KH3D Pre-Order Bonus in Europe

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

In Europe, GAME store is offering a pre-order bonus if you pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3D from their stores. You will receive a Halloween Town Sora keychain for your pre-order! Thanks to our friends at KH Destiny, we have an image below:

5 Responses to “KH3D Pre-Order Bonus in Europe”

  1. USA! Says:

    heh. The gamestop bonus is better. 

  2. Keain K-ozz Landtroop Says:

    is this for 3ds???

  3. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

     hooray for europe

  4. Gilbert Says:

    yep :)

  5. Sílvia Says:

    Yeah.. GAME is doing all that sweet stuff for Europe. They just forgot my country. Yeah, I know Portugal is nothing much and all, but it’s still Europe you know?

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