s wasn’t.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    That would be a very nice Achievement to be rewarded with, indeed.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Good point. But since “HD remakes” are upgrades in graphics and not a recreation of the game itself, isn’t it possible that the work can be outsourced outside of Nomura’s Osaka and Tokyo teams? Thus both KH3 and the remastered games can be done without one project compromising the progress of another.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    There was next to no hint of flaming in the original post. There’s also no need to come on so strong. I’ve thus made some liberal edits to your comment.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Now that you’re all done attacking each other, can we please be civil now? Take a deep breath, guys. Thanks.

    Any more comments in this particular conversation thread would be blacklisted as a caution.

  27. Enigma-99 Says:

    Not quite, when a person uses unnecessary words and a condescending tone in a reply, it can come off as insulting.

    Anyway, that’s considering whether or not they decide to add in some bonus features into the game will the project include the Nomura team. Just boosting up graphics(which really isn’t what it’s all about) wouldn’t seem enough, there’d have to be more. If there was going to be that “HD remake” of FFVII that everyone anticipated for, you could bet that there’d be extra add-ins, and who knows, maybe a new battle systems if the fans still despised the old school game play. I would consider Re: COM an “HD remake” of course, and initially, it has it’s extra things as well.
    I just want KH3 to be a top priority after KH3Ds because I consider it more important than remakes that won’t progress the story at all. It may seemed bias because i’ve played the originals, but the same argument could and has been made for games like KH/2 FM’s and  Re:COM(which they gracefully did make it international). Yet, I would get it, for example, if the first KH “HD” remake had extra things added into it, like the FM version pretty much, then that’d be reasonable considering that the US doesn’t have easy access to the FM version w/ mods or swap magic in the first place.

  28. Jameslukas39 Says:

    Thank god and i lost all hope Noruma for not realeasing the kh final mixs. I guess he dind’t forgett about us after all(:

  29. Jameslukas39 Says:

    Now for kh3 what if we had online gameplay mmmmm nahhh how will that work. Your better off putting sora in uncharted multiplayer hahaha!!!

  30. Debenz Says:

    Just saying, if you think about what he asked(released on current consoles), you would think it didn’t make sense since it wouldn’t release on a last gen nor a next gen(ps4, etc.)

  31. A Obrien05 Says:

    Its all about the money tho. You make more money by not making it an exclusive.

  32. Jorge Daniel Afable Says:

    and if so, are they gonna be exported to the us at last?

  33. Jorge Daniel Afable Says:

    do you guys think that these hd versions of the previous kh’s are gonna be final mix versions of them?

  34. Tristanmaloy Says:

    I hope! If they do I’ll die of happiness:)

  35. Torin Says:

    everyone calm yo tits. Whenever ppl make an HD remake they always (or usually) outsource to a subsidiary company to create an HD shell over their old engine. KH remakes won’t dent KH3 development time… Plus people just getting into mainstream would still need easy access to KH1 and CoM story material (revamped Atlantis please!!), I’m kind of hoping that they make a BBS/Days/Coded HD collection on the PSV…

  36. Kevin Eget Says:

    Trophies final mixes ps3 ill be happy not to mention kh3 soon

  37. Wee Says:

    they should make 2 collections:
    3ds collection     ps3 collection
    com (re)              kh
    days                   khII
    re coded              bbs

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