KH3D Site Updated With New Trailer & More!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has updated the official site of Kingdom Hearts 3D. They added new information to the Characters, World, and System sections. I’ll be updating the topic as I go along, but more importantly enjoy the new 9 minute long trailer! Which you can view below:

Goldpanner from KHInsider has provided English subtitles for the trailer!

In addition to the trailer they updated the characters section with two new Dream Eaters, one Spirit and one Nightmare, and they added Fantasia to the Worlds section with some images:

And finally we have a new system video showing off the Dual Link feature:

62 Responses to “KH3D Site Updated With New Trailer & More!”

  1. Tatayana25 Says:

    :} OMG

  2. Obli Says:

    Wow… Sora at the end… seriously?!!!

    I need this game !

  3. RoxasxKairi Says:

    When the video sometimes went black I was like is that it okay I didn’t see much new stuff then it was like bam a lot of stuff I had not seen and got super excited.

  4. Ryan Rincon Says:


  5. Ian Manning Says:

    So Ursula pops out of nowhere, Axel becomes a hero, Sora meets Xion, and then, he’s shown inside the thrown room of the Organization? MUST BUY GAME!!!

  6. Tanzorz Says:

    i don’t speak Japanese but i know Roxas just said “Got it Memorised”

  7. Jordan431 Says:

    so will this game have the little mermaid in

  8. Daydrianlewis Says:

    Can’t wait for the English sub version.

  9. Mauricio Cuervo Says:

    Every thing look all right but then when you see the new Organization member surround Sora i was confuse, Either it will be our new foe in kingdom hearts 3 to make the game longer!! Or There just evolved heartless in the black coats because they had those weird red eyes shining (PS: this could also be the Mysterious  stranger from BBS for the psp)

  10. Mauricio Cuervo Says:

    Every thing look all right but then when you see the new Organization member surround Sora i was confuse, Either it will be our new foe in kingdom hearts 3 to make the game longer!! Or There just evolved heartless in the black coats because they had those weird red eyes shining (PS: this could also be the Mysterious  stranger from BBS for the psp)

  11. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    woah,omg, this is beyond epic, my head just cant take it all. and did anyone else notice that red eyed creature in the black coat in the trailer. and sora sitting on the throne next to master xehanort?!

  12. Rui Says:

    Just take my money SQ :D D

  13. Omar Bouaouina Says:

    I really need to buy A Damn 3DS because Kingdom Hearts keeps making me proud!!

  14. Rick Says:

    Dude, you been under a rock? Nomura already say who MF was last month.

  15. Black Otsel Says:

    This is kinda off topic but I miss the original Gummi Ship system! Anbody else?

  16. C_hernandez588 Says:

    I cried tears of joy. I can’t wait for the game to come out. I’m glad Riku finally gets to use new Keyblades as well.

  17. T-Jhoseph Says:

    The “new organization member” youre talking about isnt even an organization member. It’s young xehanort (the mysterious figure in birth by sleep as well). 

  18. Drace Says:

    No way! For me, the Gummi Ships were the most ridiculous thing in Kingdom Hearts. Why not using the Keyblade as a way to travel through the worlds, like in BBS?

  19. Drace Says:

    Not necessarily. Monstro appeared in BBS, without a Pinocchio-world, too. (Though that was only in the Final Mix.)

  20. Daydrianlewis Says:

    Hell no! I’m so glad it’s not in the game. The rides were long and very boring. KH2 made it worse by going through 10 min Star Fox/ Star Wars stages. Ugh… I even left a brick ontop of my controller to on the x button. Because I was too lazy to even sit there for 10 mins playing that level.

    Sorry, just my opinion.

  21. Daydrianlewis Says:

    Relax… he probably doesn’t read the interviews. I didn’t start reading them till BBS.

  22. Yzzi09 Says:

    They changed Roxas’s voice over :/. Anyways my god! That was epics especially the ending!!!

  23. Arturo Molina Says:

    English subtitled video has been added!

  24. D3xus Says:

    Where are the confirmations that Young Master Xehanort is truly the Mysterious Figure from BBS? (@f57d41567fd24481b8c9eaa5d8f155d2:disqus )

  25. Ian Manning Says:

    I hope the red eyed guy is Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And honestly, Kingdom Hearts III should have Sora and Xion as the main playable characters. Either her or Kairi, I don’t know.

  26. Tennesse_titans28 Says:


  27. Reganfan1 Says:

    >_> Kingdom Hearts is dead.  And all of you are tools for mindlessly buying up all this crap. 

    Hironobu Sakaguchi is both crying and laughing at you all.

  28. Mahael Says:

    Why everyone should buy Kingdom Hearts 3D: It has Jeff Bridges in it.  That’s all the motivation you should need.

  29. Reganfan1 Says:

     Jeff Bridges will NEVER reprise that role for a measly Kingdom Hearts game did.

  30. Kyljess3 Says:


  31. Reganfan1 Says:

     Just for this shitstain game?  Might as well sign yourself in at a mental institution while you’re at it…

  32. Michael Says:

    Very very VERY excited.

  33. Mauricio Cuervo Says:

    Really, wow i must be behind, who is MF then?

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Why do you continuously troll this website?

  35. Daydrianlewis Says:

    I know. But 15 hours ago, they didn’t have one.

  36. Reganfan1 Says:

    He won’t reprise his role.

  37. Sorakeyblade Says:

    I bought a psp for birth by sleep and now a 3DS for dream drop distance :D

  38. Yasir Says:

    Very very exciting and promising, but after a few minutes I realized that there are no Final Fantasy characters. Still is good though.

  39. Guest Says:

    It would’ve been awesome if they had a world either based on Pocahontas and/or the Jungle Book. At this point I think the announcement of that is very slim. Oh, well. Other than that the game looks AWESOME.

  40. Iggy van Hoof Says:

    Square, make this game come faster, I want it now!

  41. Goldeneyeangel Says:

    Is Axel alive? OMG I hope that he is.

  42. Andy Chris Jr. Says:

    OMFG… Effing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! OoO

  43. Maurice Hoek Says:

     Same here!

  44. Marluxia Says:

    Hmm i dont think Square is making more money from PSP/3DS sales. I would say the fools buying every single Call of Duty game for every year are the real suckers.

  45. Mahael Says:

     I know he won’t, but it has his face, that’s pretty good.  Truth be told, that’s only a minor reason to buy this game.  But this trailer blew my mind at the end, I don’t even know what to think.

  46. Sorakeyblade Says:

     Marluxia is right you know…

  47. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    young xehanort

  48. Anon Says:

    as soon as i heard that song i thought to myself. this is going to be a great game. hopefully a limited edition 3ds comes here so i can get one of those

  49. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    in the interviews with nomura

  50. Oniawa Says:

    does anyone else get the feeling that this may become the greatest KH game ever?! this looks more like a sequel than a side game (same holds true to BBS) cant wait!!!

  51. Mahael Says:

     ”The new organization member” is actually just young Xehanort, who  we’ve actually seen during BBS for a split second.  The rest of the men in black coats are probably the now “somebodies” of the original organization.  Nomura has also confirmed that the Mysterious Figure from BBS will feature in this game, and one can only assume he was talking about young Xehanort.  The red-eyed guy confused me a bit, but we’ll just have to wait and see!  Hope this fills in a bit of information for you!

  52. Roberto Emanuel Says:

    what do you think, this is trailer is amazing or its a big spoiler which could make damage to the story game?

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Same here XD

  54. Fan Says:

    they always blur all the really interesting stuff together at the end

  55. Vasquez7636 Says:

    I seconded that motion (I Agree)

  56. Tron Legacy World to be Shown in VJump/Famitsu - Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Says:

    [...] you haven’t seen footage of the Tron Legacy world, you can watch the trailer by clicking on this link. Or you can view the photos below: #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: [...]

  57. Says:

    will there be a psp version???

  58. Donluciano27 Says:

    looks like sora is going to the dark side wuhahahahha, search your feeling you know it to be true!!! haha, yo did anyone else notice that riku can u keychains now, he got different keyblades, raw as hell

  59. Says:

    To defeat Xehanort, u need to awaken those who sleep in sadness…seven keyholes to sleep needs to be opened..Means that by opening every keyhole to sleep, they’ll awaken Ven,Aqua,Terra,Lea/Axel,Roxas,Xion, and Namine…if u connect the end scene from KH Coded…Right???

  60. Arcaniss Says:

    i honestly believe that this is game is going to be a setup to the 3rd and final kingdom hearts. i don’t think it will end with dream drop distance.

  61. Striker4552 Says:

    Could anyone translate the screen caps for the Symphony of Sorcery?? Ill be ur best friend! 

  62. Mauricio Cuervo Says:

    LOL me too, but im glad i bought a psp after i beat BBS, there are a lot of great psp GAME and the 3ds game library is coming great 

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