KH3D To Receive Patch Update

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct livestream event that the Nintendo 3DS will receive a software update which will add the ability to make folders. Included in that update is a patch for Kingdom Hearts 3D. Details about the patch are unknown but hopefully it will fix the game breaking bugs the game currently has. The update will arrive on April 25th.

Source: Nintendo Direct Live Stream Conference

3 Responses to “KH3D To Receive Patch Update”

  1. jp72992 Says:

    What kind of “game breaking bugs” does the game have anyway? I never heard anything about them.

  2. Andrew Brian Stander Says:

    I thought they were going to put in the game itself. Maybe they can release it in Japan also so, they don’t have to remake the game as a final mix for Japan. This way may be a better solution then.

  3. Drace Says:

    Better for you, yes! XD But would you still pay SE for it?

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