KH3D Preview Famitsu Weekly 4/19 Issue

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D is set to appear in the April 19 issue of Famitsu Weekly. That issue will contain another special Dream Eater AR card for fans to collect! The AR card will contain the cute Fruit Cat! Famiweb has confirmed the AR card and KH3D’s involvement with the issue!

Source: Famiweb

3 Responses to “KH3D Preview Famitsu Weekly 4/19 Issue”

  1. Ian Manning Says:

    All we need now is Kingdom Hearts III, where Sora and Kairi will hopefully get closer than Sora did with Riku. Plus the possibilities of PIXAR based worlds appearing. And who knows? Maybe Lea will get to be playable as well. And if there’s a chance Gaston will appear in Beasts Castle, then I’ll be buying the game when it makes an American release date. Hopefully, Quasimodo will return, along with maybe Ariel, and a few other Disney favorites. Rosco and Disodo would be interesting antagonists to bring into the main villain’s circle. Plus, Xehanort finally squeals like the heartless bitch he is.

  2. Jenalak821 Says:

    Who are Rosco and Disodo? I’m confused as to who they are, since I only have two video games from the Kingdom Hearts series.

  3. Ian Manning Says:

     Rosco and Disodo are villains from Oliver & Company, a Disney movie with talking animals. R&D are doberman dogs, vicious.

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