Kingdom Hearts 3D – Last chance to Pre-Order!

Just less than a month to go until Kingdom Hearts 3D!

Kingdom Hearts 3D will be hitting North American shores in just a few days on on July 31st, 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re lucky enough to be in Europe, the game is already released and flying off the shelves. is selling the game for $39.99 for US customers with a free pre-order bonus – extra AR cards to unlock an exclusive dream eater in game. If you’re in the UK & Europe, you can pick up the game for £29.99/€37.00 on Amazon UK.

Pre-order / Buy Kingdom Hearts 3D

Look out for our continued Kingdom Hearts 3D news coverage over the next few weeks, included the exclusive review we’ve just published.

20 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D – Last chance to Pre-Order!”

  1. Samantha D-N Says:

    Are they going to do any extras for the UK or is it worth getting from

  2. KH Ultimania Says:

    No point in buying from as the game won’t work on a UK machine

  3. Jalyn Says:

    Isn’t it released on the 20th for the UK & Europe? I got a little excited then, thinking Australia was going to be the first to have it released on the 26th. =P That would be a nice unbelievable change! Especially because Australia isn’t even getting any Special edition or bonus for the pre-order -cries-

  4. JEFFREY Says:

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  5. Ryu Says:

    3DS consoles are freezone, which means the game will work in any console in the world. You can’t pre-order yet from Spain :( If we aren’t getting a special version, I might be buying that bonus version from USA. Anyway, since we are not getting a spanish dubbed or subbed version, I don’t care where it comes from, the language and subs will be the same :S

  6. Ryu Says:

    Sorry, I just read 3DS consoles are not region free. My bad.

  7. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    Sadly, I’m on a vacation that week :( . I’ll come back the next week, but no playing on release date for me. Oh well, like the shop I go to ever delivers something on time :P

  8. Kevincm_11 Says:

    Well maybe this month I will pre-order the KH 3D Mark of Mastery Bundle Edition in Gamestop :D

  9. Peter76 Says:

    Some sites still offer exclusive AR cards in the U.K like I should’ve ordered from there because i dont think amazon (UK) offers the AR cards. I should’ve compared first :( .

  10. Origarti Says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just opened an online shop selling origami accessories. To celebrate the launch of KH3D I will be making sets of 3 origami Wayfinders. Please ‘Like’ my Facebook page to be in with a chance to win a set for free!
    Thanks guys!! 

  11. Origarti Says:

    Sorry, it’s:

  12. Prprime23 Says:

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  13. Jenalak821 Says:

    I hope that I get the Mark of Mastery Edition (along with the AR card bonus) for my birthday. That would truly make my birthday worthwhile. At least that my birthday is less than one month away from the day that KH DDD comes out.

  14. Kiki Karnivore Says:

    All of you who haven’t pre ordered the mark of mastery edition, um it’s too late they only took pre orders for a week, they don’t offer it anymore since the game is so close to release.

  15. Mahael Says:

    This was really hard for me to read, I gave it a really good effort and I think I got most of this down.  First of all, learn to spell.  Second of all, learn to use punctuation.  Thirdly, learn proper grammar.  Fourth, yes, she’s into you man, grow a pair and get her number.  Fifth, this is so not the site to post this on…

  16. Raggelito Says:

    It’s going down this friday, but i lost all the hype after the demo wich sucked.

  17. BlomEric Says:

    Noo! I live in The Netherlands and tomorrow I can buy it for €50,00!!! That’s £39,99/$61,00!!! Why do I live here instead of UK or better Japan! Haha! Life is unfair…

  18. Actinghero13 Says:

    The mark of Mastery Edition is still available at Best Buy. I pre-ordered mine on the 17th

  19. Prprime23 Says:

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  20. ainsworth69 Says:

    when i get it it is going to be the best IN THE WORLD

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