KH3D Sora Footage – TGS 2011 (Updated)

Kingdom Hearts 3D Sora's Gameplay TGS 2011

Famitsu on their youtube page has uploaded some Sora gameplay footage! It features battle scenes with Sora as well as Sora and Neku’s meeting! Starts around the 1:10 mark.

Here  is an edited and cropped version focusing on the gameplay itself:

Source: Famitsutube

9 Responses to “KH3D Sora Footage – TGS 2011 (Updated)”

  1. Misterdj321 Says:

    Literally every time it cut back to the commentator’s faces I would shout “GET THA FUCK OUTTA THA WAY!!!”

  2. casey Says:

    omg, they talked right over Neku’s voice! >:

  3. Fan Says:

    Kingdom Hearts is the only series nowadays that excites me for its new content, and gets more interesting every time

  4. Mahael Says:

    It must be strenuous for the commentators to talk this much.  I’m surprised they weren’t given a tall glass of “shut the fuck up” to drink while they make the gameplay impossible to hear…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Why is the Lady Commentator LoLing! WHYYYYY? i watned to no what nekus voice was like WE GET A CHANCE TO SEE SOME GOOD GAMEPLAY AND ALL WE HEAR IS LOUD TALKING WHY WAS SHE GOING NUTS AND LOLING HOW IS NEKU SOWING UP IN THE GAME FUNNY? god i could barely hear anything cause thy  talked the hole Time!

  6. Mycoldcow14 Says:

    I love the battle system. Looks like fun, bouncing on walls etc. That lady was really really really annoying.

  7. Fan Says:

    like this if you saw this, before they posted it

  8. Boxman_man Says:

    Note how Sora runs… the way he runs in this, is the way he does in KHII.

    So, the question that is ravaging my mind and killing me slowly is WHY ARE SORA AND RIKU YOUNG? >_>

  9. Kailee Says:

    couldve hey hav ENGLISH subtitles?!?! even if they wer edited in! and this game doesnt look that great and its on the 3D mode! playstation had this good of graphics YEARS ago… the nintendo company SUCKS graphic wise.

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