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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Square Enix has updated the soundtrack site for Kingdom Hearts 3D. The site gives the full listing of the first disc with several songs available to listen including three that are featured in The World Ends With You. Also Ishimoto, one of the composers for the soundtrack tweeted that the soundtrack will be 16 hours long. You can check out the site and listen to the tracks below:

6 Responses to “KH3D Soundtrack Site Updated”

  1. StarKirby Says:

     It’s not 16 hours long, it’s impossible for 3 CDs to hold that. He said something will be announced at 16:00 (which is the site~) :3

  2. Ian Manning Says:

    Too bad the website doesn’t do anything except show you the picture of Sora and Riku having a threesome with Mickey. How did you get the tracklist up anyway?

  3. Churro Says:

    There’s a tracklist option below the image in the middle.

  4. MEGACHUNP Says:

    They have TWEWY songs on here.


  5. Lightgrenades525 Says:

    no way the soundtrack is 16 hours…the final fantasy xiii soundtrack is like 4 hours…plus, a disc can only hold 80 mins of music…so 240 mins at the most

  6. kapi Says:

    I’ve been wondering, how are you able to find the tracks for the second and third discs? When I go on the site it only shows the first disc’s tracks. :(

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