KH3D Tops The Sales Charts

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

Good news for the Kingdom Hearts series as Kingdom Hearts 3D tops the sales charts in Japan. According to Media Create sales charts, Kingdom Hearts 3D brought in 213,579 in sales in its first week! The Kingdom Hearts 3D 3DS bundle is also included in the sales but it would be interesting to see how much it sold during the first week. The game also helped bring in 3DS sales as the system reached 121,921 in sales. All these facts are good news for the game and for Square Enix, we now have to see how much it fares in it’s second week as well as anticipate how well it’ll sell outside of Japan.

Source: Andriasang

2 Responses to “KH3D Tops The Sales Charts”

  1. KingdomHeartsUltimateFan Says:

    Was that supposed to be a surprise?..

  2. doctorpope Says:

    That’s actually nothing compared to how much Days and BBS sold the first week. Bigger userbase on the DS and PSP than the 3DS

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