KH3D Site Updates – System Section Added

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has updated their official site and from the information given from their official twitter account, they have uploaded various videos to their “System” of the site featuring the Actions, Free Flow, Link System, and the augment reality Dream Eater mini games! You can view the videos below:

4 Responses to “KH3D Site Updates – System Section Added”

  1. Lemonadejohnson Says:

    Anybody else super excited from this video? Was the background where the good Dream Eaters were from the camera or in game?

  2. Phoenix Wright Says:

    Though I have no proof, I find it hard to believe anything other than it being from the camera.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well…I cant say how this video makes me feel about how awsome this game is going to be! I cant wait to see all the Dream Eaters you get to fight/teamup with! Hope there are some new keyblades as well!

  4. Lumi Moon21 Says:

    Every time I see this game. I get so hyped!

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